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  1. Electronics
    Hi all, I have a 54 scenic with a dodgy instrument panel. I took a look at it and found the grey connector doesn't stay in as its top is missing. Can someone please tell me what the outlined connector is called or better still where I can buy one to replace it. The picture isn't my instrument...
  2. Engines
    Hello, Noticed there was a piece of plastic hanging off by the battery cover, I***8217;ve looked and that clips are snapped so it has to be replaced. Have no idea where to start, hope someone can let me know what it***8217;s called so I can search for replacements. Cheers
  3. Interiors
    There Is 2 small clips in the tailgate (Modus) that the parcel shelf cord hooks around and slides along as tailgate is lifted and lowered, I have no idea what Renault would call them or what the part number is I would think they also have them on other models, if anyone has access to renault...
  4. Engines
    We have a renualt grand espace 2.2 dci. Major oil leak by the driver side crank pully. What's this part called
  5. Bodywork
    Hi all, I don't know what this part of the car is called, but it flew off on the motorway this morning, so I need to order a new one! But I don't know what it's called, can anyone help me out? Car is a Twingo Dynamique 2012 Thanks
  6. Heating & cooling
    Looking for help...can anybody tell me what these are and what retailers I can get a replacement. Thanks.
  7. Engines
    Next to bottom crank pulley left to it there is silver case with 4 bolts on on the join it seems to be leaking oil this isn't the picture of my engine leaking only got video but can't post it on here
  8. Interiors
    Please see attached picture. What is this part called and where to buy? (UK) It's been worn by pulling and retracting of the seat belt. It's a 2007 Renault Megane hatchback. Many thanks!
  9. Engines
    hi sorry if im posting this in the wrong area but its my first post. hi all im looking for some help as i have a pipe gone on my car and i don't know what its called any help would really be appreciated
  10. Steering and Suspension
    After investigating a squeak when going over rough ground I discovered this rubber bushing had broken up. What is this component called and is it easy to change. Many thanks
  11. Engines
    Hi There I have recently purchased a 2003 Espace DCI. The previous owners looked to have cross threaded the nuts on the egr valve when reinstalling it resulting in the nuts not tightening properly. Can anyone tell me what the name of the part is that the 3 egr valve bolts screw into. Or can...
  12. Transmissions
    Anyone know what the white plastic part is called and how much it is to replace? It's what connects the gear lever to the auto gearbox. Thanks.
  13. Wheels & tyres
    I know theyre wheels :) wondered what the model name is? Ive managed to kerb my NSF it might be cheaper to buy a new 2nd hand wheel rather than get it touched up. If I can find one. I prided myself on never having kerbed wheels in years of driving, anyway I did this and I dont even remember...
  14. Engines
    Hi can anyone help I have a science rx4 and need to know what this hose is called so I can get one Thanks
  15. Engines
    Hi is this the air flow meter and if you look at the next photo it pushers on where I think the air filter is ? Round that rubber should there be a clip to hold it on ? Many thanks
  16. Electronics
    Hello guys, I am trying to repair my rear window of my Scenic... well, I found a towel ... a piece of wood, a hook!!! ... what on earth the previous owner was thinking of??? Anyway the motor is working well .... and the cables are in good condition. However there is a piece missing I circled...
  17. Engines
    Hiya, Texas gal living in Sweden with a question about hubby's car! 1999 Renault Megane, Diesel. Great little car, love it, but recently had a problem. Hard to start, and when it started, it idled roughly and then we got no response whatsoever from pressing the accelerator. To make a long...
  18. Engines
    Hi Guys on the right hand front of the engine there a alloy body with 4 wires attached, I think its a pre heater for the glow plugs but may be wrong. Anyway there is 4 wires going to it and 2 of the connectors are snapped i need to know what the connectors are called and where to get them.
  19. Brakes/Hubs
    I have replaced the front pads on my 2001 lag 2 ph 1 but had to 'manhandle' the springy clip thing that fits to the out side of the caliper, hard to describe the part but looks like a bent bit of wire and fits into hole at top and hole at bottom, anyway it looks like i ate my weetabix and bent...
  20. Engines
    this may be a stupid question but what is the pipe called that comes of the top off the inlet,its about 2" wide and a sensor about half way down. mine has a large tear near were it mounts and its blowing oil out of it. so i suppose the real question is what its called,were does it go to,what...