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  1. Wheel chair hoist block

    Campervan Chat
    Hi all, In my Ambulance there was a wheelchair winch which was secured to the floor by a solid block of Alloy or steel. There are no visible signs of bolts or screws holding it in place. I wondered if anybody has removed one of these? and if so how are they fixed?
  2. D4F head on a D7F block

    I was wondering if i could fit a D4F 16v head on a D7F 8v block are the oil channels different or is it impossible to do?
  3. 1.6 head on a 2.0l block

    hi, i have a Megane with the 2.0l vvt engine, it was never sent for its recall to have the keyway added to the bottom pulley, i bought it recently to fix up and sell and low and behold the timing went when i was taking it for a spin. i have put on a new belt and a new pulley with a keyway...
  4. Broken connectors inside hydraulic block

    Hi all. I just tried to replace valves in my clio's DP0 transmission. I wasn't gentle enough and managed to break the electric connectors. I can still reconnect it without the black plastic, but will it work? Is there anything else to do? Thank you. Sent from my LG-D855 using Tapatalk
  5. New Kid on the Block

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello everyone. I have two ageing Renaults, a Laguna and a Clio. I have done a bit of routine work on them, and hoping to find some useful tips for other jobs that might come along.
  6. Cracked engine block?

    Hi guys, I have a Megane II 2003, 1.9 dci. I noticed that my coolant is mixing with my engine oil. The oil level is higher than it should be and you can clearly see that there is some water in the oil. The engine oil is not in any way milky white or brown like coffee as cars usually have when...
  7. renault master hole in engine block. missing part?

    had my master fd '99 in garage now i found a hole in engine / transmission block i am certain there was a cover over it. parts inside a pretty clean, they wouldnt be , if this was open all these years. i prefer to know , what i am talking about , before i go back to the garage to complain...
  8. Megane Oil Junk on Engine block.

    I have a 2010 megane 3 with a K4M 1.6 engine and just over 16k miles on it. Around a year ago after my last service at the dealers I noticed a lot of greasy oil all over the engine block just beneath the plastic manifold cover. I took it back to the dealers worried that there was some kind of...
  9. Laguna II - How to disconnect wiring block connector from rear wing-mounted lights?

    Hi all, diagnosing a short in the rear lights and having a little trouble disconnecting the wiring block connector. Access is limited with fingers so i'd be using a tool but I don't want to force it the wrong way in case i snap something.. Does the connector lift out and away from the socket...
  10. Assemble 1.9dCi from 72kW block and 75kW head

    Hi guys. I have a Scenic RX4 with 75kW 1.9dCi variant. Due to operator error the engine went byebye and I found a new one. The problem is although the dealer had the specs they brought a 72kW variant instead (not sure if dCi or DTI). My mechanic said the block seems to be the same but the head...
  11. New kid on the block

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi from Scenic2311, ditched my thirsty Isuzu Trooper LWB V-6 / 3.5 petrol 4x4 tank as I did not do much off road driving anyway and bought a Renault Megane Scenic 1.9 dCi. Not bad at all, good economy - it drives three and a half times the distance on the same amount of money for fuel. Have to...
  12. Clutch Cable block anchor shattered

    I lost my gear selection when the mounting that holds the clutch cable shattered. I believe it was a consequence of the retaining nut slackening of due to vibration. when I depressed the clutch to change gear there was a loud bang and the clutch pedal disabled. The retaining plate for the cable...
  13. Megane Not Starting

    hi madnoel10 i have a renault megane 111 1.5 dci and it is very hard to start on a cold morning takes 2 r 3 goes to start but once started it runs like a watch. i have checked the glowplugs and they r fine i have replaced the glow plug relay and no good. and once it is started it will start...
  14. Re: Rusty Engine Block - Clio

    Re: Rusty Engine Block - Clio I have just bought a 57 reg clio MkII Campus with an 8v engine. The engine block is clearly an iron casting rather than aluminium due to the rust that I did not notice on purchase. Is this a common problem? I am assuming not, as my searches on this forum were not...
  15. Rubber block hanging from near exhaust

    Hi, I've pulled a random block of metal reinforced rubber from undernath our scenic II ('05 55) and have no idea what it is - nothing rattling, knocking or otherwise. Any ideas would be much appreciated guys. Thanks. (pic attached)
  16. Modus Coin Tray: Purpose of Electrical Block Below?

    What's the electrical connecting block for ... some kind of optional accessory?
  17. 2.2dci Holed Block

    Hi all, 2005 2.2dci in a Grand Espace. 98k miles. Owned from new, mix of Renault Dealer and Indy service, usual appetite for inlet manifold, EGR valve, plus alternators and a power steering pump. It's now pushed something through the side of the block: I've not seen it, but it still runs...
  18. new boy on the block

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi i simon from scotland :d
  19. Sequencial Vs Block Shifting and fuel economics

    Fuel Economy
    So, before i passed, my instructor had been telling (and encouraging) me to make gear changes in Blocks as modern cars use less fuel in the lower gears but get more power out of them. For example, when leaving a 30mph limit area into a National. I would usually be in third gear, I put my foot...
  20. water coming from engine block

    just fitted timing belt head gasket and a new valve to my 2000 model 1.4 scenic and water is teaming from where cylinder head /head gasket meets at the timing belt end right at the corner. is this the water pump thats caused this leak or something else ? any advice welcome thanks .stew