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  1. Boiler bother

    General Chat
    Thought I was in trouble as I had identified some repairs needed to a roof as part of an external redecoration project for a managing agent. These repairs were completed 3 years ago, out of the blue comes a message from the top floor flat with a report by a roofer that the roof was leaking...
  2. Timmy's old boiler thread

    General Chat
    I have for the last 18 months, had a Worcester Bosch Combi (Greenstar 28i) which despite attending to various pipework, has always taken about 3 months to drop from 3 bar to less than 1. Until Today. For SWMBO's baff, Not enough hot water :frown2: Didn't say a d1cky till about 3 PM when returned...
  3. Central Heating Boiler

    General Chat
    Because I’m in the it's time to replace your central heating boiler market, I’ve decided to post a thread requesting feedback on other peoples CH boilers before deciding on what make of boiler to buy. Our current boiler is a combi, the make is / was a Glow Worm Swift Flow 75. Age 12...