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  1. Airbus A320 & Boeing 737-800 Take Off From Airport HD

    Hello everyone, we recorded of taking off the planes video for someone who wonder how the cities look like from the airplane and who hasn't boarded the plane. Those videos are recorded with GoPro Hero3+. This video is taken from Boeing 737-800 in Ankara ESB Airport. That video is taken from...
  2. Boeing 737-800 Take Off From Airport.

    That video is recorded by us with GoPro. In that video, the plane which brand name is Boeing 737-800, take off from Istanbul Ataturk Airport.
  3. Boeing 787 Dreamliner first flight

    Non-motoring news
    Boeings new all carbon fibre airliner is about to take off on it's maiden flight For any aircraft enthusiasts on the forum coverage can be seen here