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  1. Engines
    I was wondering if i could fit a D4F 16v head on a D7F 8v block are the oil channels different or is it impossible to do?
  2. Engines
    Hi guys, I have a Megane II 2003, 1.9 dci. I noticed that my coolant is mixing with my engine oil. The oil level is higher than it should be and you can clearly see that there is some water in the oil. The engine oil is not in any way milky white or brown like coffee as cars usually have when...
  3. Engines
    I have a 2010 megane 3 with a K4M 1.6 engine and just over 16k miles on it. Around a year ago after my last service at the dealers I noticed a lot of greasy oil all over the engine block just beneath the plastic manifold cover. I took it back to the dealers worried that there was some kind of...
  4. Transmissions
    I lost my gear selection when the mounting that holds the clutch cable shattered. I believe it was a consequence of the retaining nut slackening of due to vibration. when I depressed the clutch to change gear there was a loud bang and the clutch pedal disabled. The retaining plate for the cable...
  5. Engines
    hi madnoel10 i have a renault megane 111 1.5 dci and it is very hard to start on a cold morning takes 2 r 3 goes to start but once started it runs like a watch. i have checked the glowplugs and they r fine i have replaced the glow plug relay and no good. and once it is started it will start...
  6. Engines
    Re: Rusty Engine Block - Clio I have just bought a 57 reg clio MkII Campus with an 8v engine. The engine block is clearly an iron casting rather than aluminium due to the rust that I did not notice on purchase. Is this a common problem? I am assuming not, as my searches on this forum were not...
  7. Interiors
    What's the electrical connecting block for ... some kind of optional accessory?
  8. Electronics
    Hi, I have been looking to put a 12v socket in the rear of my van and whilst looking for cables to tap into i found this: It is located in the drivers side rear door pillar and i cant decide if its speakers or live cables? Any ideas? Much appreciated.
  9. Engines
    I have a copy of the scenic grand 2005 - 2009 workshop manual but cannot identify two parts under the engine top cover which seem to have a small amount of oil leaking from them. My car is going in for serious oil leak fix (Garage think its likely to be crankshaft oil seal or sump gasket as its...
  10. Engines
    Can anyone advise if a Kangoo 1.5 dci block is the same as the scenic? I need to replace the block on my scenic and have sourced a block but it is from a Kangoo. Both blocks have the starter at the rear
  11. Engines
    Hi, I have moved to Finland with my rx4 and need to install some form of engine heater. All the cars here seem to have a plug in heater from the front bumper of the car that warms the engine in the morning before you start it in cold weather. It must warm the block somehow. Anyone done this...
  12. Wheels & tyres
    Hi, I have a 05 Grand Espace and the ESP light and service light is on constantly. I have had it diagnosed by renault as a faulty hydraulic block and also confirmed by an independent diagnostic expert. If I replace this part will it need calibrating or any other technical set up? Cheers in advance
  13. Electronics
    Hi all, I found the following in THIS thread talking about a faulty sidelight bulb on an 03 plate Megane. "The lights on your megane are controlled by engine multiplex module the plug on the rear of headlight hes 4 terminals marked 1-2 -4 -5 terminal 1 earth wire colour black terminal 2 dipped...
  14. Engines
    I have the common problem of the block rubbing through the wires, i was told there is a wheel on the back off this block and you have to turn it to remove the block, which have done, ive tried moving it upwards loads, and downwards loads, but oit doesnt seem to have any effect, the block stays...
  15. Engines
    Hi guys just wondering does anyone know if the head from renault 1.9 diesel F8q would bolt onto the F8t block. The F8q is burning oil badly, and i fear that even a set of rings might not be enough at this stage. I have a good F8t block that the head is cracked so was hoping to make a good...
  16. Electronics
    Hi, I was out trying to wire up the tow bar today and I found a connector block behind the lining in the boot on the passenge side. Does anyone know what this is for? It's a 2003 Laguna hatchback.
  17. Heating & cooling
    I have an old Espace Mk2 (1994) 2 ltr diesel. The Haynes Manual says the cylinder head coolant drain plug is "on the left, in front of the starter motor". I cannot see anything that looks like the drain plug as I peer in to the engine from the front which then places the starter motor on the...
1-17 of 25 Results