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  1. Bodywork
    Hi everyone, this is my 2nd ever post :D . I have used the search function to go through the threads on the bonnet issues, but I've not found what I am after. I have a Scenic mk 2 1.6 petrol VVT. My bonnet had a chip that went right down to the metal and since pressur washing it, it has now...
  2. Bodywork
    Hi guys I had to jump start my car today...not sure why but its starting now... however I can't lock the bonnet. It closes and holds on the safety catch but does not lock down. Any one here able to point me in the direction of a clue? I can see the rubber safty thing but not a catch to hold...
  3. General Chat
    Does anyone know the part number of the front bonnet badge or where I can find a cheap replacement some thieving scum bag has stolen mine..I’ve tried eBay all mk2 stick on type and I don’t know if another model fits...thanks in advance
  4. Bodywork
    hi, this is for a 1998 Renault megane rxe 2.0. ----- Hi Evan Have looked and tried to open your bonnet without damaging anything but have not been able to. Can you call in and have a look as the only option that we can see is to break the small grills to get at the bolts that secure the latch...
  5. Electronics
    Hi, doe's anyone on here have a diagram and list of what the fuses are for including the maxi fuses in the fuse box under the bonnet on a 2005 Kangoo 1.5 dci with air con and electronic power steering
  6. Cars & motoring
    Hi All, A little bit of background... My friend has a 2007 Clio III and he can't get into it and the key fob wont work now (which it did previously). The passenger door was changed before he bought it and they never changed the lock barrel, so his ignition key won't open that door. This car was...
  7. Bodywork
    57 twingo gt bonnet catch broken,how can I open the bonnet.Need to replace battery
  8. Bodywork
    Hi Guys I hope you can help me. My sons Renault Clio Campus 58 plate was recently hit by a dumper truck working outside the house. The Insurance have written it off but I have had it checked it needs a new bumper, bonnet, headlight and some trim My question is I am a bit confused am I looking...
  9. Electronics
    Me trying to be clever and remove fuse board to check fuses without moving anything else i cought the live feed to the fuse board on the negative battery terminal. Anyway after finally removing checking what i needed to and replacing everything i have no power to instrument panel stop/start etc...
  10. Cars & motoring
    hi, I have a 2010 Renault Clio imusic 1.2 petrol, recently I've noticed a really bad burning rubber smell under the bonnet after I drive the car even if it's only a 5 minute journey, also when I open the oil cap it's filled with a thick yellow paste inside, there is only 68000 miles on the car...
  11. Bodywork
    Hi I have recently acquired a Renault Megane III 2009 in Black colour. It was a CAT N - very minor damage. The plastic back plate/ insert (for want of better term) on which the bonnet badge sits is broken, but I cannot find either the part no. or any replacements online (mainly ebay). Can...
  12. Bodywork
    Hi all, picked up a 2007 Renault scenic dimanique yesterday, partner insisted on opening the bonnet because he believes he is a mechanic and it now won't close. Catch in footwell returns to position correctly, have soaked the mechanism in WD40 overnight and still won't close and catch with drop...
  13. Cars & motoring
    Hello all, Just bought a 2006 Senic 2, 144,000 km - REALY clean. Got it very cheap because it has a bad rod bearing. It is very strange because as I have taken things apart I find that everything is in excellent condition and it appears that all maintenance was done by Renault garage. The...
  14. Wanted
    Hope someone can help. Looking for one of these. Thanks in advance
  15. Interiors
    I need to remove the internal bonnet release handle and panel to gain access to the bonnet release cable. I'm unsure how to remove these parts without damaging. Any help or advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. Interiors
    Does anyone know how to remove/refit the bonnet release handle (No 1 in the pic). Need to refit the trim panel. Thanks in advance.
  17. Electronics
    is it possible to use a second hand under bonnet fuse box and re programme / code it in, and what is needed to code it in?
  18. Electronics
    Hi everyone, i could do with some help please? 2004 Scenic 1.9 Diesel has an issue with fuse box, side and tail lamps not working, otherwise everything is fine! Can i use another fuse box with the same part number or does it have to be from a 1.9 Diesel from the same or similar year? I bought...
  19. Exterior styling
    Hi guys, can someone with a keen eye tell me if the megane coupe 2009 bonnet is the same as the megane coupe 2015 bonnet but with a bigger badge?
  20. Bodywork
    Hi there, I hope somebody could help me. I am looking for a Bonnet for my Renault megane 1.6 2003 convertible Black. I live in Suffolk. I already tried "Cit-Ren ". Could you please help me Thanks:smile2: Dumonde