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  1. Windscreen wipers work when they want to

    I have a 2007 megane dynamique. Passed mot yesterday 3 hours later my windscreen wipers started playing up. Was on the lowest setting and never cleared tried medium still nothing. They worked on fast but that kept stopping aswell. I tried turning the car off and back on and still didn’t change...
  2. Broken dipstick announcement

    Today a idiot in a gas station broke my dipstick as he attempted to check the oil level before the change... he missed the hole and pushed the dipstick against something outside of the engine good thing it didnt broke inside the engine, I'm not sure who is more warhead, that idiot or the one...
  3. Broken timing belt scenic mk3 1.5 dci

    Ask the Experts
    Hi, my timing belt has snapped on the scenic, on my old mk2 I replaced the head gasket so done abit of work on the 1.5 dci engine. However I've not really worked on mk2. I'm having trouble removing the intercooler pipe the clips are different also the the scuttle panel remove to have more...
  4. Broken Drivers Door Handle *** Sorted ***

    Hi Folks My other half arrived back at a hotel at Heathrow Airport, where my '02 Traffic had been parked for two weeks (one the Park n Fly deals), to find that someone had tried to break into it via the driver's door. They were not successful, but the door handle is Donald, and the door can't...
  5. Reverse Light Broken Switch / Stuck cable - Replacement Possible?

    Hi, while the car is off the road id thought id get some advice on fixing my reverse light switch, currently in the middle of changing the clutch. I only noticed this issue when it came to removing the switch connector. I relised it's stuck, literally stuck in the socket it won't budge move or...
  6. Reanult Clio 2006 (1.6 16V) - broken clip on pipe cover ?

    Hi - when finishing putting the battery back into my wife's Clio, I pushed too hard on the flat pipe cover which sits on top of the left hand side of the battery, and which covers the pipe immediately to the left of the battery with the result that the plastic lug and clip on the cover which...
  7. scenic 2002 1.9dci wont start after broken altanator belt changed

    it turns over fine and starts with easy start but wont run on it but wont fire on the key there is pressure in the injection rail but wont start
  8. Renault Espace broken down. Advice needed please

    Hi All Renault Espace 4 Petrol 2l 16 v 2004 model Yesterday morning on the way to work I leave a roundabout and let go of the clutch and suddenly there is nothing. No power at all. I free the car for a while but each time I let go of the clutch I loose speed. Eventually the car slows...
  9. Alan Hellmeister suffered two broken legs

    Mercedes GT Open racer Alan Hellmeister suffered two broken legs in a horrific crash after the chequered flag in race two at Monza on Sunday. His Mercedes-AMG GT3 suddenly veered to the right after crossing the finish line, and crashed head-on into the Armco barriers – just after the pit lane...
  10. Suddenly no start up, Board broken **Fixed**

    Hi Guys, Im from Germany, but i can not find any Solution. I need your help. Tuesday it did normally start up, drove to work later back. On the next day it didnt start. It wasnt cranking at all. Display says Board Electric broken. I checked all fuses in the box next to the battery. I did...
  11. repairing broken door handle

    i have a car. went to open door, handle came off in me hand. wtf. never happened before. so i want to know would it be ok to glue the plastic bits on the handle together. what is bet glue for car plastics Im just thinking super glue, but would it withstand constant opening and closing...
  12. clio mk2 broken rocker arm. videos & pics

    purchased a 2005 clio mk2 1.2 16v As a project to eventually get me on the road. The clio has done 63k last m.o.t 2017, and i got it here today with 73k so it has not been used much. Anyway it has loud tappets noise listen yourself video > 20180616 163227 - Sendvid but to me it sounded more...
  13. grand scenic broken radiator does it need changing ?

    Heating & cooling
    HI could anyone confirm is this the aircon radiator thats broken in pics? looking directly in grill below number plate There no leaks i can see do i need to be concerned and have it changed or will it go on for a while longer what part needs replacing please Many Thanks Renault grand scenic...
  14. Megane CC broken cable - looking for solutions :)

    Hi, I have a 2008 Megane II CC, whilst cleaning it the other day I spotted this frayed and broken cable in the boot (right hand side) next to the hinge. I think this is for the aerial, as it would account for the patchy reception I've been getting since I first bought it....that and everything...
  15. Broken car fob **Fixed**

    Alright? The problem is, the electric locking button on my fob is broken and doesn't lock. They've said it'll take 5 days to get a new one sorted after paying. My issue is, how am I meant to lock the doors?? I'm meant to leave my car unlocked for 5 days until my new fob is sorted!!! Any advice...
  16. Clio IV, 0.9: Broken hose... but what is it for?

    Hi Clio Experts Just saw this om my girlfriends Clio IV, 0.9. Whats the purpose of the broken hos? Seems the car drives as it is supposed to... Hope some experts can help me out. Best regards Rune from Denmark
  17. The Multiple problems caused by One broken wire

    2005 Laguna II 1.9 dci Estate. Driving to work everything is fine until I get into town, then I noticed that the temperature gauge was not working, needle rock bottom. Engine running really rough at the lower round town speeds, reluctant acceleration, I can feel the engine holding back then a...
  18. RX4 Broken top mounting on rear spring

    Steering and Suspension
    I have a RX4 and the top mounting on the rear spring is broken allowing the spring to slide up and down.Does anyone know weather this can be repaired or will I need to get a whole rear sub frame.I am not mechanically minded so am just asking before I pay for a garage to look at it.
  19. Broken Wire / Cable Identification!

    I found a broken wire sticking out from the top of the tailgate on our Clio (2004, 54 plate). Initially, I thought it might be something to do with fact that the rear demister doesn't work, although I think it's more likely that the rear demister doesn't work because the elements on the screen...
  20. Electric window motor broken

    My Scenic (2005 1.4 Dynamique) front passenger side electric window motor has packed in with the window in the up position. Can someone explain how to replace the motor as well as the process of, I presume, how to lower the window so that i can detach it from the plastic carrier?