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  1. Sucking noise from cab traffic 2008

    I have recently bought a Renault traffic 2008. There is a sucking noise within the interior cab when accelerating over 3000rpm. Can anyone advise? Thanks
  2. Replacing crew cab seats in Renault Trafic Van 05 reg

    I'm new to this forum, and wanted to know if anyone could recommend where to buy second hand crew cab seats. We have a 2005 Renault Trafic van (6 seats) and we desperately need replacement seats in the back. I've looked on ebay but all seem in poor condition. Could also do with a new drivers...
  3. Renault Megane II Cab Tailgate Advice

    Hello, Joined the forum as trying to get some help with the tailgate. My partner has a 2008 Megane II Cabriolet. The sidelight bulb blew and was a nightmare getting that fuse changed. However only one of the number plate bulbs is working and with an MOT coming up I need to get it sorted. The...
  4. Master - no electrics in cab

    I recently purchased a Master from a lease company, and have noticed the electronics in the cab are dead. No 12v socket, blowers, cd player, or sat nav. The dash works ok with all engine warning lights and such lighting up when you turn the van on. The van had a tracker which was removed prior...
  5. 2011 2.0 115 Trafic SL27 S/A Crew cab £8750 42k miles! *** SOLD ***

    For sale
    Photos on ebay: Renault Trafic SL27 dCi Semi Auto Sat Nav Crew Double Cab 2011 **NO VAT** 42k | eBay I'll be up front, has offered me £7900 I want £8750 no VAT / VAT included. My new estate car arrives very, very soon. This is not your usual 120k plus...
  6. Trafic double cab rear speakers

    Hi. I'm looking to install rear speakers to my 2007 trafic which I fitted with a coach built bulkhead. Has anybody any ideas on the best way to carry this out, as in what and where.
  7. Trafic t1100d isnt blowing any hot air into the cab

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all. Me again. My heater isnt blowing any hot air into the cab. Any top fixing tips or what to look for? Its a 1994 Oodles of thanks in advance
  8. Megane 2004 cab 1.6vvc not starting but battery fine needs electrical reset somehow

    Megane 2004 not starting but battery fine needs electrical reset somehow. Electrics which seem to be a bit haywire, i cant lock the doors for example. When i put the card in all the lights come on. Ive cleaned all the contacts (except the main battery earth which is hard to get to down by the...
  9. Anyone Needing A Fast Black (Cab) Tonight

    General Chat
    Just watched the video on here of the black hack ....could be interesting going home in that after a bevvy.. Supercar festival with racing-track takes over Glasgow - BBC News
  10. Megane Cab Fuse 19 blows *Fixed*

    Hi, my wife has a 2003 Megane cabriolet last of the soft top version that decided just to stop working. The immobilizer light constantly flashes and the car won`t start, the indicators, wipers/washer, reverse light, drivers window, rear screen fan and front fog lamps are all not working. I found...
  11. Renault Cab ? Roadbox

    Very simple question to anyone that knows the answer. Did the 19 Cabriolet ever have such a thing called a Roadbox. I know the Megane does.
  12. Egr, Different on 2004 megane cab than hatch?

    Hi guys, Had an issue with intermittent starting problems. Car would start 1 in 10 times at about 400 rpm but releasing the clutch it would stall, throttle was non responsive. anyway a couple of off and ons and it would be absolutely fine and run like a dream. Was told probably EGR. Anyway I...
  13. Intermittent starting issue, megane 1.9 120 2004 cab

    Hi guys, Recently bought the wife a diesel megane to replace her pug 206cc... Well bought Friday. On inspecting the car it's very good and very clean, started first time, no smoke, good pull, gears good... Excellent service history. However, I took it to have the tracking done yesterday and...
  14. 2007 renault megane cab time display and steering wheel radio controls

    Hi, my time display and steering wheel radio controls either work or they stop working simultaneously. So I either have both or I have none of the above functions. Any idea of how this could be? Cheers Craig
  15. megane 1.6 vvt cab

    Hi i bought a 1.6 megane cab vvt and whilst driving it back it just cut out when on the motorway, this has happened at least three times at different speeds. it doesnt stall at lights and drives pretty well otherwise just wondering if anyone has any ideas. i very mechanical and don't mind...
  16. Yr 2000 Megane Cab - Non starter after battery change

    I recently disconnected the battery to charge it after it went flat on our 2.0 IDE, after I reconnected the battery the car will turn over but not start, the other strange thing is that the alarm has stopped working, but central locking works? it has almost tried to fire for a split second...
  17. Interior cab light strange problem

    I have an 04 trafic with a problem with the interior cab light, when sitting in the cab the interior switch is out on the front 2 positions but goes on in the rear position, when I remotely lock the van it goes out, when I unlock it it goes on and stays on even if I start up and drive away? any...
  18. Renault 1.9dti 2005 Coupe (cab)

    Hi, the reverse light on the car hasn't worked since I've owned it, and have read it could be the switch, which I sent hubby out to get. Only thing is, he now has it, and there's nowhere for it to go (I watched a clip on youtube thinking they would all be in similar place, front n/s wheel...
  19. New Convertable 2.0 Coupe Cab wont start

    HI All new to this site so if posted in wrong are sorry I have literally just bought a 2007 Coupe Cabriolet 2.0 Prestige and driven it home from the garage to my home. Pulled in the drive and turned it off. within 1 minute went back out for the wife to have a drive as its for her and it just...
  20. mk1 megane cab auto locking

    hi all on to my next problem car is a 2001 megane privelige cabby and everytime i go out in car as soon as i pull away the doors lock themselves is this a fault or can it be disabled as it really annoys me thanks for any suggestions