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  1. Transmissions
    I have a 2012 Trafic with the semi auto gearbox, the other day it started making a squealing noise from the engine compartment, I pulled over, put in neutral lifted the bonnet, squealing was coming and going, them smoke started to appear from between engine and rad, it was an odd smell more like...
  2. Electronics
    Hello, I have a 2008 Renault Laguna 1.5 Dci estate. I was not sure if to post this thread under electrical or heating and cooling anyway my question. Is there a diagram available showing exactly what the fuses / relays are used for in the engine bay fuse box. The glove box fuse box is very...
  3. Transmissions
    Hello all I have a problem with a 2007 model. DP0 box. Got the car a year ago spares/repair gearbox issue intermittent. Seemed to drive okay for the 10 metres or so I drove it to the trailer/off trailer/into garage. No faults on dash. Laid up for a year and finally got around to this. Given...
  4. Electronics
    Hi. Does anyone know what these fuses and relays actually control as I can't find anything on them. Also do they have anything to do with cruise control? Also, I have two plugs attached to the expansion tank and I have no idea what they are for. Pictures attached.
  5. Exhausts
    Hi all Sorry if this is duplicated, but just running to work. Does anyone know what the rubber and metal strap is called that fixes the rear box, as it is swinging about and banging. Scared I am going to rip it off. A certain fast fit wanted me to pay £290+ for the centre and mid section...
  6. Electronics
    Hi does anyone know which fuses are which under the steering wheel?
  7. Electronics
    Hi, I'm looking for a list of which fuses do what in the glove box as I'm looking to use one in conjunction with a dash cam but there's no fuse layout on the removable fuse flap and the one in the owners manual bears no resemblance to mine. The picture attached is a photo I took of mine Mines...
  8. Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a megane II 1.6 2004 reg. I noticed this morning my gear stick moving quite alot, when I accelerate or break. The gear box to me is fine as I have no issues getting in gear and it's smooth changing gears. I have no clunking noises or strange noises from the engine. Could this be the...
  9. Engines
    Fuses beneath the engine multiplex module- which fuse covers what circuit, many thanks Edward
  10. Transmissions
    Hi there all. I'm posting one more time, because I want to find someone that in fact has had this problem. and knows what needs to be done. Everyone has been kind enough to give me some pointers, what the problem could be, but I can not find a mechanic in Sweden that knows, Ok there is...
  11. Engines
    Help Please. I have a Laguna 2.0 Initial IDE BF53 NXC Petrol, 5 speed and I have snapped gear box cables. Does anyone the Phase 1 fit a Phase 2 and any advice of if I can get these repaired as I don't seem to be able to find any replacements (Even tried First choices for spares but no joy!)...
  12. Electronics
    Hi, doe's anyone on here have a diagram and list of what the fuses are for including the maxi fuses in the fuse box under the bonnet on a 2005 Kangoo 1.5 dci with air con and electronic power steering
  13. Electronics
    Greetings, I've been searching the web for an answer to this question with absolutely no luck, so perhaps someone within the forum can shed light onto the issue? I have a Koleos diesel 2010, and I would like to fit DRLs to the front of the vehicle, so I need an ACC supply. However, I can't...
  14. Exhausts
    will a espace 3 rear box fit a avantime if i cut the old one off as its a 1 piece from middle and cant get one
  15. Electronics
    hello scenic dynamique TT 2012 (diesel) Radio and thus satnav not working. Suspect blown fuse but fuse diagram in manual is different to actual layout. I know I'm probably missing something very simple. Thanks
  16. Transmissions
    Hi all, new to forum hope someone can help. Fault, would not allow to selct neutral manualy or automatically and start. Removed break switch cleaned bur from one set of contacts cleaned re fitted all ok for a day. Fault now is although display say,s in neutral and break switch ok will not...
1-18 of 500 Results