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  1. Electronics
    Hi guys, I have a 2007 Clio MK3, and both bulbs in the heater do not work. I have replaced them, but no matter what I do they simply do not work, all the other lighting in the interior does work. I was wondering if there happens to be a separate fuse for these bulbs? Thanks
  2. Electronics
    Ahoy there! I bought some LED spade connector and push/twist types for number plate/sidelight use in addition to Xenon types (without ballasts) for dipped/main beam for my Citroen C5. I now have a 2007 Series II Laguna GT Touring 205 and would like to know if others have fitted these types of...
  3. Electronics
    Hi guys, I didn't find that much info about this on the forum, so I decided to open a topic about it... Is there owners of the Clio IV that are using or have used the Philips Xtreme vision on their cars? I would like to know if it really makes a big difference when compared to the original...
  4. Electronics
    I am trying to change my near side dipped headlight bulb on a grand scenic dynamic
  5. Electronics
    I am considering replacing my standard halogen lamps with newer, brighter ones. Some I have looked at claim to be up to 150% brighter than the standard ones. My Mk 2 Scenic has strange headlamps with some kind of fitting to make them look like Xenon lamps but they definitely are not. Does anyone...
  6. Electronics
    Struggling to diagnose a problem with the near side stop and tail light which keeps blowing bulbs. It's saying short circuit or over voltage to me as the bulbs are white inside and glass sometimes cracked, but I can't seem to confirm it. Have tried swapping the bulb holder with the off side one...
  7. Electronics
    The dipped headlight on my Renault Clio Initiale 2006 broke almost impossible to change yourself. Took it to my local garage they removed the battery and the battery cover changed the bulb and charged me £22 result. Horry stories on the web about having to drop the bumper etc.
  8. Electronics
    Hi there, I am wondering if I can use xenon ultima bulbs for my dipped headlights, instead of using standard bulbs. Cheers Bernie
  9. Electronics
    I encountered a problem with my dipped headlights about a week ago.. they suddenly stopped working. I changed my bulbs for some brighter ones (Cheapish bulbs) about a month ago but they worked fine up until now. I changed the bulbs back to the original ones, still no joy. I also changed the...
  10. Cars & motoring
    Been a while since I posted so the update on our little Clio estate. MOT was due so had a look over it and both front springs had lost the lowest part of the coil. Also the handbrake was ineffective on one wheel. Bought a pair of Anschler springs from a well known European motor factor chain...
  11. Cars & motoring
    Looking for new headlight bulbs dip n mains but for more light output, I've checked most of the leaders, picked out what I thought was best then looked at reviews from various car reviewers and mags, very disappointed at the collated results. 80% said no noticeable improvement on the originals...
  12. Electronics
    Hi! Could anyone tell me the light bulb make/model number for the rear number plate and for the bottom light of the door frames, please? I need to replace them. My car is a Renault Megane Dynamique Convertible 1.9 DCI Diesel 2004. Thanks in advance!
  13. Electronics
    Hi folks, Just noticed the high level brake light isn't working on our Espace IV. Would anyone know if this is one bulb or a couple of bulbs? Thanks Sent from my BLN-L21 using Tapatalk
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, The bulbs in my speedo seem to have stopped working on my mk3 clio. Can I replace these bulbs, is there just for the whole speedo or different ones? If so how to I access them? Thanks!
  15. Electronics
    Hi guys. Does anybody know how to change the led bulbs in the rear cluster of a laguna coupe ? I can remove the unit from the car but can't get inside where the bulbs are. Thanks in advance for any help with this. Si
  16. Electronics
    Hi All, I would like to know if anyone has fitted LED headlight bulbs - I have currently fitted Philips RacingVision H7 12V 55W 12972RVS2, but with a life span of approximately 150 hours, I need something more durable.... in Czech Republic the lights need to be on all the time! :-( So, I am...
  17. Electronics
    Clio 3 (2009-2016), grandtour version. I try to replace a brake light bulb. The service manual and other online forums says, I should only unscrew the 2 holding screws and the body should come off firmly. It doesn't. There seems to be a plastic cap under the cover, which seems to hold the body...
  18. Interiors
    This will hopefully be of some help for Modus owners who may encounter the same problem as me. I noticed recently that one side of my instrument cluster (fuel gauge, clock) was noticeably less bright than the other side and also that the overall brightness was low. I contacted my local dealer...
1-18 of 127 Results