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  1. Bumper removal megane 3 coupe (2009)

    Does anyone have a how to on removing your front bumper? Have to replace my airco radiator..
  2. Put this in bodywork deliberatly As know this is the place to ask

    Ok Was in the bath Today, So did the normal check ( being male ) and one of my testicles seems a funny shape, You know like bigger and egg shaped compared to the other two, is this anything to worry about .. please tell me this is ok, as lads in the pub are saying I am talking B0LLucks
  3. Replacing Bodywork on Renault Megane

    Hi, How much should I be looking to pay to replace the bodywork on my Renault megane ? Its the panel above the left rear tyre. I've been quoted £500 but wanted to know if that is excessive. If anyone knows of any good garages that will do it for less in the London area, please let me know...
  4. removing black trim at bottom of front bumper? Clio 2

    Hi, - is there any ramifications of removing the black plastic 'strip' at the bottom of my front bumper on our Clio 2 2003 ? Its already spplit a bit where previous owner(s) must have caught it on kerb whilst parking, and I was going to glue it, but now I am wondering how it would look if I...
  5. Has my clio 2 really got plastic front wings! ?

    Clio 2 2003 - has it really got front wings made out of plastic? - I suppose I should have put a magnet up to them. Certainly feel like plastic and flex like plastic when you press on them. Any minuses i should be aware of re polishing or if (god forbid) scrape up against something? Whats the...
  6. Bodywork Corrosion

    Corrosion in bodywork below battery on Mk 1 cabrio. Can I get preformed replacement to weld in?
  7. Megane MK2 - How to remove bodywork?

    Hello people, I have had a problem with my megane in which I have scuffed/dented the passenger door, wheel arch and bumper. I was wondering is there any guides that can show me how to remove the above three and also where would be the cheapest way to get used parts? Many thanks guys.
  8. Sale or swap Haynes car bodywork repair manual 3rd edition used

    For sale
    hi i'm wanting to get rid of my Haynes bodywork repair manual, will sell (paypal ) open to offers, or trade for a Haynes clio manual 2001 - 2005 used condition thanks for looking
  9. Megane Coupe 2010 Bodywork

    Hi Guys. I own a Megane Coupe 2010. My Otherhalf had a little bump with a pillar today and all the side of the car on the back bumper is all scratched with some big dints. I have found someone who is breaking a megane 60 plate black coupe. Mine is also black. Would it be as simple as...
  10. Filling trim removal holes in bodywork?

    On older cars removing badges or in some cases the trim or chrome strip that runs down the centre line leaves holes in the body. Is there any way of filling these holes so that they become invisible,with say a respray? It seems a v difficult job. I attempted it once on an old vw beetle, grp...
  11. megane dci 1.5 bodywork questions

    Im looking for a full body kit for my mk2 megane. I dont know where to start looking. Does anyone have any links ?
  12. Laguna 2l 16V RXT bodywork damaged after dephaser fitted

    Hello guys Please help, I am very distressed since I got my car back this morning after a dephaser replacement. The authorised service and repair agents have a very bad reputation among myself and people I know. I have been working on my many Renaults since the early 60's but with the Laguna...
  13. Scenic III Driver's Door Stay

    You'd've thought that by Mk III Renault would've solved the clunking door stay problem. Mine's horribly clunking in the typical way they do & just out of warranty! I managed to remove the door panel sufficiently to see that this doesn't offer sight of or access to the door stay's inner workings...
  14. Part hanging off underneath bodywork

    Hi On my 56 reg megane estate - underneath the car (approx. centre of underside of car) there is a rectangular rubber part - about 8cm x 3 cm hanging down - and reasonably heavy for its size. Looks like it was held in place by some adhesive to a metal part of body. What is this piece for -...
  15. Bodywork needing done on Scenic in Renfrewshire

    Anybody know anyone and how much they are? Just a bit over rear tyre arch passenger side needing repainted and where the garage missed the jacking point and crushed under the front passenger door near the tyre
  16. Filler for plastic bodywork?

    Yday I took a small gouge out of the plastic boot lip. I was transporting half oak whiskey barrels(for garden planters). The nick is about the width and depth of a matchstick and 2-3 mm long. Yeh not exactly a disaster ,still. I painted it and applied lacquer with renault touch up . The paint...
  17. Wheel Arch crack/dent

    Currently have damage on both side of my cars wheel arch. One side has a dent which i'm hoping can be just sucked out, and the other has a crack. Im hoping that crack doesn't mean i need a whole new side panel, as a friend said he reckons it can be filled and sanded. Has anyone had ths done...
  18. Megane Boot Lid Still Wont Open

    Hey guys, this site has been an indispensable tool from i got my megane, not that ive had that many problems, ive just managed to save alot of money, so thanks for that, unfortunately ive hit a dead end. about 6 weeks ago i had some water ingress and it shut my car down for about 3 or 4 days...
  19. G3 Professional Resin Superwax & Bodywork Detox

    Finishline UK Ltd
    G3 Products from Farecla are the No.1 choice for bodyshops around the world. Technically advanced formulas developed alongside paint and lacquer manufactures make them safe and effective for all paint types. G3 Professional Bodywork Detox wax - £5.95 The bodywork detox concentrate will mobilise...
  20. Dci to "172"

    Hi all. Ive got a bog standard dynamique dci but have always loved the 172 but dont love the fuel economy, tax, insurance etc. my question is...if i fork out for 172 bumpers, skirts and front wings...will it be a straight swap? My main concern is having to modify any of the body work because it...