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  1. What could cause loud whine, only when accelerating in 1st & 2nd + pulsating whir when take foot off pedal? 2001 Master

    Hi folks, 2001 Master former ambulance developed loud whine when accelerating in 1st gear, a really loud whir / whine type noise, almost sounds a bit 'belt' like but not sure - now happens in 2nd also. Only happens when accelerating. When foot is on clutch no sound at all. This loud...
  2. Renault Laguna MK2 2006 Hatchback rear lights bad ground problem

    Hi there! Recently bought a Renault and after a day when I pushed the break, the little symbol of the rear fog light started to flash on my dashboard. It became continuous, so when i use my break, the fog lamp also turns on(both the symbol and the light). It also happens when I'm using the turn...
  3. Alternator Cable 1.5dCi (2004/54 reg)

    Lots of lights on the Clio (battery, abs, STOP, ...) and hardly turning over. But eventually fired so electric windows etc sluggish. Son called AA and they think it's a break in the main alternator lead ... it is over 14 years old and a Renault! So they managed to get him home with a...
  4. Fluence/Megane 3 rear door latch cable - Sorted

    Hi Wondering if anyone can help with my rear door latch problem on my Renault Fluence (Megane 3 is mechanically similar) Both my rear door interior handle mechanisms have broken their attachments to their doors but have still been working when popped back into the door card. However now on...
  5. Vauxhall Arena Van 2.5D 1997 Speedo Cable

    Other makes
    Hi everyone looking for a speedo cable for Vauxhall Arena van 2.5d 1997, and could anyone confirm if the Renault Traffic uses the same parts. Thanks
  6. Scenic 2 sliding console power cable?

    Hi. Can you buy a replacement power cable for a sliding centre console? Just I bought one for my scenic, but the connector has been snipped off of the cable. I noticed that it connects to a green connector on the inside. I can try and get some photos if needed to verify what I am talking...
  7. Easiest route for cable from battery into cabin - Modus

    Hey folks, I'm looking to run a permanent live from the battery into the cabin to run some small constants that I need to run all the time for work. I've got the wiring hooked up to the battery but can't for the life of me figure out any somewhat easy route to place the wires through into the...
  8. Reverse Light Broken Switch / Stuck cable - Replacement Possible?

    Hi, while the car is off the road id thought id get some advice on fixing my reverse light switch, currently in the middle of changing the clutch. I only noticed this issue when it came to removing the switch connector. I relised it's stuck, literally stuck in the socket it won't budge move or...
  9. found a cable???? espace iv 2007 2.0dci

    hi all can someone please help???? i was about replace the revers light switch, but when i was taking the battery out i found a cabled with a termenal on the end that looks like it would connect to the positive on the battery. any ideas why it would have been disconnected??? i have added a pic...
  10. I found an unconnected cable in my engine bay on a Laguna 1 mk2 1999

    Hi, I just found an unconnected cable in my engine bay, I will attach a photo. Can someone tell me where it connects? Thank you. Trimis de pe al meu VTR-L29 folosind Tapatalk
  11. (Kangoo MK1)What is this cable under the heater panel?

    I was taking the heater control panel out of my Kangoo MK1 as the light keep going on and off when I noticed this cable attached to the bottom, what the hell is it:confused: Is it easy to remove and put back? :|
  12. Tunerlist AUX cable

    Ask the Experts
    Hi I have a Renault Modus 2005. I bought a cable (link) to add an AUX input to the radio, but the plug does not fit into the back of the radio. I read elsewhere on this forum that the cable will work on a Tunerlist radio, so are there two types of Tunerlist radios? Re-reading the cable's...
  13. Laguna 1 - Heater Direction Cable

    Heating & cooling
    Hi all, I have an issue with the heater direction knob (windscreen, interior, feet etc...) it is very stiff and won't turn. I'm suspecting it is the cable that has seized as opposed to the gears at the back or the knob as I can turn them by hand when I stripped out the interior column but I'm...
  14. emrgency handbrake release cable failure

    Hi All, laguna 2 electronic handbrake emergency release cable needs replacing-outer cable has separated from fixing at electronic unit. have just replaced nsr siezed caliper and fitted rear pads but because emergency release did not work have had to remove electronic unit but havent found how to...
  15. bonnet cable

    57 twingo gt bonnet catch broken,how can I open the bonnet.Need to replace battery
  16. fitting aux cable

    In-car entertainment
    I have a 53 plate megane which i would like to fit an aux cable to the back of the radio. looked on ebay and they offer from 2005 onwards. Is it possible to do please? Thanks steve
  17. Trafic mk1 1984 Speedo cable gearbox end

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    How does the speedo cable disconnect from the gearbox end My inner cable isn't attached at that end but can't get the outer casing off Thanks
  18. Clutch cable stretched?

    05 clio mk2 1.2 16v while driving noticed something was diffrent when pushing clutch peddle down to change gear. Felt easier to push it down than normal. It still changes gear fine except reverse u have to push clutch peddle right to the floor otherwise it grind into reverse. Am i right in...
  19. Subwoofer power cable route help!!

    I recently bought a renault clio 2007 1.4 Dynamique i tried absolutely everything i could to get the cable into the engine bay (except drilling) and could not do it, is there any chance anyone could help me find a route or grommit to use.
  20. Trying to source replacement throttle cable

    Hi, I am trying, without luck so far, to find a replacement throttle cable for my Renault Scenic 2001 1.6 Petrol. So far everyone I have called has told me that this part is obsolete and can no longer be purchased. I find this hard to believe. There are possible candidates on eBay but they...