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  1. megane mk3 rear breaks

    Ask the Experts
    Torque Specs For the Calipers And Hub nut for the rear disc and pads replacement on my megane mk3 coupe 2013 15dci plus any tips on doing them.
  2. How to find dimensions of disk breaks at Laguna 1 1999 hatchback?

    hi, I would like to replace my disk breaks on my laguna 1 1999 1.6L hatchback concorde version, i was browsing on internet to order some parts but then i noticed something odd. I found 2 different diameters for disk breaks. The 280mm diameter and 265mm. And i've noticed some of them are for...
  3. Can Mpg be affected badly by breaks?

    2014 kangoo 1.5dci 6 speed. Never seem to get more than 760-780 on the clock between tank refuel. Rear brakes squeak at low rolling speed of up to 15kph and maybe 30. Typically worse in cold slow moving traffic. Since I have no comparison I wonder is this range typical for a single tank...
  4. Your car fixed before it breaks down

    General Chat
    In today's Daily Mail AA gadget monitors the engine and can predict when things may go wrong | Daily Mail Online Good idea or sales ploy ?? No doubt this is the way forward that new technology for garages is going. Choose your service provider carefully :wink2:>:)
  5. 2013 Master with squealing rear breaks

    Ok so I have a 2013 ML MH Master, it has done just over 22,000 and we have had it from new and it is still within its 4 year warrante. It is used mostly for motorway driving and not used around town. The rear breaks started intermittently last August didnt matter what speed or how long we had...
  6. faulty brakes

    hi i have 2004 laguna but breaks have failed we have bled the pipes just wondering could it be the master cylinder needs replacing
  7. Potential Cost if Cambelt Breaks?

    This could happen on any Renault petrol or diesel engine, if unlucky, or past the scheduled service time or mileage (£581 at my Renault dealer for the Modus 1.5 dCi). Are the pistons resilient enough to merely bend the valve stems without fracturing themselves? I was wondering what sort of...
  8. Can Modus Diesel Valves Hit Pistons If Cambelt Breaks?

    I believe I am due to replace my accessory belts, pulleys and bolts at 5 or 6 years of age, despite the low mileage of 26,000. The mileage-based limit for this service is 72,000. If the valves clear the pistons on the 1.5 dCi diesel, and the belts pass a visual check, I am considering...
  9. Upgrade Clio 3 Breaks?

    Hello, I have a feeling my discs need replaced, 50k miles. I am wanting to change the Pads and discs but I am wanting something a bit better at stopping if possiable. I can get a set for £40 off eBay, But I would rather pay some more and get decent breaks that will stop.. if it can be...
  10. Mercedes W05 breaks cover in Spain

    Formula 1 news have unveiled their 2014 car, the F1 W05, at the start of this week's opening pre-season test at the Spanish circuit of Jerez. After finishing second to Red Bull in the 2013 constructors' championship, Mercedes are hoping the new...
  11. need to check breaks on the back

    took the tire off, and noticed the breaked are inside a metal disk that i need to take off (dont know the name of it), i have hammered at it, used screw drivers to try and open it, but it wont budge. do i need to take off the middle bit and undo the bolt (cant think of its name right now lol), i...
  12. Rear breaks problem or not?

    Just paid £180 for a rear drivers side calliper changed and a set of rear pads, calliper was seized and binding like a gud'en, he rang me to tell me passenger side was Fine but pads needed as the driver side ones had cracked due to being stuck on and still driven (they were as he showed me)...
  13. Fog light blinking when using breaks

    Hi. i have a problem and i can't find what it is... When i press my breaking foot pedal or turn on the 4 flickers the fog light sinal blinks on and off. It doens't happen all the times, it happens more when the car is cold. Does anyone know what it means?
  14. New Mercedes breaks cover ahead of launch

    Formula 1 news Rosberg has given the new Mercedes F1 W04 its track debut at Jerez, Spain, ahead of its official launch at the circuit this afternoon. Rosberg, who will be partnered by Lewis Hamilton in 2013, completed a number of laps in the new...
  15. Megane breaks pulse when pressed

    Hey guys. My Megan drives fine. But when I put my food on the break to slow down I can feel my foot pulsing. Any ideas? Thanks
  16. so many problems!

    hi all, new to this forum, joined because i know nothing about about cars and this clio seems to have one problem after another! i hate this car! i bourght it 2 months ago and so far the starter motor has been replaced after breaking down (with 2 children under 2 in the car) :mad: new batery and...
  17. Abs problem

    Hi guys bought myself a 1999 1.6 16v megane coupe sport. Took it to the mechanics who put new break pipes in it and the abs light came on at the rear left wheel so go a new ring on it as the old one was broke and still no joy so got a new abs sensor and still no luck I also checked the abs fuse...
  18. Breaks hissing ? air escaping 52 plate laguna dci

    Hi there peolpe. i own a 2002 laguna 1.9 dci tourer and its just developed an interesting fault. Every time i let off the break pedal there is a dound like air escaping from the pasanger foot well. i know part of the break servo is down there but whats causing it? anyone had this problem before...
  19. Last 2012 car unveiled as HRT's F112 breaks cover

    Formula 1 news became the final team to reveal their 2012 challenger on Monday afternoon as they took the wraps off the F112 at Barcelona's Circuit de Catalunya. The new car then made its on-track debut at the Spanish track, with driver Narain...
  20. Oil lamp when using brakes

    I have a Clio 1.2 2000 model. The oil lamp now turns on when I break. I have enough motor oil, but I have noticed that the tank in front (see picture) is below minium. Is this where the coolant goes? Can't find it in the manual. Can this be a part of the problem? I got a tips that it could be...