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  1. Grey Market Modules vs OEM or banded?

    Some thoughts... Just bought another electronic speed controller module for the blower in our scenic after a connection problem that has melted the feed contact. (The first one had died about two years ago but I kept it for reference) Now the original part has the Valeo brand molded into the...
  2. Master 2 blower motor wiring

    Heating & cooling
    hi, can anyone give a pin feed out diagram from the resistor box on a master 2006 please, the resistor died and melted the plug so unsure which of the red wires go to the loom and which goes to the fan ,thanks in advance
  3. Identifying and sourcing replacement automotive connectors?

    Hi I know my way around aircraft and military connectors :smile2: but I really struggle with car connectors... a) how does one identify a type and make of a connector? Often one finds endless different types in a car. There are some pictures on google but I don't find what I am looking for...
  4. MK3 Grande Scenic noisy heater blower

    Heating & cooling
    Hi. The heater blower on my mk3 Grande Scenic is working fine, but it is quite noisy and squeaky. I've tried everything to get at it, including removing glove box, steering column and housing, but cant get any further. Does anyone have any ideas how to get to it please?
  5. Scenic 2 Blower flap actuator voltages???

    Hi, I was about to replace my blower flap actuator as it has the usual broken gear tooth. However now I find that there is the same unit available printed on with 13 V and 14 V instead the one I have with 11 V. Does anybody know more about this? They all have the MO30 designator on. What does...
  6. blower problem

    Heating & cooling
    Hi my 2012 Renault Grand Scenic blower work for 5 mins then it will slow down then it would just stop, but now when you when you put it on it will only last for a few seconds then it will stop. any help to what it can be.:frown2:
  7. modus 2006 blower problem

    Ask the Experts
    Hi wifes car is a 2006 modus 1.6 , the heater blower is dead this morning have searched everywhere for fuses i need to look at but cant find any reference to to blower fuse or relay , have the resistor pack out at the moment all looks ok but dont know where to start with voltages as have no...
  8. Scenic III 2009 (59 plate) 1.4dCi - Heater Blower Failure

    Heating & cooling
    Hello Having put the car through a car wash today (I know!), I have found that the heater blower no longer works. Aircon light comes on, but that's it! There is water in the footwell compartment underneath the mat (drivers side), and having looked at the reason for this I have found that the...
  9. 1989 Renault 5 Campus Heater Blower Intermittent

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Real quick question, now the 5 is running I've turned my attention to other bits & ive noticed the Heater blower seems to work now and again. I've pulled the actual fan out and checked that and it spins up perfect, I've tried another known working heater control panel and still the same. When...
  10. Blower Fault peeved

    Heating & cooling
    Hi guys just registered so newbie. I have a 07 Renault Megane 1.5 DCI lovely car always loved it. Anyway i have a faulty blower start with what i have done and checked. Motor on fan yes works hard wired motor to check. Blower motor Resistors yes checked and replaced Replaced the resistor wireing...
  11. Megane CC 2006 - Blower not Working on any speeds

    Heating & cooling
    Car: Renault Megane CC 1.5dci 2006 So recently the blower started to play around. For example its on the 4th Speed and it starts to stutter so i turn the speed down to 0 and back to 4 and it starts working normally. A couple of days ago the blower stopped completely on every speed , like its...
  12. Heater blower problem

    Heating & cooling
    I have come across a problem with my 2007 renault clio mk3 1.5 dci, my heater blower fan is only pushing minimum air through the vent on each setting of the Dan speed control when I turn the fan on I can feel air being moved but it is the absolute minimum even when I can hear the blower getting...
  13. laguna 2 blower fan /aircon woes continue

    Heating & cooling
    Dont know if anybody else has any other suggestions ? Ours on here has been fantastic with help so far , but im still struggling to diagnose my problem . Maybe someone else has had the same symptoms . A few months ago i was getting an intermittant problem with the blower fan not working...
  14. Dreaded laguna blower fan failure

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all. Anybody please advise on what to look for on my 2007 laguna with aircon ,but not climate . I was getting intermediate problems with my heater fan , at certain times it was not working at all on any speed , then it would start working again on all 4 speeds . Now i have nothing...
  15. Renault Scenic 2006 Hester blower not working

    Heating & cooling
    Grande Scenic 2006 Heater Blower not working Hi. My wife***8217;s car the heater blower not working I have removed glove box ect... To gain access to the electonics. The system on the this car is full climate control. So no heater knobs it. All done on the display. The fuse is good. I have...
  16. Grande Scenic 2006 Heater Blower not working

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi. My wife***8217;s car the heater blower not working I have removed glove box ect... To gain access to the electonics. The system on the this car is full climate control. So no heater knobs it***8217;s on done on the display. The fuse is good. I have 13 volts going to the motor. Have ye...
  17. Renualt Traffic Heater Blower

    Hello all, Can any one help. I have a Renault Traffic and my heater blower has a mind of its own. It fails to operate when you turn the switch but decides to work when travelling on the Motorway at 70mph or around there. I have replaced the Heater Motor Resistor with no improvement. Please...
  18. Clio 1.2 2002 water in blower, drain not blocked

    Heating & cooling
    Hello, I seem to be having an issue when it rains that the blower motor will become full of water, turning it on full will usually clear it in a couple of seconds but I can't imagine it's doing the motor much good! It has a drain in the middle which was blocked when I bought it but I have since...
  19. Renault Megane 2005 blower fan issue

    Heating & cooling
    Hi, Recently purchased a Megane Dynamique diesel car 2005. The issue is the blower/fan is working but no air is coming out the vents. The resistor pack and fan have been changed and have removed the pollen filter but still not working properly. Also have an issue when the fan setting is in...
  20. MK3 CLIO Blower

    Heating & cooling
    Hi The blower on my son's mark 3 Clio only works on 2 and 3, so I bought a replacement resister , albeit off eBay, and after fitting it had exactly the same problem. So either I have bought a second hand resister with exactly the same fault or something else is causing the issue. So with...