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  1. One headlight brighter than the other?

    I've just replaced my headlights. One of them blew. My new bulbs are H7 12V 55W (just like the ones that were in the car originally). One headlight now appears to be much brighter than the other. Connectors and headlamp unit/housing appears to be fine. FYI, the side which originally blew appears...
  2. Radio goes off lights get brighter warning lights on

    Hi wonder if anyone can help.When driving today in 56 plate Renault master serv light and abs came on.The radio goes off the windscreen wipers go faster and the lights go brighter sometimes theairbag stop light comes on and sometimes the stop light , the radio is on and off and the speedometer...
  3. N/S headlight brighter than O/S???

    Hi, I recently purchased a 56 plate grand sceninc and the N/S headlight seems to be brighter than the O/S. In dark conditions I often get flashed by oncoming vehicles. Is this a common problem or is it likely that my headlight is out of alignment? Thanks Rob
  4. Rejuvenated Williams targeting brighter 2012 season

    Formula 1 news's no doubting the 2011 season was a bitter pill for Williams to swallow. Ninth in the standings after scoring five points was their worst-ever campaign. But rather than going to ground, the British team are intent on making amends to...
  5. Brighter bulbs?

    Well my O/S headlight bulb has blown, not sure whether to go for a standard bulb or just replace the pair with some brighter 100w ones. Some people say it will melt the wiring etc but some people say theyre fine. Is it just an installation error that would cause this? Car is a 2003 Clio...
  6. Brighter headlamps

    Exterior styling
    Folks The lights on the bus are absolutely dire. I could upgrade to HID for about £200, but to be honest that's a bit rich for me at present Anybody fitted any extra-bright bulbs? Looks like it would cost me about £20 but there are so many I can't work out a) whether they are simple Emporer's...
  7. Headlights Go Brighter then dim

    Hi There guys, With my job I do alot of milage, I notice last night in the dark that when my car idles when Im at a junction (when it doesnt cut out! refer to other thread) My lights are dimmer and get brighter with a little throttle, I have my radio on and my sat nav on while this is...