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  1. High idle,, missing breather maybe. Failed emissions

    General Chat
    Anyone know what's meant to go here, (top right of engine 1.8)
  2. J8S 2.1 TD Anti pollution crankcase breather system PCV

    Hi all you boffins I'm trying to sort out the pipework for the rebreathing system on my J8S 742 2.1 TD With ref to the attached photo. Does number 1 or 2 on the decanter go to the turbo air intake? The drain on the decanter goes to the oil sump pipe 7. I assume Number 6 comes from the side of...
  3. Oil Breather

    Could someone explain what this does, how it works and should it be removed/cleaned on 1.9 engine (image illustration only) Also do these vans have Crankcase Ventilation filters (PCV)?
  4. Renault Clio 1.2 TCE 2007 Oil in breather Pipes, power loss and burning blue smoke

    Hi, I have a Clio MK3 2007 1.2 tce problem is oil everywhere in the air inlet and breather pipes. When you boot the car the turbo boost comes in for a split second and then a major loss of power and back to vacuum, blue smoke out of the exhaust, also will not pull up a hill. The rocker cover...
  5. Can anybody explain this 1.9 dci breather flow diagram?

    Hi, can anybody help me understand the operation of breather flow in the 2005 espace 1.9 dci oil separator –breather valve unit ? (Number 13 in diagram, including the bits below) This appears the same as on 1.9 dci scenic, laguna, megane etc, except some of these models also have a big circular...
  6. t1000 oil breather pcv gasket

    t1000 2.1d oil breather pcv gasket oil seperator does any body know part number and what is it called
  7. Breather hole

    Hi wondering if anyone can help i have a new 1.5i diesel 2017 plate megane and have notice small amount of oil on my plastic engine rocker cover . I cleaned it away but was back a few days later , looks like it is coming out of the small breather hole which is in the middle of the cover because...
  8. Oil leak from breather pipe

    My low milage Megane II 2005, 1.5 dci has started to leak oil from a breather pipe which I am told exits just infront of the near side front wheel on a plastic tray. does anyone know the cause of this ? should I worry ?
  9. Scenic 2 oil breather pipe

    Hi, my 2005 1.9dci oil breather pipe , where the dip stick passes through has become detached from the engine and is causing an oil leak, The chrome metal part that the plastic breather is connected to has become detached from the engine, How should it be attached, there are 2 bolts either...
  10. Breather Pipe

    Anyone know what this is called? It comes out of the rocker cover to what i guess is a breather pipe The one photoed has been glued but wont last If you have a link to where i could buy one even more helpful Thank you
  11. Renault Clio mk3 breather pipe

    Hi all, can anyone tell me the name of a part connected to the oil breather pipe please, it’s the suction bit that seems to be blocked but I’m not sure of the part name?
  12. Crank case breather problem megane 2.0 16v

    Hy all! I bought a used megane II 2.0 16v from 2004. I found that, if it warms up, there is a screaming noise from the top of the engine on idle. If i raise the rev with the pedal a bit the noise dissapears. I found that, if i pull out the oil dipstick, or i remove the oil cap, the noise...
  13. Oil Breather Pipe Location? (Megane II Petrol)

    Where's my Oil Breather Pipe located? I've read that it should be replaced during each service. Megane II Petrol 1.4 16v 2007 Hatchback K4J Engine. Thank you.
  14. Trafic crankcase breather

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    me again :rolleyes: a friend of mine drove the van today and they said it was running little rough and nearlly stalls when ticking over and said to check the breather or the pcv valve, ive never really known what they do or if i got one :laugh: anybody any ideas, or is he having me on :idunno:
  15. Trouble finding new spare part for air box housing spare rubber breather hose, part n

    Hi, I am new to the forum so my apologies if I have placed this in the wrong section. Whilst trying to fix idling issues on my young daughters recently purchased Renault Clio Mk2 1.4 16v 55 Reg, my husband has discovered that there is a small short cracked rubber breather hose on the air box...
  16. Trafic 2.0L M9R Crankcase breather

    My engine crankcase is breathing hard and an exploration reveals this. New ground for me but I'm working on the idea that the breather is blocked and pressure has blown the seal on the right blowing oil out. I assume the breather separates oil and fumes somehow with fumes going into air...
  17. Crankcase breather pipe

    Ok, so the crankcase breather connects to the air intake lower down the pipe work after filter and mass sensor, i have this pipe missing and now i have the motor up and running i have a feeling as to why, so its a 2.2 DCI Espace Mk4 2004, problem i seem to have but not yet confirmed, is that...
  18. Laguna 2 Burning Oil, blocked breather?

    Hi all, Need some help. My lag is running smokey and has eaten some oil. I'm hoping it may be a blocked breather pipe forcing oil through the seals. Could someone point me in the way of the breather pipe and give me some advice on determining if it is blocked and how to unblock it? Also could...
  19. Renault espace breather pipe

    Please somebody help me I have what I believe to the oil breather pipe hanging from the back of the engine and dragging on the road I can't seem to find where it should connect to it is currently wedged near my turbo but is making the car smell of fumes please help
  20. Oil Separator / Breather housing (1.9 dci) 203 Laguna

    How do you clean these things out? can they be done in situ or do they need to be removed or can indeed they be cleaned or is it a replace job only. I have been told that this is a the first step to try if you think you have crank pressure Thanks in advance