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  1. Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 2007 Oil in breather Pipes, power loss and burning blue smoke

    Hi, I have a Clio MK3 2007 1.2 tce problem is oil everywhere in the air inlet and breather pipes. When you boot the car the turbo boost comes in for a split second and then a major loss of power and back to vacuum, blue smoke out of the exhaust, also will not pull up a hill. The rocker cover...
  2. ad blue contamination

    Ask the Experts
    Does any one know whats involved to repair adblue contamination? i have a new trafic 1.6 2017 and contaminated it with an oil funnel....(****). i have had the tank removed and cleaned but service light and engine light and exhaust light will not go out. can this model be regenerated or does it...
  3. Big Blue Cookie Irritation - *SOLVED*

    Computer Club
    I am now sat at home and the solution I created at work has sorted my main PC at home, no more Big Blue Cookie Irritation, here are the instructions to remove it:- This will only work on a browser that is capable of utilising add ons and you can get uBlock Origin add on for it 1. Remove...
  4. Ad blue

    I've had a problem with contamination in my adblue tank which was not covered under warranty. Has any one else had similar problems.
  5. Megane 1 Cabriolet soft top -- what colour is it? Dark blue or black?

    Hello, First post in a great forum..... I have a 2002 Megane Cabriolet and want to know what colour the soft top is? The body work is silver and I suspect the soft top should be dark blue but perhaps it's black? It's hard to say as the car has been pretty neglected and there is lots of...
  6. Blue sticker under bonnet with grid of numbers & letters

    Cars & motoring
    Hello all, Just bought a 2006 Senic 2, 144,000 km - REALY clean. Got it very cheap because it has a bad rod bearing. It is very strange because as I have taken things apart I find that everything is in excellent condition and it appears that all maintenance was done by Renault garage. The...
  7. Ecu blue tooth reader under a tenner,eBay specials

    Do they work,are they any good? Thank you to all the people,who give of their time and experience.......
  8. Red and blue plugs

    Hey lads when I took the cover off which is in front of the middle arm rest is were the parking beeper switch is locked I noticed two plugs one red and one blue in behind the hand brake can any one tell me what they could be used for and if there heated seats ?
  9. Laguna III coupe 2.0 DCi blue smoke on cold start

    Hi everyone, First post time. Last weekend I took ownership of a 58 plate Laguna Coupe. 62,000 miles on the clock, good Renault service history, in really good condition for £4k. Happy as pie. However, I've noticed quite a bit of blue smoke coming out the back on cold starts in a morning...
  10. Blue smoke

    Blue smoke: so I bought a 2003 1.5 dci Clio not to long ago and I'm starting to have problems... it uses about a litre of oil a week and smokes a lot under acceleration or when turbo spins up but no smoke at all when starting her up or just idling. Can anyone help...
  11. Renault Clio Mark3 Phase 2 Front bumper Blue

    As the title suggests I need a Renault Clio Mark3 Phase 2 Front bumper Blue to swap with my cracked bumper if anyone has one for sale or could recommend a place to get one cheap. thanks
  12. HELP-Where should blue pipe go?

    When checking my MAFF Sensor at the weekend I found a small blue hard plastic pipe and it wasn't connected to anything at the one end. The one end appears to go under the air cleaner, any ideas where the other end should be connected to??
  13. Blue smoke

    hi all my trafic camper is blowing out blue smoke on start up and running rough, but all is fine after 5-10 mins drive, it has been like this the past few times i have ran it, it is a 2.1D, it has only done about 95,000 miles, have research a little and came up with that it is burning oil...
  14. cabasse auditorium tronic 6cd to add blue tooth for streaming

    I have a Laguna 2 Privilege Saloon with Cabasse auditorium tronic stereo with MP3 CD and 6 CD changer. There might to be 3 ways of achieving this. 1 Find a second hand Cabasse radio -mp3 CD unit from a later model and replace the existing radio and or 6CD changer with it. 2 Connect a blue...
  15. scenic 2 P1 "blue" fuse box connector

    Can anyone tell me anything about a blue connector which is supposed to be fitted to the under bonnet fuse box on the scenic 2 in position "p1 blue" ? it apparently has 2 white heavy wires coming from it,i`ve seen various fuse box pics and they appear to have this connector but mine does...
  16. Blue head lights

    Hey lads I'm have a quick question I have the renault Megane sport head lamps the ones with the round lenses I want to get the blubs with the blue effect like u see on the new cars just asking what type of blub would s I need with out using a xenon kit
  17. Renault Kangoo 1.5 DCI 2003 Little bit of blue & white smoke

    Please Help Yesterday i went and got some injector cleaner from halfords (because i am too miserable to buy diesel i thought i would try and save a few miles) put it in and filled the tank . Now my Renault Kangoo 1.5dci has a small amount blue/white smoke coming from the exhaust when siting...
  18. Blue marks in the engine bay

    Hi all I'm guessing the blue marks in the engine bay are to signify that a dealer has swapped the parts over under warranty?
  19. Clio 1.5 dci juddering & blue smoke

    Hey guys, this is my first post and my first car problem of clio has finally come to me after owning the car for 8 months, running perfectly fine and return stupidly good MPG of 70 compared to my lexus is200... I am no guru in cars but have little knowledge of cars and know to how to pick a...
  20. dCi Blue Smoke problem

    Hi all, I have a Megane 1.5 dCi and in gear at around 2500 RPM with the pedal to the floor is it smoking in blue from the exhaust. If you leave it revving at a constant RPM no smoke comes out from the exhaust. I have cleaned the EGR, gave it a injector cleaner which you pour in the tank. Can...