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  1. Laguna 2 rear axle bush bolt- how do I shift this??

    Steering and Suspension
    Following all your super directions but can't shift the 12-sided bush bolt. , 17mm 6-sided socket rattles, 16mm 6-sided too small, 17mm 12-sided socket loose, 17mm ring spanner too big. Help!
  2. make your own poly bush

    General Chat
    as above has anyone ever made there own as i am looking to have a go on x2 small bush's via liquid form i am looking as a first test case to get this kit...
  3. (05) Master - What/Where Engine Stabiliser bush???

    Hey guys, took my Master II into the garage for some work and a check up the other week. one of the minors that came back was that the "engine stabilizer (dog bone) bush deteriorated". I've been fixing no end of minors on the van myself and didn't fancy paying for this one. But when it...
  4. Ball Joint Removal Tools - Renault MASTER

    Steering and Suspension
    I’ve got a 2005 Renault Master that needs the passenger side, Upper Ball Joint replacing. I’ve had a variety of quotes (£350, £250, £120 > Mobile replacement), though from what I can see, it’s not a hard job (I had both hubs off recently, so that part should be easier this time) and can be...
  5. stuck with no bush puller not anymore

    Tools & equipment
    so i didnt want to buy a complete bush puller set i mean how often do you do them looked around on youtube and found the answer. get your new bush measure it then pop down to tool station get some threaded bar and nuts or all i did was use my old spring compressors then get the correct size hole...
  6. Gear linkage bush on auto box Scenic 1

    Plastic bush on gear linkage cable at auto box end worn and jumps off of metal ball joint. Is a bush repair kit available or is it really a whole new cable to fix?
  7. Grand Scenic 22mm Anti Roll Bar Bush - Where to find?

    Steering and Suspension
    I've got an antiroll bar from a 2005 Renault Grand Scenic (JM0C). It's a 22mm one, which I bought from here - Renault Grand Scenic Anti Roll Sway Bar 2004 - 2007 Dci J95 999065 | eBay I'm trying to find some new bushes for the mountings but I'm a bit stuck. The bushes are of this design -...
  8. laguna 2 rear axel/suspension bush part cost ?

    Steering and Suspension
    Anybody kindly give me an up to date price of genuine axel/suspension bushes ? The genuine ones I fitted only 2 years ago seem to have gone again and i'm considering fitting Meyle ones that have a 2 year garauntee . If genuine ones are twice the price and only last 2 years anyway it seems an...
  9. rear bush puller

    Hi, Has anyone got a puller for the rear subframe bushes that they wish to sell or hire out, just failed the MOT so need one ASAP any other ideas welcome. Thanks for looking:smile2:
  10. Laguna II rear bush removal tool

    Like the title says, i'm after the tool for removing the rear bushes on a Laguna II Anyone got one they no longer need? Cheers
  11. Clio 2 front Anti Roll Bar inner bush fitting - tips, advice, help ??

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi Folks, My inner roll bar bushes needed replacing, so i unbolted the clamp, and drop links but i cant get the Bush clamp back on for the life of me. I just cant get enough pressure on the clamp to align the bolt hole with the nut. It's a real pig of a job with limited room. I cant find...
  12. Sticky Nut on Axle Sub Bush

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi all thanks for letting me join :) my problem is, as you can guess we are changing the sub axle bushes on our 53 plate laguna 1.8 16v, after removing the plate under the bush we have tried to remove the centre bolt that runs through the old bush but after 2 or 3 turns it is now just spinning...
  13. Laguna II rear subframe bush removal tool

    Tools & equipment
    G'day Guys, I've purchased the genuine Renault rear subframe bushes for my 2003 Laguna II, but reading all the info in the forum realise that the job will be made so much easier with the correct bush remove/replace tool. This one....... (picture borrowed from one no longer for sale on Gumtree)...
  14. 2002 Scenic Anti roll bar bush replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    My 2002 Scenic 1.8 has had an irratating vibration/knocking for a while and the garage have suggested its the inner anti roll bar bushes, they have also just come up as an advisory on the MOT, so its time to replace them! I have measured the bar and have the correct diameter bushes on the way...
  15. scenic 1.9 diesel gear linkage bush

    hi, the above said bush on my 03 plate scenic has broken up and i need to replace it. I have got a packet with the replacement bints in but wondered if there is any tutorial/ video that shows me how to do it and in what order the bits go. thank you.x
  16. Mk2 Clio anti roll bar bushes

    Steering and Suspension
    Having a nightmare :( The gearbox on my Clio failed so I've stripped it out and changed the gearbox, but now I can't find the right size anti roll bar bushes. I binned the old ones a few weeks ago due to wear. I've had three sets of bushes so far and I cant get any of them to fit. They go...
  17. Scenic RX4 rear rubber bush for subframe

    Steering and Suspension
    My brother in law has no caught my bug with Renaults, so he invested in the RX4 Scenic 2003 model. Diesel and drives nice now that I've changed the ball joints, discs, pads and given it a full service! I noticed that the rear subframe where it mounts to the body, has rubber bushes that look to...
  18. Scenic 2008 steering rack inner bush replacement

    Steering and Suspension
    I need to purchase a replacement nylon bush for my steering rack? 2008 model
  19. Free Rear Bush - Laguna MKII

    I have a brand new rear right hand bush. It is an eBay item not needed. Actually, I see now reason, having changed mine, that this can not also go on the left hand side. They have a different pattern in the central section but the bolts just goes through the middle. I guess the pattern is there...
  20. Laguna 2 rear bush tool dimensions

    Tools & equipment
    Hi all, I have to replace the rear bushes on my 2001 Laguna, I don't have a tool but I do have access to metal tubing so I'm going to make one. Does any one have a tool that they could measure up and post me the dimensions of please? Specifically internal diameter, I don't think the length is...