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  1. A couple pics of my blonde!

    My mottah!
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  2. blonde moment!

    Hi guys, I am having a severe senior blonde moment here. I need to get a new clip/ bush for the end of the gear linkage arm on my clio2 1.4 manual. Trouble is, I'm damned if I can remember what it is called! I tried the local spares shop, but the geezer had no idea what I was on about! Anyone...
  3. Blonde going grey modus owner

    :( Having taken good advice to get a reliable car...from my mother, i have had a modus for the last 2 months fine until monday. Then without warning schizophrenia set in... I managed to drive back home in 5th gear, as couldn't select any other gear, the next day was able to be able to drive it...
  4. silly blonde has overfilled oil - please help!!

    hi i have a 10 yr old renault espace. it has started leaking oil & oil went down to last bar. then service light came on. cut long story short i have overfilled th oil. - by double the max notch on dip stick!!! help - what can i do please? ive not started engine. thanks for your replies xxxxx
  5. Laguna II Won't Start if Left in Gear. Blonde Moment.

    Just thought I'd share my stupid act of the day to give you all a laugh. Got in the car and although everything came to life the Start button didn't do anything. Tried everything, Jump starting, checked the fuses. Took the card out and tried again. After 30 mins of messing about I called out...