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  1. Brakes/Hubs
    Our new (2013) Clio started to get the red "STOP" warning light coming on at odd times. Turns out that the brake fluid level in the master cylinder was low. The Techies in the service centre tell me that because the cylinder points slightly downward when the car is stopping the fluid swells...
  2. Engines
    It want start it tries. I have been told it is the fuel pump but not sure. help please
  3. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all Just come across this forum and thought I'd say hi me and my wife yesterday brought the above car. We are rubbish at buying cars never ask the right questions or check the right things. But we travelled 2.5 hrs with 4 kids it was raining and our grand Picasso came up faulty gearbox in...
  4. Formula 1 news One racing's official tyre supplier Pirelli has brought forward its wet weather tyre evaluation day following overnight rain at the Jerez test venue. The 2014 regulations state that one of the 12 pre-season test days must be...
  5. Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi All. Just saying hello. Just got my Scenic for £300 so may well be here alot :)
  6. Welcome to RenaultForums
  7. Cars & motoring
    Hi, never posted in a car forum b4 I hope ur friendly! I had a clio for ages and it was ok but i need sumthing bigger cos I drive my dad around whos in a wheel chair. he said hell pay and has told me to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw a scenic today and paid a deposit with the sales guy it looked...
  8. Cars & motoring
    im not into sporty modified cars, bit old now lol. i have purchased a 52 plate laguna 1.6. it has done 60,000 miles and was a dealer px i paid £500 for it. It is amazing to drive, drives like a new car bit underpowered but i suprisingly really like it. as i never had one of these b4 just...
  9. General Chat
    Hi,well i stole this from another forum:o:d but thought it was good idea, So when you were born what car where you brought home in?, Well i was brought home in this beauty:d Ford Anglia Iam sure there are going to be some belters:devil: come on get them up:d Cheers Donald
  10. Polls
    should hanging be bought back for serious crimes like murder, rape etc. As long as its ' without a doubt'. mine is a 'yes':)
  11. Cars & motoring
    i just brought a 2004 scenic 1.6 3 days ago Dooh! Serious Problem Had the car valeted today they steam cleaned the interior and washed the outside (not touching the engine compartment). when i went to pick the car up the valeting company had flattened the battery we jumped the car off another...