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    hi to all joined today got a laguna mk2 3.0.v6 24v initial grand tour estate
  2. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, Hallow. New member , Kangoo owner for about 8 years. Andre'
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello everyone in the Renault forum world. I have had my Renault RX4 for a while now and have been poking around in the background searching for answers to my various issues. I have found the sight full of information which has been great. I'm no expert, but more than happy to help out where...
  4. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello everyone just joined the site wanted to say hello :)
  5. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi, First became a Renault owner in 1985 when I bought a 5 with dashboard gear change for 70 quid from a guy at the supermarket. It had 6 months road tax worth as much as the price so I said I'd buy it if it started without bothering for a test drive. It lasted until the tax ran out and took...
  6. Bodywork
    Just cleared out drains under windscreen, no longer have two swimming pools under bonnet, vaxed out drivers foot well hope this has worked.
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    Hello all. I'm new to renault after selling my landrover. I was fed up of paying a fortune on excise duties. Hoping to have a smooth ride without too many problems with this motor. Thanks, Nick,
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    Hey Everyone, hope your are all well and hope to speak with some of you soon? G
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    Hi to all
  10. Welcome to RenaultForums
    hi i simon from scotland :d
  11. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Happy New Year to you all. I am new to this site, & go under the name of Rubble. I live in Cyprus now & presently have 2 Renauits. A 2002 Megane, just aquired, which I think has a flywheel sensor problem and won't start. And a 2007 Megane Scenic 7 seater. I look forward to using the site for...
  12. Engines
    just bought alovely 19 diesel saloon on 52 plate. some oil weeping from throttlecontrol valve, on inspection cant see o ring?should there be one. also contemplkating fresh oil change and filters, was thinking of flushing through, is this a good idea.
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    :d Hi to everyone onboard this Renault Fourm, I myself am a virgin to fourms, so please break me in gently lol. I lok forward to getting some useful advice from all that have had, and all that still have their Renaults. Yours....... brokieboy34.
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    hi my name is frank i am new to this forum i am a bit of a dianasor with computers i live in dublin can any body tell me where i can buy axel mountings there is a bad nock from suspencion when i go over a bump or pothole thanks:loser:
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    Hey my name is Darren, born and breed cornishman currently living in Newquay. Had a wide and varied range of cars but with fuel getting more expensive ive changed my Nissan pickup to a 1.2 2002 Clio. Had it for just over a year and its been faultless, until last week now its off the road.:mad:
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    Hi I'm new to this forum and new to renault, not found anyone that has said anything good about the Scenic yet. I'm looking for info regarding the Clutch on the Scenic, this one has a really high biting point, can this be adjusted or is this normal, also at what mileage should I replace the...
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    hi new to forum and probably oldest member at 60 might be old but well into modding over the years and now into clio s going to turn my 2003 dynamique into something a bit special past credentials include building the suzuki mini monster truck quasimoto for the soon to be released film The Diana...
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    Hi Guys my name Keith living on the east side of London I recently bought a nippy clio 1.4 Billabong well I think it is anyway, just had it serviced and runs like a dream, I want to fit a parrot hands free or is it for experts only (PS That took my mind off west ham for a little while:() thanks
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    Hi all ,just picked up my 1st renault! Its a 2001 laguner tourer,3.0 v6 auto.Got it for a bargain price and im loving it!:d
  20. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All, Bought my first Renault a few months back,really happy with it,ticks all the right boxes.Thinking next of what ' things ' to get done......probably stage 1 re-map then go from there.Looking for idea's/suggestions what to do next and who would you guy's suggest the best folk for the...