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  1. Any breakers or spares dealers in Greater Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire areas?

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, all! Do you know the names of any reasonable and reliable breakers or spares / scrap dealers for parts in the Greater Manchester / Cheshire / Derbyshire areas, please? I need to buy some parts for my Megane Dynamique. Thanks in advance!
  2. Renault breakers

    General Chat
    Hi everyone,Has anyone used Midland Renault Parts and had any problems with them???
  3. Renault Van/Motorhome breakers in Kent

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi All, I am new here but hoping for some help, I am hoping someone will know of a/some breakers yards in Kent/south east where I might find some parts for my 1984 Renault Trafic autosleeper. Some B*****d has broken into it and attempted to steal it. I need a front passenger quarter light...
  4. Renault breakers in Nottingham?

    General Chat
    Anyone know if there is one in Nottingham. After a couple of bits for my Megane. Thanks James.
  5. Faulty Engine from Breakers

    Morning everyone, Picked up an engine from the wreckers last weekend for £300, got it in and started it up yesterday and one of tappets is very noisy, my mechanic friend thinks he can take one off my old engine and pop it on the replacement. Is it worth going back to the breakers and trying...
  6. Good Renault parts dealers and/or breakers?

    General Chat
    Hi All, I'm compiling a list of good renault breakers and parts dealers, the kind that get recommended on forums. Are there any parts specialists in particular that you can recommend? Anywhere in the UK, as long as they dispatch. Many thanks, Tom
  7. good car breakers in glasgow?

    Hi guys, i need some exterior trim and bits n peices for my renault master van. anyone know of a good breakers in glasgow? ive tried a few but they say they rarely get vans. any help would be great. sorry if this is in the wrong area..
  8. Breakers, Salvage or....

    Cars & motoring
    Hi there Im new here so hope i've posted in the right section etc... Im looking for a good breakers yard, salvage yard or a good quality panel shop (shops prob the wrong word) I need two near side doors for a grand modus but have been seriously struggling! If anyone can help or point...
  9. Breakers ?

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi Guys I wonder if you might be able to help me on this one. My Son has a Clio Campus 2007 and his back window and tailgate has been smashed. So we are trying to locate a tailgate complete for this, could anyone advise where we might be able to find one. I reside in Brighton. Thank you for...
  10. Espace Breakers

    Hi All, Does anyone know of any good Renault Espace Breakers around the northwest? Im after some front seats !!! cheers
  11. Recommendations for good breakers in the Midlands area

    Hi, probably not the right place to post, sorry, but I'm not having much luck finding a rear bumper for my 95 Espace. Local breakers and Ebay not throwing a great deal up. Anybody know of any good Espace breakers in the Leicester/East Midlands area?
  12. Renault Specialist Breakers, Accrington

    Hi. Can anyone recommend (or otherwise) Renault Specialist Breakers, Accrington? They are quoting £1150+VAT for a 35,000 mile full replacement engine (turbo included) - scenic 1.5 dci86. This seems like a good price to me but I want to make sure that they are bona fide. Cheers, David.
  13. breakers / parts: ecu - H0N0208E5C

    Any one know of any breakers or specialists that can get hold of this part for clio 16v 1.2 expression ?
  14. breakers yard in near bedford

    General Chat
    Hi,does any one know a good breakers in or around bedford for clio parts,currently need a coule of bits for a 1.8 clio any one come across one recently ?
  15. Car Breakers in the Glasgow area

    Cars & motoring
    Does anyone know/recommend a quality car breaker/scrappy/dismantler/salvage yard in the Glasgow area? All the places I used to use when I was but a boy seem to have disappeared or turned into housing estates. Grateful for any suggestions. ps ... never been a fan of SASCO ever since they...
  16. Good Breakers yard

    Cars & motoring
    hi, have been having problems locating a sunroof motor for my laguna II tourer,(are they all c""P) but found this place on ebay and then got his website from him Renault Specialist Breakers, Renault Specialist Breakers hopefully i will have the motor delivered fo 67 gbp:) ( rrenault want 350...