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  1. Electronics
    I have a 2010 Renault Clio Tom Tom and the other day the washer bottle broke. Got it fixed and then pump stopped working. I had bought a replacement second hand pump and bottle and boyfriend took the blue bit off the new one changed it. Worked fine but now again it's stopped working. Any ideas...
  2. Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I was just preparing the car for a long journey and when I checked the expansion bottle I couldn't see coolant up to the level so poured some in with some water and thick black or maybe dark brown sludge came to the top. I scooped it out as best I could to get an inch or so below the...
  3. Engines
    Anyone know the capacity of the screen wash bottle? It's Not in the handbook etc
  4. Electronics
    hi I was wondering if anyone could offer me some advice please. My washers have stopped working. Wipers still work ok but no wash. I have test the power at the bottle and I am not getting 12volts there. Where is the next place to try? any common faults on them thanks Jason
  5. Heating & cooling
    hi i am wondering how you fill the expansion tank on the trafic mk1 as its right under the scuttle thanks
  6. Electronics
    how do i remove the washer bottle on my 1.2 renault clio year 2004. the washer on the bottle must have came off when my husband tried to put a new pump in and the bottle wont hold the water now so we need to remove the bottle to put a washer on it many thanks
  7. Electronics
    At the weekend I went about trying to fix why the windscreen washers didn't work. its a MK2 facelift with the single pump and straight inlet pipe. I took the pump out of the bottle and cleaned it all up confirmed the pump wasn't working and went about fixing it. Fixed the pump and all was...
  8. Bodywork
    Has anyone had a leaking screen washer bottle on a Scenic 1 1.6 16v Petrol Expression+ 2002. and what is the best way to get at the offending bottle. It looks a bit difficult as it appears to be hidden by the outer wing and the inner wheel arch cover. Any tips greatly appreciated.
  9. Heating & cooling
    Hi I replaced the coolant bottle on my V6 - I don't know if this design is common to all models? The bottle was still in one piece but was very old and covered in stress fractures and due to the very high pressure my coolant system works at fluid was actually being forced though the cracks...
  10. Special offers
    Hi Folks, The Team at Opie Oils are happy to announce that they now sell the new Millers Oils Flow Control Bottle. Until now when pouring from a standard 5 litre bottles it has been difficult to avoid surges in flow – and the resulting mess, spillage and then smell as the oil burns off. All...
  11. Engines
    Hi Guys. 2005 Grand Scenic 1.9Dci. The bottom part of the oil filler bottle seems to just 'sit' in the crankcase. This can't be right. How is it meant to be please? The black plastic bit is bolted to the stainless steel part (a flange with a 1" neck) underneath and I can just lift it all out in...
  12. Engines
    Hi Does anyone know if the washer bottle from a 2001 megane scenic will fit my 2001 megane I? I just bought one by mistake and would like to save the hassle of stripping out the wheel arch liner to find out! Cheers
  13. Cars & motoring
    so here we are, a 1/4 of the way through winter and the washer bottle decides it doesnt want to play ball and do the job it is built for and send water to any of my windows... there is an amazing thread on here that really goes into detail about how to fix this problem (ALL of which i have...
  14. Engines
    Hi all, Renault Grand Scenic, DCi Dynamique 16v, 1.6 petrol. 2005 83,000 miles covered FSH, had new dash fitted due to electrinic faliure, new coil packs. A few days ago. my car was running hot on the motorway, the temperature gauge about two bars from the top. I turned on the heater full...
  15. Bodywork
    Hi folks, I'm new to this, but having spent a while looking for a solution I'm really hoping someone can help. The hose running from the water bottle to the windscreen spray has perished and I am attempting to replace it. The main issue I have is that I have been unable to find instruction...
  16. Engines
    My front washers aren't working, the motor is making a noise but the water comes out the back jet. I presume the front pipe is blocked as the jets are clean, how do I get to the washer bottle or motor? Oh, Scenic Mk1 Phase 2.
  17. Cars & motoring
    Hi, i need to remove my windscreen washer bottle on my 55 scenic mk2 because i think the motor is shot. Ive had a lookand cant see the fixings so im unsure whether to take it out from the top or from the bottom. seems awkward either way. can anyone offer some advice. Thanks
  18. Engines
    How do I get at Clio Mk 3 washer bottle to investigate why I only get water to rear screen?
1-18 of 46 Results