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  1. R-link (1) and streaming media

    Hi All, I am looking atbuying a 2nd hand Kadjar in the near future, and have a query about the R-link system (the car is a 16 plate so not the R-link 2). I know you can connect an android phone by bluetooth and stream media from the phone... but is this only music stored locally on the phone...
  2. Scenic 1.6 Vvt 60 plate Bluetooth Software

    Ask the Experts
    Hi Does anyone know what the latest firmware version is for the Radiosat for a 60 Plate Scenic 1.6 VVt Dynamique TomTom and if so how I update it? I have checked the bluetooth version and it says s2.12m2.12 Cheers Andrew
  3. Bluetooth FM Transmitter

    General Chat
    Hi, I never knew these existed until someone at work mentioned it as a viable alternative to getting a car stereo installed . Anybody had any experience with them and can recommend a specific make ? thanks, Habib.
  4. Music distortion with bluetooth audio

    In Car Entertainment
    Hey all, Scenic III 2012 w/Bose Second head unit in, first one didn't work with bluetooth audio at all, this one does but the high end is distorting, I can't seem to find out if there is an adjustment on the radio for the levels coming in, I have changed levels and EQ on the iPhone and nothing...
  5. Double bluetooth pairing

    Ask the Experts
    Hi every one This is perplexing me to the point of rage. I hope someone can help? I have a Mk 3 traffic 115 business with the basic stereo head unit. My issue is that when I pair it with my galaxy s8 phone, it will be fine for that journey but will ask to pair again on next start up. If I...
  6. Bluetooth kit

    Hi, I***8217;ve got a 2010 Clio and it fulfills my requirements perfectly apart from no Bluetooth I***8217;ve tried various eBay Bluetooth gadget with various success (impossible to answer & difficult to use!!) so want to take the plunge to factory fitted. Can anyone advise what kit I need up...
  7. Upgrade Megane Mk3 to bluetooth radio

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a 2010 Megane 1.5DCI expression which comes with the factory CD player/Radio which does NOT support bluetooth/USB/AUX. I was wondering if anyone knows if I were to buy the renault Radio which has bluetooth in it, would it work in my car and would I be able to use...
  8. Perfect bluetooth receiver?

    So - I just fitted an aux in lead and thoughtI would put a bluetooth receiver on the end of it ... keep the wire count down. As I was wandering through e-bay I found this little beauty...
  9. OBDLINK LX (bluetooth) ELM327

    Tools & equipment
    OBDLink® LX Bluetooth | OBDLink® | OBD Solutions If you are in the market for a no-nonsense OBDII dongle I can suggest/recommend this. Its but a lowly version 1.4 ORIGINAL ELM327 dongle but its not lying or pretending to be anything its not and cannot be ......................... it...
  10. Clio III radio with bluetooth

    Hi all, have a question. Looking for a wiring diagram or maybe some tutorial on how to replace pre-facelift radio on a facelift one. The whole history is: I have 2007 Clio III with classic radio (photo below), and I've bought the new one with Bluetooth (photo below) from a facelift car. I've...
  11. Dead USB Port for Radiosat 3D Sound By Arkamys Bluetooth in 09 Megane Mk3 iMusic

    I've searched about a bit and can't seem to find anything concrete about this issue. I've got a 2009 Megane iMusic, which is kitted out with slightly better than awful stereo gear and uses the "Radiosat 3D Sound By Arkamys Bluetooth" system, complete with usb and aux connections for audio...
  12. 2015Megane Bluetooth problem

    Hi, I have a 2015 megane with tomtom, I am trying to connect my LG g6 to the car and the car radio just keeps rejecting the conection, I have tried a few other phone and just get the same thing happening. I have deleted any other paired phone, tried to factory reset the radio aswell nothing...
  13. Kadjar Bluetooth

    In-car entertainment
    I have to reconnect my mobile to Bluetooth every time I start the car (Kadjar 16 plate) is this normal or is there something wrong.
  14. Renault-COM Diagnostic Software + Bluetooth OBD?

    Hi all, My Laguna has thrown the check injection light on again and I suspect oil dilution (2.0DCi 180hp). Has anyone used a Renault-COM diagnostic? Available if you do a quick google search. Just wondering if they can see the soot level of the dpf etc It does say they can regen Renault dpf...
  15. Supertooth buddy Bluetooth causing electrical problems?

    Yesterday I purchased a Supertooth buddy hands-free and noticed that I was experiencing electrical problems with my clio dynamique. I have had the car for over 3 months and never had a problem. When I turned the ignition it seemed like their was an interference with the imobilising system...
  16. Very irrirtating random beeping on medianav while bluetooth is connected

    Had the medianav replaced recently, but when i'm on the bluetooth either playing music or on the phone - there is 1 loud beep every so often - when you on the phone and the volume is full so you can hear the other person talking - the beep is so loud it actually hurts your ears..... This is...
  17. Renault Clio IMusic Bluetooth Memory Full

    Somebody please help. I have recently bought my daughter a 60 plate Renault Clio IMUsic, the car is great. however when she goes to pair her phone with the bluetooth she keeps getting the memory full message. I have looked everywhere but I dont seem to beable to find the correct procedure for...
  18. Bluetooth dropouts - 2017 Koleos Life

    Hi guys I've just purchased a Renault Koleos 2017 model as a demo car here in Australia. It's beautiful! I'm having some problems with the Bluetooth feature for music streaming. Once or twice in every song, the Bluetooth skips - the sound doesn't stop but it skips forward or backwards by about...
  19. Megane III bluetooth

    Hi, The Renault Megane III bluetooth system seems to only work with Lumia cellphones (MS operating systems), blowing the system if used with another cellphone. Please advise. Thank you.
  20. Retaining steering wheel controls

    I have a clio campus 2007 and want to upgrade the stereo to something similar to this: I don't want to lose my steering stalk controls. I've been advised to get an adaptor and patch lead? But I want to make sure I buy all the correct stuff before...