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  1. help!!! MPG calculator

    Hi, I have an 03 plate, 1.4 petrol, Scenic. (appologies if this is posted in the wrong section) Yesterday, for the first time ever, the car didn't start first time, it thought about it & then cut out. Second time it started with a bit of rev and was then fine. I drove it round for a bit then...
  2. Reprog calc or reprogram calculator

    Tools & equipment
    Does anyone know where i can get the Reprogramming calculator for the in/out codes thats needed to force a reprogram with renault clip?
  3. 2009 Clio World Series 1.2 - 'Range' Calculator

    Hi everyone, As some of you may know, the 2009 Clio model's have a trip computer with a current 'range' of what's left in your tank. On average, my fuel light will come on at around 45 miles left - I know this is fairly low, but I am currently working very close to home so I tend to do a fair...
  4. New Car Tax Calculator

    General Chat
    Apologies if this has already been put on here, but a useful calculator here , wont be getting an Audi R8 now :(
  5. MPG Calculator

    Cars & motoring
    I've just come across this MPG Calculator on the web whilst searching for stuff related to Fuel Consumption etc. Might come in useful for some people :)
  6. Tyre Size Calculator

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello all If you're thinking of fitting new wheels to your car it may be worth a look at this. There are a few tyre size calcs around but this is the first I have seen that gives a neat graphical impression of the difference in wheel and tyre sizes between new and old. It also tells you how...
  7. radio calculator

    my laguna looks to have a radio change at sum point in its life and the code in my book is wrong can sum 1 send me a copy of the code calculator thanks [email protected] :)
  8. Calculator word game

    General Chat
    This is just like the change one letter game, but with a twist. I will start you off with a word. The next player has to provide a new word which is either: a) One letter different to the last b) Is the same as the last with one letter added The twist - you must be able to make a calculator...
  9. Laguna II mpg calculator

    Hi guys, don't know if this has been talked about, can't find it if it has. My 53 Extreme is reading 41.5mpg, this has averaged out over some 2000 miles now and is pretty constant. I used to reset it every week but it changes too quickly and doesn't give a true inpression of average mpg over...
  10. UK hit 40 birthday calculator

    General Chat Bung in a date of birth and it tells you who was at no. 1 on that day. Mine is: The Pipes & Drums & Military Band of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards - Amazing Grace ???