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  1. Dpf blocked exaust gas pressure error codes

    General Chat
    I have been having issues over the past few months with error codes STOP ENGINE FAILURE (BIG RED) etc Gas pressure sensor error codes Now fixed after checking all pipes and sensors readings all being ok. First issue thermostat not working correctly needs to get to 90 deg half way on clock. Next...
  2. 1.5 dci fuel consumption - are injectors blocked?

    I have a Grand Scenic 1.5 dci (2010) 178 000 km on the clock. A trip computer tell a diesel consumption is 7,4 l/100 km but calculated from tank to tank, the real consumption is 6,0 l/100 km. I think the reason for this is probably blocked diesel injector/injectors. On the other hand, is there...
  3. kangoo 2 blocked air conditoning drain: cleared. with photos.

    recently my air con started to make pool of water on the passenger side. here's how to access the drain-tube to clear it. pry up gear-stick gaiter, and then the plastic surround. start at the bottom of the surround, i think it works better that way. detach the hazard/door-lock connector and...
  4. Clio 1.2 2002 water in blower, drain not blocked

    Heating & cooling
    Hello, I seem to be having an issue when it rains that the blower motor will become full of water, turning it on full will usually clear it in a couple of seconds but I can't imagine it's doing the motor much good! It has a drain in the middle which was blocked when I bought it but I have since...
  5. being blocked

    Computer Club
    at times i get virgin blocking silly things its like big brother saying you cant do that or watch that so i use as long as you know the address to goto kids at school use it alot to get around the school system and other ways but with anything like this be...
  6. Renault Megane Left washer jet blocked?

    Tools & equipment
    Good Afternoon I have a 2004 renault megane and the left washer jet appears to be blocked. Right and rear washer jets are fine. any ideas how to fix?
  7. Laguna 2 Burning Oil, blocked breather?

    Hi all, Need some help. My lag is running smokey and has eaten some oil. I'm hoping it may be a blocked breather pipe forcing oil through the seals. Could someone point me in the way of the breather pipe and give me some advice on determining if it is blocked and how to unblock it? Also could...
  8. Would blocked FAP (DPF) stop EGR functioning. 1.9 DCi 130hp 2006

    I have "regenerate soot filter" message. I have driven on motorway 130 miles at steady 60/70 mph. I have also done a forced regen with scan tool, but still have fault. My EGR also seems not to be functioning (Siemens type fed from ECU). Would the blocked FAP stop the EGR from working? Does the...
  9. Headgasket or blocked radiator

    Hi I have just brought a cheap Renault scenic 1.9 dti.(NOW I KNOW WHY IT WAS CHEAP) Its pressurising cooliant system.But no oil in water or water in oil.Just chucking out of expansion tank.How likely would this be a blocked radiator as it does not over heat according to car temp gauge.It was...
  10. Laguna II - Water sloshing around in dash - drain holes blocked?

    Hi Guys. I have rain water sloshing around in the dash area below the windscreen. It's also spilling out over the front passengers feet. I'm guessing that the drain holes have been blocked with leaves as it's been windy and rainy recently. Can anyone point me towards a posting that shows how...
  11. Renault Megan 11 1.9 D DPF Blocked

    Megan 1.9 d DPF blocked, soot reading 69 and will not regenerate, + differential pressure is 143 at idle. Any help.
  12. Megane Dynamique drains blocked

    Hi, Recently had water in the heater blower so checked threads on this site and saw that the cause was blocked drains in the scuttles. Cleared these and the blower is (slowly) recovering. However now I've found water in the floor cubbies (both sides) and wet carpets. On the first dry day for...
  13. Megane III blocked scuttle drain?

    Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me out because I cant find anything related to the mk3 version of the megane and removing the scuttle cover. I have had a quick look and it seems that it is clipped in around the bottom and then it is 'wedged' under the plastic side parts at the bottom of...
  14. blocked turbo oil return pipe symptoms?

    hello all, what are the symptoms of a blocked oil return pipe? thanx for any info
  15. Clio 1998 mk2 sunroof blocked drains/leak.

    Hi all, I have a mk2 5door clio that the sunroof has been leaking. I have unblocked the two front drains but because my driveway is on a slant the water pools and the back of the sunroof and leaks in. does anyone know if there is rear drains aswell? ive tried to unblock the rear but im unsure if...
  16. blocked crankcase breather?

    I have a whining noise which stops when I remove the oil filler cap. Where are the breather pipes?? Thankyou in advance.:mad:
  17. 98' scenic cyl head cooling ports blocked

    Hi, replaced head gasket earlier this year, flushed engine out had cyl head pressure tested etc, 6000 miles later head has blown again between 3-4 cyl, have noticed a lot of build up of rust or something on the head gasket and noticed that several of the small cooling holes are also blocked, one...
  18. 2.0 Litre Petrol turbo oil return pipe blocked !

    Hello all, this is my first post on the forum and i am looking for some assistance if possible, i have replaced a badly damaged turbo and need to replace the root cause of this which was / is the turbo oil return pipe.. i need a new one and not fiding much succes outside of the dealer parts...
  19. Blocked rear washers

    Hi all This forum is fab! My first post but you have fixed the last three problems just by looking here. Now trying to fix a long standing problem that I thought would be hard but am inspired! Since I've had my Mk2 Clio (2000) I've not been able to use the rear washer (3 years!!), using the...
  20. Blocked Clio heater matrix causing wet carpet?

    Heating & cooling
    It all started with flooded footwells, inefficient air con and poor engine performance when air con on. The garage mechanic has diagnosed a blocked heater matrix and wants to spend 6 hours taking the dashboard to pieces to replace it. Is this a sound diagnosis and if not any other ideas?