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  1. Who killed British motor industry

  2. Pirelli to reduce number of pit stops by British Grand Prix

    Formula 1 news's motorsport director Paul Hembery has said that the company are aiming to bring the number of pit stops per race down in time for the British Grand Prix on June 30, following Sunday's pit stop-dominated race in Spain. The Italian...
  3. Could you pass the British citizenship test

    General Chat
    Could you pass the British citizenship test? :d Clicky Test A screen dump of your result would be great. First try I surprised myself and scored 15 out of 20 I dunno which 5 I got wrong :o BTW I think the test is timed.
  4. british gas dark blue paint?

    can anyone tell me the best place for touchup paint for my ex british gas kangoo? cheers-dan
  5. 2001 ex british gas kangoo doors central locking

    Hi new to this forum wondering if anyone can help? My drivers and passengers doors do not work with the central locking either on the key fob or on the center console. is this normal or is there an easy fix? ive checked the fuse under the glove box and its fine! cheers :confused:
  6. News from Renault - Entente uncordiale: What makes us British? (according to the Fren

    RSS feeds uncordiale: What makes us British? (according to the French) Click here to read more »
  7. British world cup team to pay millions for Octopus and Parrot

    The logic behind it being that massive savings can be made for our next attempt ie, not bother. This also will benefit fans and retailers/market stalls ect from laying out very much for very little. Even the genie in the bottle has been trimmed--- when he asked the punter what his one wish was...
  8. Great Britain GP - 2010

    Formula 1 news the confines of the Valencien streets, the Formula One calendar moves to the wide open spaces of Silverstone for the British Grand Prix. With a new circuit layout that has drawn almost universal praise from those drivers lucky enough...
  9. British 1-2-3 In Indy 500

    Other motorsports
    If turning left a lot is your kind of thing..... A great result for the Brits,it's always nice to beat the Americans in their self proclaimed 'Most Important Race In World,Ever!'.:rofl:
  10. British Justice!!

    General Chat
    Last year an uninsured driver ran a red light and hit my sisters car, she had only been driving for 18 months and had only had her Fiat 500 for 2 months. She suffered a back injury, her confidence knocked, over £3,500 worth of damage to her car, £700 knocked off it's value and 6 months of...
  11. British Rail.... Monkeying about as usual

    General Chat
    just seen this on here Escaped monkey stops rail services Marcell has been spotted hanging out near a railway line, officials obviously had nothing better to do, so went with... bing-bong.... Network Rail would like to appologise for the delays to the (blah blah to blah blah blah)... it is...
  12. New look Silverstone to host British Grand Prix

    Formula 1 news have announced that this year's British Grand Prix will take place on the track's new 'arena' layout. The modified circuit has been approved by Formula One Management, and with building work set to finish in March, everything...
  13. Keep Cadburys Chocolate British Petition.

    General Chat
    Cadburys Chocolate are in the middle of a takeover bid keep Cadburys British by signing the following
  14. Great British Eccentrics

    General Chat
    We supposed to be the world's centre of excellence for eccentric people. This guy must have been a real character ... Any more eccentrics you like the sound of?
  15. What does this box in my British Gas Kangoo do?

    Having a bit of a cleanup in the Kangoo, I found this box behind the seats: I assume it's some kind of power or communications point? Anybody have any idea?:cool:
  16. Kangoo auto door locking(Ex british gas van)

    Hi there, Ive just got myself a 02 plate 1.5 80dci kangoo great little van, I have 1 prob though its been modded by british gas to automaticly lock all doors except the drivers door when closed. This means i have to get my keys out all the time i close the rear doors and passenger and side...
  17. British WRC round under threat

    Rallying news
    :MORE @ That's not good news, rallying in Wales is an institution in itself
  18. BIRC (British Indoor Rowing Championships)

    General Chat
    As a few of you know, some of us from the ship entered this to see what it was like. None of us are major rowers, just use the Concept 2 machine in the gym, that is about it. I never expected a fast time tbh, nothing like 90% of the people there as most of them were from rowing clubs around the...
  19. Rory and Paddy's Great British Adventure

    General Chat
    Seen this advertised tonight, looks like it will be quite funny. Rory(Bremner I think:o ) and Paddy McGuiness basically go around the country by the looks of it doing different silly games, like cheese rolling the most known one I noticed. Some look stupid but funny and I think I'd like to have...
  20. Sky sign up for British Cycling success story

    Cycling Club