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  1. Engines
    Hello Experts! My Clio 1.2 16v 2002 is sick! It has an oil leakage somewhere around Rocker Cover but I have no clue where it comes from! :| What is going on? Oil leak from top of the engine Occasional misfiring Massive oil leak the day after oil change My clues: I excluded head gasket...
  2. Engines
    Hello everyone, Grateful if someone could advise me. I have a British 2003 Renault Scenic 1.4 petrol. Yesterday and suddenly while driving home the Engine began to stutter and run unevenly, and continually got worse, I could only get home in 3rd gear as there was no power in 4th and 5th. The...
  3. Interiors
    Hi everybody. Can anybody tell me if rear seat belts from a 2005 megane will fit a 2007 megane cabriolet??. The seat belts on my 2007 megane cabriolet have blown so they are stuck. I need to replace them and have found some off of a Renault megane 2005( not cabriolet ) so just wondering if the...
  4. Electronics
    Hi there Scotland calling here just found this site and hoping that it will be my lifeline to sanity in the world of Renault costs etc. !!:crazy:
  5. Cars & motoring
    Has anyone got a cool box for a Scenic? I could do with someone in the know to verify that mine is actually for a Scenic... (pics to follow)
1-5 of 9 Results