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  1. Engines
    Dear All, Apologies upfront if this has been addressed; didn't find something exactly matching this query. In the process of repairing a leaky injector, and found that the geniuses who did the head gasket replacement have messed up the job by a) not installing the spacers underneath the clamp...
  2. Engines
    I have owned my 2011 Renault Trafic from new. In August 2017 I had three of the injectors replaced after originally complaining to Renault UK about them being heavily corroded due to the much documented scuttle panel seal failing. The dealer and Renault UK shared the cost of the repair and I...
  3. Ask the Experts
    I’ve mislaid (lost) the bolts for fixing my roof bars to my 2016 grand scenic. Anyone know where I can obtain replacements. My local Renault garage says I have to buy the whole bar kit
  4. Engines
    I've got a scenic mk 2 1.9dci from early 2003. The other day the transmission dropped out on the passenger side. Snapped the drive shaft too. On inspection two of the three mounting bolts had vanished and the third was only kept in by the underside of the engine mounting plate. It had worked...
  5. Bodywork
    Hey folks, can anyone tell me what bolts are the ones I need for my van? It's a 1996 Trafic, and i bought the wrong bolts...was told they were m6x16 serra flange....and they arrived, and are far too small. Can anyone help? Thank you!
  6. Engines
    Hi, We've changed the flywheel and clutch on the car, but we've had to take them off again. Are these stretch-bolts and for only one use, or can we reuse them? Has anyone ever reused them? Are only changed because they have loctite on them or are the stretch bolts. thanks for your help.
  7. Engines
    Good day all, I have been assembling a Scenic 2 f9q 812 engine. I thought I would spend a few euros more on the new head bolts so I bought Elring bolts because I have always thought their products were of superior quality. I searched around for head bolt torque information and decided to follow...
  8. Wanted
    i need a full set of sump bolts from any f9q engine. preferably removed with the correct female torx and not mashed to h*ll. any one got any? (id also accept a link to new ones :) )
  9. Brakes/Hubs
    Anyone else had issues with the bolts that hold these carriers in? Recently bought another megane, needs new brakes, so thought yeah, won't need much work.... Anyway, the caliper, pads all come away as clock work, and as you may know to get the discs off, you need to remove the carrier...
  10. Wheels & tyres
    Hey guys I have a Clio mk3 2006 1.6 16v petrol. Does anyone know the wheel bolts torque specs for my car? Thank you Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  11. Engines
    Hi, I'm after some help pretty urgently. Had a knackered injector seal when I first got the van back in Oct, sorted that but obviously didn't do something right and yesterday when driving along I dumped about 20ltr of diesel on the floor (Was literally spraying out everywhere) from the...
  12. Steering and Suspension
    Had a weird clunk/bang sound for some time now and i recently installed new struts both sides with strut bearings rubbers wheel bearing strut springs (lowered variety) new brake slider pins brake pads and kit. new anti roll bar links and inner rubbers new rod ends the hole lot i ended up...
  13. Transmissions
    Hello everyone, My poor little Kangoo is in need of some help. So I am hoping some kind people on this forum will be able to guide me in the right direction before I call in a mechanic who will more than likely try to pull the wool over my eyes. Firstly. The issue I am facing is that a about a...
  14. Engines
    Anyone know where I can buy pinch bolts cheaper than renaults at nearly £9 each?
  15. Engines
    Hi all i have a 2009 master 2.5. Im replacing piston rings etc is it safe to reuse the original con rod cap bolts wheb reassembling? Im assuming that these need to be replaced? If so does anyone have thhe spec? Hate paying dealer prices when the same spec bolts can be brought for a fraction else...
  16. Cars & motoring
    I'm posting this here after looking around for the best place... Rust! I luv it! The more rusty something is, the more I have to call on my experience to sort it out. What follows is MY way of doing it. Please bear in mind that SAFETY is the most important aspect of messin' with...
  17. Tools & equipment
    Hello forum, yesterday I was in one generic oil change shop as where I live can't be on the street to change the oil and they were cheap. The man said that they couldn't remove the undertray to access the oil sump. I have tried to ask which type of bolts are they but he didn't know how to...
  18. Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I'm replacing the swinging arm bushes on my Clio MK2, and have had to drill and cut six coach type bolts that hold the swing arm to the body (under rear seats). Can I replace them with normal bolts?
  19. Wheels & tyres
    Can bolts for steel wheels be used on alloy wheels? I managed to brake one of the bolts of an alloy wheel and used one of the spare tire (steel rims) bolts to replace it. Both tapers look exactly the same, 60deg I guess. But the bolts for steel wheels are golden. Also the taper on these are...
1-19 of 87 Results