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  1. Electronics
    Hey! I wonder if anyone can shed some "light" on this issue i'm having with an interior door light on my 2010 Grand scenic? The drivers side door light (the one on the bottom of the door that illuminates when doors open etc) didn't seem to be working so I decided to replace the full interior...
  2. Electronics
    Hi, Has anyone managed to remove/change sidelight bulb (halogen type) on a Trafic 2018 ? Manual says "twist and remove" - this removes the outer cover but the bulb holder still seems to be held into the headlight assy by some plastic clips, i have tried turning & squeezing, these clips every way...
  3. Ask the Experts
    Hi, after reading the manual and watching the following video I am attempting to change a rear bulb. In the video it takes a lot of force to remove the light cluster but I still cant get mine off. Any tips? Many thanks Shaun
  4. Electronics
    Hi all, newbie great. Just got a Laguna Coupe, and it could do with led side and drl bulbs. I can't see an easy way to access them. I assume the large to plastic panel needs to come off, but what else do I need to know.
  5. Electronics
    Hi, my first post on the site and it is a question (which I suspect is often the way). Just acquired a nice 2010 1.6 megane hatch for my son in law...72k miles, full service history and a new cam belt for under £3k...not bad I think. Anyway, I noticed that the rear drivers side light was full of...
  6. Electronics
    A couple of weeks a go i had an MOT and my headlight was replaced. Last week my indicator started clicking rapidly and i noticed that the left rear side bulb had gone. I got it replaced but today it has gone again. I also have now noticed the rear tail light on the right has gone. Have i been...
  7. Bodywork
    Hi can anyone tell me how to replace the rear indicator bulbs on a 2011 Renault kangoo automatic thanks Marilyn
  8. Electronics
    Hi, RTFM - Yes okay I will try and dig it out... But in the mean time... Does anyone know how I can remove the light cluster for a mk3 Megane. I've unscrewed the 2 torx screws, and half pulled the assembly out, but it's stuck somewhere. probably on a little tab. Or have I missed a screw.... I...
  9. Electronics
    Hello, I can't find a way to remove the plastic lid of the glove box bulb. Bulb needs to be replaced.. Manual has no info on this. Any ideas? Grand Scenic mk3, 2012 Cheers
  10. Electronics
    Hello People I have an issue with one of my licence plate bulbs at rear. Right works, but left doesn't, even after new bulb replacement. Could I have some help solving. Apologise forgot to ask for link to fuse box layouts on Kangoo 03 plate. Thanks Neil
  11. Electronics
    Hi, It seems the dipped beam part of my headlight has gone and I need to replace the bulb. I have searched but cannot find anything about which bulb I need for my car. Halfords etc are saying I need an H7 bulb but my headlights are xenon (I believe) anyone shead some light on this for me...
  12. Electronics
    Hi, I have a 2011 Renault Megane Coupe 1.5 DCi(It's the 110 bhp version if that helps). It has the fog lights embedded into the rear bumper. It recently failed it's MOT as the bulb holders were all corroded and meaning the bulbs didn't work. I've been looking everywhere for somewhere I...
  13. Electronics
    It seems almost impossible to get to, especially the passenger headlamp. image for reference: (see attachment) Thank you!
  14. Electronics
    How to you replace the front fog light bulb my drive side had decided to pack up
  15. Electronics
    Hi lads can you change the the bulb that lights up the cigarette lighter at night in a Renault Megan 2008
  16. Ask the Experts
    Hi I bought Renault megabe 56 plate .Can anyone help me with the bulb sizes please
  17. Electronics
    :smile2: Hi, I need to change the O/S sidelight bulb for MOT and need to know how to remove the neck of the water bottle. Does it screw out by twisting it right or left, or do I just pull it upwards?? Any help appreciated.
  18. Electronics
    Not a question but in fact a solution to the removal of the heater control backlighting bulb on a 2002 Kangoo dashboard. Having removed the two torx screws that hold in the ash tray/ 12v accessory socket, I was presented with feeling around the back of the heater control to find what I roughly...
  19. Electronics
    Just a quick question - light bulb fitting Hi there, before I break my back by getting on the floor, can anyone help by telling me how the back of the spot light (front fog lights) comes off Renault Megane Scenic 1.8 2001. It's the H1 bulb. I expect it twists round does it? I'm sure this is...
  20. Electronics
    Hi, This post may seem incredibly silly and the answer is probably easy and probably already out there, however i can't seem too manage it. I have a Clio 08 1.2 Tce Dynamique And the top brake light bulb has gone (above the rear window) My guess this far is it involves two grommets on the...