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  1. BMW 3 series in a spot of bother

    Cars & motoring
    Look at one of Munich's finest with its wheels stolen in the old market car park here in High Barnet. Makes me think locking wheel nuts have some value, someone must have reported it but going to as well. Brother had a similar model and it was a nightmare, stolen 3 times, once to carry out a...
  2. BMW wheels onto Trafic - Spiggot size

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello, Completely new to this and can barely find my way around the site, let alone the van! I have just taken BMW AC Schnitzer wheels off my Vivaro and want to put on the Trafic. I am told i need spiggot rings but no one seems to know size required for Trafic. Can anyone help? Also where to...
  3. Bmw

    Other makes
    new model of BMW specification and its better than old model
  4. Code Reader Scanner For BMW 97-13 C310

    General Chat
    Multi System Scan Tool OBD2 Diagnostic Code Reader Scanner For BMW 97-13 C310 | eBay anyone used the above on the mini or know of a better one that will cover other makes on airbags looking at this as a friend has a 2006 mini normal airbag problem Code Reader Scanner For BMW 97-13 C310 Ron
  5. OMG it's BMW

    Motoring news
    BMW deny engine failures are due to manufacturing fault In the last year Watchdog has heard numerous cases of total engine failure in the BMW 1-Series, 3-Series and 5-Series vehicles built between 2007 and 2009. The cause of which have been because the timing chains have snapped causing the...

    Hello Renault Forums,. For anyone whose knowledgeable on UN1 Transmissions and there uses, I'd love to pick your brains. I own a 3 TON, 1986 Vixen 21' Turbo Diesel RV/Camper It was produced with a Renault UN1-(not sure of the particular version- I was hoping to be enlightened) 21 Spline 9"...
  7. changing tyre size on renault trafic to bmw alloys

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Im after some advice I'm wanting to put some bmw 3 series alloys on my van by using wobbly bolts and 71.1 spigots.I was just wondering the tyre size on the 3 series is 205/55/16 is it ok to swap this for my 195/65/16 tyres? Not sure about load wise either thanks in advance.
  8. BMW 5 now, but not leaving the forum yet!

    Cars & motoring
    I've been looking for a BMW 520i SE for a while now and although it was originally meant to replace the Scenic, I'm going to hold on to the Scenic for a while.:d The cars are at opposite ends of the spectrum so is a real change for us, hence me not wanting to get rid of the Scenic yet. I've...
  9. BMW to Renault :-)

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi there I am new here and to Renault, been driving Beemers for the last 8 years so and as far as the E36 BM is concerned I have had just about every problem thrown at me so could advise you on that :d I never thought about buying a Renault but the chap at the car shop said that I got that...
  10. Bmw coolant light?

    Other makes
    Hey all i bought my gf a 2002 (52) Bmw 318 compact. with 58k on the clock serviced at 18 29 35 46 miles. the coolant light is on all of the time, however the car doesnt overheat, drives fine, and no milky oil. the coolant level is at max and has stayed there. There is a part in the boot that...
  11. 03 Lag2 Initiale Tourer or 08 BMW 520d Msport Tourer

    Cars & motoring
    Well the question is in the title. I am at the end of the line with the Lag and have a small window to get reasonable money back on her. I am very tempted by this or something very similar. Insurance, running costs and price are all reasonable and the general trend of users reviews on What...
  12. Abu Dhabi - 2010

    Formula 1 news visual drama of the Yas Marina Circuit at twilight is already so embedded in our minds that it's hard to believe the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix is only in its second year. Last season it debuted, this season it hosts the championship decider...
  13. Brazil - 2010

    Formula 1 news its debut event at last month's Italian Grand Prix in Milan, F1 Rocks? The Afterparty is heading to the Brazilian Grand Prix to celebrate F1 Rocks? with LG in Sao Paulo featuring Eminem. F1 Rocks? will be kicking off the...
  14. BMW Mini - USB Interface

    Other makes
    Hope someone can help with our 2006 mini cooper s. cant seem to get any joy on the mini2 forums or north american motoring (mini) so iv'e come to the trusty old Reno forums :d A few weeks ago I purchased two connects2 usb interfaces one for the mini CTABMUSB009 and one for a Renault clio...
  15. Perez to race for BMW Sauber in 2011

    Formula 1 news Sauber have announced that 20-year old Mexican driver Sergio Perez will race for the team next season, partnering current driver Kamui Kobayashi. Perez, who will make his Formula One race debut at the 2011 Bahrain Grand Prix next...
  16. Accidental hero - BMW Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi

    Formula 1 news is the best hope of a strong home result in next weekend's Japanese Grand Prix and on Wednesday he was appointed an international ambassador for sports and tourism by the Japanese government. BMW Sauber's Kamui Kobayashi chats about...
  17. Gutierrez named BMW Sauber reserve for 2011

    Formula 1 news Gutierrez is to be BMW Sauber's test and reserve driver for the 2011 season. Gutierrez has already worked with the team during 2010 as an affiliated driver and gleaned his first Formula One experience behind the wheel of the BMW...
  18. Heidfeld replaces De la Rosa at BMW Sauber

    Formula 1 news Sauber announced on Tuesday that Nick Heidfeld will replace Pedro de la Rosa at the team for the remainder of the 2010 season. Heidfeld will race alongside Kamui Kobayashi at the final five Grands Prix. ?I'm looking forward like crazy...
  19. Italy - 2010

    Formula 1 news average speeds of 250 km/h and top speeds of 340km/h, Monza is one of the quickest circuits on the Formula One calendar, as well as one of the oldest. Also home to the Tifosi, the track isn't short on atmosphere either. The drivers and...
  20. Anybody want to fit bmw alloy wheels to there trafic?

    Wheels & tyres
    i CAN HELP WITH FITTING KITS TO FIT BMW ALLOY WHEELS TO RENAULT TRAFIC VANS SO IF ANYONE INTERESTED LET ME KNOW. :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :eek: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: