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  1. Electronics
    Hello all. So, R-Linkians, I'm having this problem with R-Link A screeching noise sounds before and after of what TomTom is saying or alerting me. It does that with all voices and sounds. If I do a restore to factory defaults (as the dealer did) it solves the problem but just until the next...
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    brick faults on renault grand espace THE CAR NOT STARTING
  3. Electronics
    Hello All, Wife has started the 03 megane to get it all toasty for her find on her return that its all locked !!!!!i have tried spare key and nothing even tried passenger door key and still nothing .....? any ideas regards mike :crazy:
  4. Cars & motoring
    Hi just thought i would share this with yous all. Driving back home from doing my Cristmas shoping and a YOB through a hole brick at the car just missing the bonnet by inches then bouncing and hitting the under carage of the car if i had not been disabled i wounld of booted there arses for...
  5. Megane
    My sister in law, ran over a large brick (must be blind) after turning off the engine & geting out to inspect, see found the car would turn over but not start. Any ideas please?