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  1. In-car entertainment
    I'm thinking about installing some subwoofers into the little pocket/alcoves on either side at the rearmost corners of my boot. Just wanted to see if anyone has done this before that could suggest any method or components that work well for it. Obviously theyll need to be removable so that the...
  2. Interior styling
    Hi, Does anyone here know if there is other brands selling this kind of thing, but for much cheaper than Renault official ones? Thanks!
  3. Steering and Suspension
    Split CV boot on Renault scenic 1.9 Diesel on a Y plate 2001. Has anyone ever done a C.V boot on this car, it is the inner cv boot that has split on the gear box side (passenger side). I have done a cv boot before on used a universal boot but l have a feeling you cannot this on the inner boot so...
  4. Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a renault megane mk2 Cabriolet which has a roller blind boot divider which when extended trips a microswitch Does anyone have a picture of the switch or send me some images of the switch area reason is boot lock stuck rear seats are fixed cannot access boot cannot trigger roof mechanism
  5. Electronics
    Hi This scenic 2 developed the usual boot lock fault last year. Wouldn't open and then wouldn't close. I replaced the lock and now it closes and latches just fine. Ditto with opening. But the boot doesn't lock with central locking. So even if all the doors are locked the boot is still...
  6. Ask the Experts
    Hi Is it possible to release the boot from inside the car as on a clio mk2 also has anyone changed the boot switch whilst the boot is shut, i've removed three torx fixings from the interior boot panel and its still tight does the boot have to be open for this to be removed. Regards Dan
  7. Electronics
    I am having intermittent problems with opening my boot. When I press the button on the boot the boot will not open. If I get in the car and start it up and then try opening the boot it will open. However, when I leave the car to do some shopping when I return the boot will not open. I have...
  8. Electronics
    Here's another Megane boot issue..... I have a Mk 2 estate, 1.5dci, and when I start the car, the boot automatically opens. Thankfully, when I lock the car, it remains locked. And it remains locked when i'm driving. So, it only happens as the car has just kicked in to life. Any thoughts?
  9. Electronics
    Hi, I was driving along today and got numerous warnings the the boot was open when it wasn't. I arrived home to find the boot won't open. Got in the back and opened from the inside. Will this be the switch that needs replacing or something more serious? Thanks.
  10. Ask the Experts
    Hi guys, I own a megane scenic 05. From good few months the boot locker start to give me problems. At beginning it was onlyou sometimes while now I can't get rid of the problem. The boot locks and open, however the dashboard says it is open and consequently I cannot lock the car. If I...
  11. Electronics
    Hi, In my Grand Scenic III I've noticed the boot light (UK near side luggage compartment light) hasn't worked since I bought the car. I finally got round to flicking it out to check the bulb and found the cabling is missing. I just wondered if someone could look at theirs and give me a pointer...
  12. Electronics
    got a renault scenic rx4 the button to open the tailgate is missing tried screw driver still wont open tried solving it from inside havnt got a clue how can i open it fuse is ok how else can i get it to open
  13. Bodywork
    Good evening! After an hour of pouring cups of water on localised sections of the boot, I've found the following: 1) High level stop lamp is allowing water to leak in. I retested with the lamp taped up. No leaks. 2) Rubber grommet around the rear wiper arm allows drops of water in, which then...
  14. Interiors
    Hi, I wish to replace gear shift boot gaiter. I search anywhere, but cant find for Clio mk4. If any know how replace gear shift boot gaiter on Clio mk4? :driving:
  15. Cars & motoring
    My boot got slammed pretty hard and now it wont catch or lock. It closes but you can lift it back up. Any ideas on how to fix this?
  16. Electronics
    On Friday night I was driving home when my boot popped open on its own. I closed the boot and locked it from the inside of the car, on arriving home it did it again and opened. The next day someone notified me that my hazards were flashing so I went to check. The hazards won’t turn off after...
  17. Electronics
    Hi, Really random one. I was replacing a rear light and when I pulled off the cover to get to the screws, I noticed some sort of pump or primer in the drivers side compartment. I have a mk3 1.5 dci. I couldn't find any reference to it in the manual. If anyone knows what it is my curiosity would...
  18. Bodywork
    Hi Gang. I'm new on here so bear with me. I've just bought a Clio on a 55 plate 1.2 16valve Mk 3. I can't get the boot lid open. I'm in the boot from inside and have undone everything I can see and still can't get to the lock. Any ideas how to unlock the boot from the inside?? Regards Mouse..
  19. Brakes/Hubs
    I have a 2008 model Renault Grand Scenic. I have a parking break fault and I can***8217;t get the break to release to allow me to move the car. I searched for the emergency release in the boot and found where the yellow handle should be but isn***8217;t. The only info I can find is to pull this...
  20. Transmissions
    Hi, hope someone can help me with an RX4 question. Has anyone changed the right front inner CV boot on a 2001 RX4 petrol? The boot looks like it is bonded or crimped to the inside of a round metal casing around the CV joint (photo) Is it possible to change just the boot, is a boot available...