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  1. Bought a Renault Scenic

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    It's my 4th Car. Hello Everyone.
  2. Same day bought Renault Master has died on motorway, big rattling cambelt not snapped

    Hello folks, Had a nightmare,bought a Renault Master dci 100 2.5 extra hi top van in very good condition for money, great body,really tidy, seats mint etc, yesterday knowing it had no 1st gear, absolute bargain due to but big problems driving back from my sisters last night. Van was driving...
  3. The Missus said no.... but! I bought another one...

    So G-scenic 1.6 vvt (2005) had oil change and semi-cured problem with engine (basically needs new oil pump or s/hand engine - job for another day) Still a runner and was used daily, hammered about and basically un killable.... when a 2008 G-scenic 1.9 DCI 130 dyn came up, from a Renault...
  4. Bought 2015 Captur but concerned about Medianav problems, please advise!

    Hey everyone, Me and my mum have just purchased a 65 plate Captur for her as her first financed car ever. She adores the car, it's beautiful in mercury and black. However I've just read up on issues with the Medianav which is concerning as the music and phone system is really important to her...
  5. Hi. I've just bought a scenic 2 and am looking for roof bars.

    Sorry if it already been covered just loads on about it. Been on a couple of websites and it says roof bars only suitable for cars without sun roofs. Well guess what ours has sun roof. Any ideas what to do? Thanks.
  6. Scenic 1.5 DCI , just bought and clutch slip.

    Hi, Just bought a 2005 Scenic 1.5 Dci and on the test drive it was all fine. Half way home (20 miles later) it seems like the clutch is riding. If I put my foot under the clutch pedal and pull towards me, it seems not to do it. Really hope I haven't bought a pig. Do these have dual mass...
  7. Just bought a Captur diesel Dynamique S Nav 2015

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Excited to get my Captur on Friday. I have the model with folding mirrors but cant see any reversing beepers so I will have to get them retro fitted I suppose
  8. Bought a Renault Master LM35 2.2L DCI 90 2002 plate

    Hi all, My name is Michael I've Just bought a Renault Master LM35 2.2L DCI 90 2002 plate. The auxiliary drive belt is making a noise but not sure if it's slack, it isn't a squealing sound as much as a bearing noise potentially? not to sure. I plan to get a new belt just in case when i service...
  9. Wot have I Done, bought a really cheap Scenic 2 ??

    General Chat
    As per title, seemed to good to pass up. Yes, I'm a daft old Bu77er. It's a 2005 Dynamique, Engine Management light on, starts fine (after an initial jump), drives, brakes square, good tyres, good body (small ding in tailgate), two keys, NO MOT, good upholstery, aftermarket radio, clutch...
  10. Bought Grand Espace IV 2.2dCi

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, to all. I was looking for bigger vehicle and yesterday bought my self used 2004 Grand Espace IV 2.2dCi. Paid quite cheap buying it spares and repairs. According to seller clutch occasionally slipping. I have been driving it for 140 miles on motorways and country roads, even steep roads, have...
  11. Just Bought a Megane Convertible and i Have a few Questions!?

    General Chat
    Hello Iv just bought a Megane Convertible Dynamique 2.0L with just under 50K on the clock, So far everything seems good, few things iv spotted - First thing i did when we got home with it was taking it to a hand car wash, the mrs unfortunately found out the roof isn't pressure washer proof on...
  12. Hiya! Just bought a 2002 Grand Espace.

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello all. Never owned an Espace before. I already have a few niggles i can't fathom out. Read through all the FAQ's nothing relevant. Will have to post a question i think! Great vehicle tho. 7 full size seats. :)
  13. Hi just bought a Grand Scenic 2005

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Having owned a ren 11, 19, espace , scenic 1 phase 2 and now back for more punishment with a Grand Scenic 2005, already fixed a few niggles, what else is to come?
  14. bought a renault laguna 1.9 2000

    Cars & motoring
    Hello all, i've just bought a 2000 renault laguna 1.9dci sport its in excellent condition with new tyres new turbo and cambelt done with 107k on the clock, just want to know if theres anything i need to look out for. seems a good car for £500 odd bought it as its going to cost me less to go...
  15. Have I bought a troublesome Clio? 2003 1.2 16V with electrical and toxic fume lights!

    Hi all, I am relatively new to Clio ownership and this forum. I bought a FSH 69K Clio a couple of weeks ago with no warning lights or running problems at all at the time. I am now having a few issues however. Firstly I noticed that occasionally upon starting the engine would rev from between...
  16. Just Bought a 2nd hand Laguna 1.6 2004

    Car is in great condition in appearance and drives smoothly. The only concern I have is the Card Door Lock It locks allright but is reluctant to reopen, got to give it repeated tries before success, indicator light flashes on each attempt but does not release the locking. I'm now leaving he car...
  17. new to forum - just bought koleos - egr dirty no owners manual

    Hello - delighted to be on the forum (at last) - almost defeated by attempts to log in. But already a help. I recently bought a 2009 Koleos but did not notice it was rough at idle. Now I understand this could be a dirty egr. Are there any manuals I can download showing me how to do this...
  18. Just bought a Laguna

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, First time Renault owner. Pick it up on Friday! Eek. I've spent years trying to find the right car. I currenly have a Nissan Primera, P11-144, 1.8 Petrol. My cars so far include Datsun Cherry, Rover 216, Nissan Primera 1 and Nissan Primera 2. The last of the great Nissan's if you ask me...
  19. Just bought alloys but no tyres

    Wheels & tyres
    Can anyone help me, just bought these alloys 6j x 14 can anyone tell me would size tyres I need please.
  20. Just bought a 58 plate Espace Quest 2.0l 16V...few questions.

    Cars & motoring
    Hi all, Picked up a 58 plate Espace 2.0l 16V petrol at the wekend with 55k on the clock and really good service history. Thought it was a lot of car for £2,100. Everything seems to work OK (for now!) but just wanted to run a few questions by you all... 1) Have two key cards but they can't be...