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  1. Rear caliper

    Looking for a few pointers I have a 2006 espace 1.9 caliper was ****ed so I have replaced this with a new how do I get the handbrake cable back in not enough flex to get it in its electronic handbrake thanks . Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  2. Refurbing rear brake caliper Renault CLIO III 1.2

    I bought a new piston and seals, was just wondering if anyone has done this? Is there anything I should think of when doing it? Something that would make the job easier?
  3. Sticking caliper on a Master 2.3 2010 model year

    Does anyone know of an issue where a back brake caliper keeps sticking on. I have had this happen at least 3 or 4 times since I bought the van about 4 years ago. I only find out when I have it serviced or MOTD or when the pads wear down. Anyone heard of this before? If anyone could offer some...
  4. Torque Specs For Caliper And Hub? (MEGANE III)

    Hey all, Can anyone tell me the toque specs for the following: 1) Caliper Slider Bolts 2) Caliper Bracket Bolts 3) Central Hub Nut I also have a few general questions: 1) Should the bleeder valve be open before pushing the caliper piston back? 2) Are the Brake Rotors held on by the Hub Nut...
  5. Front Caliper issues??? - HELP Please **Fixed**

    Ask the Experts
    Hey guys. I had by car jacked up in the air with both calipers showing the pistons. When I pressed brakes only the passengers side piston would come out. When I original took calipers off the both retracted fine it's just that it won't come out?? The passenger side brake disc looks worse...
  6. Trafic 01-14 Caliper Repair kits **Picture Rich**

    Wouldn't have expected to find these, Due to H & S "rools". £10 a set. (May 2018) Even Painted my Calipers, Only One possible Colour. :laugh:
  7. 2005 rear caliper sticking

    Hi all***8217; I***8217;m hoping someone can help me. My 2005 petrol 2L grand scenic failed the mot today on the drivers side not releasing fully on the handbrake. I***8217;ve checked the cables and they release fully and become slack on release but the lever does not move all the way back. I...
  8. wheel cylinder or caliper

    If a car has all disc brakes, i know it wont have wheel cylinder brakes as these are only in drum brakes. However would it be common for a mechanic to call a caliper piston a wheel cylinder? Reason took car to one garage who said bad wheel cylinder leaking, took car to another garage who said...
  9. O/S/F Caliper Binding.... **Fixed**

    Hi all, Right I’ve got a megane mk2 petrol 2.0, and one caliper is binding until the car comes to a holt. I’ve changed the caliper no joy, I’ve changed the hose still no joy. The funny thing is if I pull up on the brake pedal the car keeps rolling and stops binding on the brake. I can hear a...
  10. Brake Pad Retaining Spring - broke stuck in caliper

    Nightmare day replacing rear discs on a Laguna 2, 1.9TDi Estate (2004) ... The pad retaining spring on the LHS has snapped and I cant get the remaining ends to come out of the holes in the caliper, they seem well corroded in. Anyone dealt with this before and succesfully got them out so that I...
  11. Megane 3 estate brake caliper screw torque specs

    HI, I need to unscrew the brake caliper screws(Not the Caliper holder screws) for the front and the back side but I don't know how much torque need to be applied to put it back again. I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Does anyone knows or know where to look at least? Thanks,
  12. Laguna 04 Caliper/Piston seal replacement

    Hi there, I have an 04 Laguna estate, replaced rear pads yesterday and lo and behold, brake fluid leak from piston area (rear drivers side). Ordered a new caliper for tomorrow morn. Spent ages on the pad replacement, not looking forward to replacing caliper. Is there anything I should be...
  13. Rear Bleed Screw size

    Hi, I have a 2004 Renault Grand Scenic 1.9dci and I need to change a rear caliper bleed screw. Do you know what size I need (e.g. 7mm x 1mm)? Thanks in advance. Damian
  14. TRW caliper nipple spanner size

    Trying to find correct spanner for the bleed nipple, 7mm too small 8mm too big:frown2: Nipple is not damaged and measures 7.7ish. Any ideas please?
  15. Megane 3 electronic caliper windback?

    Anyone know if there is a procedure to wind back rear brake calipers with electriconic parking brake motors without clip?
  16. Clio MK2 caliper size

    Could anyone please advise if the front calipers are the same on models with vented and solid discs?
  17. Brake Caliper needed

    Anybody selling brake calipers for Renault Master RWD? This is the cheapest one I found: - Brake Caliper left rear dual wheels, Renault Master RWD 2010- | REN 440114849R Any other suggestions where to look?
  18. Massive damage after retaining bolt Failed

    So driving home the other night my scenic 2 1.9 DCI (54) had a caliper retaining bolt failure. Alloys ripped inside, caliper snapped, ABS sender in half - it wasn't pretty. So recon parts ordered and fitted, fluid changed brakes bled. Had a whiting noise and realised no spring on recon...
  19. Megane II OSR Brake Caliper

    Hi, I need to replace the OSR brake caliper on my Megane. I've found one which is suitable for the 1.5 dCi 106bhp which is the same as mine however, the listing says it's suitable for the facelift 06-08 models. Mine is pre-facelift (55 plate) with the 106bhp engine. Will this fit or do I need to...
  20. laguna ii caliper carrier bolt size&pitch

    As subject states I'm after the length and pitch(thread) of the 18mm bolts that hold the caliper carrier in place. Mine are completely rustet fast and are getting worn &rounded after first try, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to replace them. Just don't want to be stuck once they're off. Also...