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  1. Kangoo 1.9d (d65, 2001) cuts out at idle, bubbles in fuel return pipe

    Our Kangoo had developed an annoying problem where it (intermittently) cuts out at idle (or any combination of low revs and low power). Have read many threads In particular, this one talks about air in the system - though the symptoms are different...
  2. liqui moly diesel purge air bubbles on start up

    1.5 dci Ok so set up this to give my injectors a clean out as after doing a leak test one was too much and another too little. I was hoping this would sort the injection fault out. I'm trying to narrow down the list. I can hear the injectors clicking with a screw driver when the engine is...
  3. Air bubbles in Fuel Line on Renault Trafic 1.9Dci

    Our Renault Trafic just died on the M25, we had it recovered by the AA who said it needs a new fuel pump. Once I got it home the first thing I did was check the filter for metal, it was fine, then I took the low pressure pump off the back of the high presure pump to check the drive, all looks...
  4. Bubbles in Coolant and Overflow 1.9D

    Renault Clio 1.9D. I have a problem with overheating caused by bubbles in the coolant. Air or gas enters the system (cavitation, boiling, leak from chamber)? This effectively creates pressure within the coolant circuit until the point when it blows out of the coolant expansion tank cap. So...
  5. Gurgling, bubbles, trapped air, sloshing?? from passenger side under dash.

    Heating & cooling
    Hey, So my Clio (1.6si 1999) has this strange bubbling noise coming from under the dash, and its mainly noticable when accelerating from cold (sounds like bigger bubbles moving through the system) then it ends up constant like crackling sound under the dash. Where is there air trapped? Can I...
  6. Bubbles in header tank when topping up with water?

    I've just changed the header tank on my Clio 1.8 16v and when I put it back on I opened the bleeding point on the radiator and is I put water in my header tank I noticed it bubbled, only little ones but I'm thinking there might be something wrong. I've looked in the oil cap and there is none of...
  7. Bubbles in diesel

    hi i have a Laguna 2.2 dci and have been having problems with smoke and today i have noticed that i have bubbles in the clear fuel line before the injector pump is this normal and could this be the cause of the smoke i get when i accelerate i have attached a photo showing the clear pipe any help...
  8. Bubbles in fuel line help

    Hi all, can someone tell me how to get rid of the air bubbles travelling through my fuel line? Im having starting and running problems with the injection system and I finally think this is the problem. Im noooo mechanic so if anyone has a solution can they please make it simple for me lol...
  9. air bubbles in pipes

    Hi all, I have just bought a 2002 dCi 65 clio and I have looked under the bonnet and seen that the fuel pipes running across the front of the engine bay have quite a lot of air bubbles in them. I am also getting the "STOP, engine light and water in fuel" lights on for a few seconds when I...
  10. kangoo air bubbles in diesel line after filter

    hi again, after messing with the kangoo again i have just started it up and noticed lots of bubbles coming out of the filter hose that goes to the pump.There are none before it, does this mean its getting in at the filter? i have noticed them before, could this be one of the reasons why it runs...
  11. Paint bubbles on 2008 Laguna III

    Big hello to all, sorry my first post should be to moan about my car. I can see a couple of threads concerning faulty paint but would appreciate some feedback on my issue below. My car is only 5 months old and bonnet has started to bubble in top left hand corner. Car has been returned to Renault...
  12. air bubbles in fuel line

    hi just put a clear in line filter in on the feed pipe to the pump ,as vehicle is running can see small air bubbles rising up to the top is this normal .it 02 trafic 1.9 dci thanks:(
  13. 1.5 Clio - air bubbles in fuel supply

    I have a 2007 Clio 1.5 (68) Mark 3. I can see a stream of air bubbles travelling along the fuel supply pipe towards the injection pump. I have been told this is of no concern because, on a common rail diesel, it is a self bleeding system. However, some mornings the engine needs to turn about...
  14. bubbles from the powersteering reservoir

    Steering and Suspension
    Please help. First I fixed my washers, there was a pipe disconnected at the rear. Second I flushed the heater matrix, not that it improved much. Then while I was warming the car up to try the heating it was making a new noise. I noticed the bubbles from the powersteering reservoir so turned...