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  1. Interiors
    Hi, The front section on our panoramic roof blind has become detached from the remaining sections! I've had a look at the sections and can't see how they should be connected. Can anyone offer any suggestions? Has this happened to anyone else? The front section happy moves backwards and...
  2. Wanted
    Hi I am looking to buy a Rear parcel shelf sun blind for my Renault Laguna 2.0 DCI MK III hatchback, any ideas where I can get one other than Renault themselves? I would like that one that is factory fitted.
  3. Interiors
    Hi all new to the forum, a little stumped at the minute ive just replaced my rear passenger sun blind as my daughter snapped old one but I cant get it to retract cant find any clips or springs for it. Has anybody came across this issue before and what resolved it. Thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Interiors
    Hi I have an 06 scenic 1.6 oasis It has the panoramic sunroof ( but doesn't open version, well no switches beside the main interior light at least) Is there a way to retract the sliding blind? I can handle the roof not opening but if the blind doesn't it's just a bit daft. Cheers Richie
  5. Interiors
    Hi, I have a 2006 Grand Espace IV with panoramic roof, the Sun Bling is stopped half open. The sunroof also does not operate.It has been this way since we bough it a few months back. I've tried the reset sequence and it's not done anything. There is no sound at all when I try to operate any of...
  6. Interiors
    Hi i have a 2004 laguna gt 1.9dci. The sunroof wont fully retract as the interior sunroof blind gets jammed at half way and sunroof wont open any further. Ive tried forcing the blind back but it will not go any further than half way. Does anyone have any ideas to what it could be? Any help would...
  7. Interiors
    Hi... We lubricated my mums panoramic roof this evening as it has not been opening, the roof eventually started to go back and forth. The sun blind however was still not opening or closing fully. I held the reset button for approximately 30 seconds and now....Nothing! No roof movement, no...
  8. Interiors
    Just bought a 2004 Grand Scenic for the wife to use to ferry the kids about for a while. One of the rear door blinds is broke - where the clip that attaches to the top of the door should be there is a gap where it has snapped off and someone has tied a bamboo stick to it! I am assuming I need...
  9. Interiors
    Dear all Is there a simple way to repair the sunblind from the panoramic roof of our 2008 grand espace? The blind itself has come off the sliding mechanism, and although I've tried to re-attach the clips it doesn't work. Our local independent renault garage isn't keen to try as they feel it...
  10. Interiors
    My 3 year old broke the sun blind by the back seat of our Renault Scenice (05 plate). I have got a replacement but am finding it difficult to change! Any ideas/tips? I have already unscrewed the door panel & have tried to pull the top part out to gain access to the old one but am not...
  11. Electronics
    Hi all, can anyone out there give me any pointers as to why the roof and blind on my espace refuse to open. There is power to the roof and sometimes when i try to use, i just get a loud clicking noise like the motor is jumping,other times nothing at all. Please help.
  12. Bodywork
    I have a 54 reg Megane 2.The retracting sun blind in the rear passenger door will not go back into the door.Any tips on how to resolve this problem welcome.
  13. Interiors
    Hi all, The button in the middle of the dial doesn't seem to do anything other than when I press it, the rear sunroof blind makes a clicking noise. I wondered if it should be an electrically operated blind, and if so how can I fix it, or at least get at it to inspect? Cheers =)
  14. Electronics
    Hi, My CD player in my Scenic type 'tunner list' and dashboard display have stopped working, my son had put a £1 coin into the player which I have now removed but they are still not working. I need to find out whether the fault is with the stereo or dash display. As I disconnected the stero...
  15. Interiors
    Hello, I would like to retro-fit a set of blinds to the rear doors of my phase 3 espace (2002 '02' Authentique). Is this realistically possible to do? Can I just fit the blinds? Or do I need to change the whole door cards? If I have to change the whole door cards is it easy to swap across the...
  16. Interiors
    The back sunroof blind is in two halves on the scenic, ours has split into two halves. Any tips for putting back together.
  17. Interiors
    just wondering if anyone has had a problem with the screen which goes across sunroof when closed to block light i know its in 2 parts 1 of mine got stuck in roof lining which i managed to free does anyone know how these clip together as i cant suss out or is there a way to remove this to be able...
1-17 of 17 Results