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  1. My Clio is sick - Clio whizz kids I'm calling you!

    Hello Experts! My Clio 1.2 16v 2002 is sick! It has an oil leakage somewhere around Rocker Cover but I have no clue where it comes from! :| What is going on? Oil leak from top of the engine Occasional misfiring Massive oil leak the day after oil change My clues: I excluded head gasket...
  2. Glasgow Calling

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hi all, Well now, I've recently bought a 2001 Clio 1.2 Dynamique which has developed some issues ie. window won't budge, leaky sun roof etc. So, I guess I'll be on posting a fair bit. Anyway, good to be here.
  3. Calling all RenaultForums members

    Hi, As a car club/forum member you could save money on your standard/modified/multicar insurance when you ask Chris Knott to quote. The current sign-up rate under our special scheme for car club members is 45% - that means we win the business on almost every other quote offered. It means we're...
  4. Hands free calling in new Clio

    Hi there, got a new Clio yesterday and am still working my way through learning all of the media nav options. I am stuck however on how to make hands free calls. The manual shows a small round button on front of steering wheel and labels it voice control. My car has no such button and I can't...
  5. Calling 1.6 VVT experts please

    When we acquired the 05 Scenic in January, the hose between air filter & throttle body had a 3/4", 6" long pipe blanked with a bolt, coming out of the side of it. Visits to scrappies bore no fruit, as the engines were either missing or diseasels. Recently I asked another owner If I could look...
  6. Sweden Calling- engine stutter Scenic 2003

    Hello everyone, Grateful if someone could advise me. I have a British 2003 Renault Scenic 1.4 petrol. Yesterday and suddenly while driving home the Engine began to stutter and run unevenly, and continually got worse, I could only get home in 3rd gear as there was no power in 4th and 5th. The...
  7. Calling all renault experts!!!!!!!!

    Hi everybody. Can anybody tell me if rear seat belts from a 2005 megane will fit a 2007 megane cabriolet??. The seat belts on my 2007 megane cabriolet have blown so they are stuck. I need to replace them and have found some off of a Renault megane 2005( not cabriolet ) so just wondering if the...
  8. Calling all Laguna II Owners, need your comments!

    Cars & motoring
    Hi folks, OK first of all - the Vel Satis is going. My aunt from England was over, fell in love with it, and is buying it off me. It will be sadly missed but hey, it's still in the family! The replacement? Obvious answer is another Vel as I've loved every minute of owning mine, but I have a...
  9. Renault Scenic 2 - Dashboard Problems

    Hi there Scotland calling here just found this site and hoping that it will be my lifeline to sanity in the world of Renault costs etc. !!:crazy:
  10. Calling Kangoo owners on the forum

    Cars & motoring
    Hello All. Sister has just purchased a 55 plate, petrol Kangoo. I knew nothing of this until it appeared outside my house. I have never owned or worked on a Renault before. Can any Kangoo owners out there please advise of possible problems, regular failure items etc with this model...
  11. Calling all Scenic I, II + RX4 & Megane owners

    Cars & motoring
    Hi Folks :) I am needing some Pic's for a project I am working on of Scenic & Meganes all models Meg I, II all phase's Scenic I & II all phases A frontal view of all Models Engine bay Pic's of all engine types fitted to the Scenic & Megane range Dashboard Pic's Cars fitted with sunroofs...
  12. Calling all Scotsmen i need your help............

    General Chat
    I am half Scottish and lived all my life in England, however I have visited family in Scotland many times as a child. Thing is i havent visited as an adult i.e the last thirty years so i am not au fait with nice places to visit. Ok i'll cut to the chase, my missus has never been to Scotland...
  13. Calling all V6 Lag owners (Mk1 PH1/2) - parts identification

    I am in deperate need of some help in identifying where certain parts are on the engine of my V6 Laguna :yawn: Have any other V6 owners (MK1 not MK2/3) got any advise please :confused: I'm specifically referring to; MAF sensor MAP sensorAlso, do any of you know whether there is one or two...
  14. Food could soon be calling out to you from the shelves

    General Chat
    Food could soon be calling out to you from the shelves Could a tin talk you into having beans for tea? | the Daily Mail Beans have been calling to me for years with the message it's going to be windy tomorrow
  15. Calling all Scenic Cool Box Owners...

    Cars & motoring
    Has anyone got a cool box for a Scenic? I could do with someone in the know to verify that mine is actually for a Scenic... (pics to follow)
  16. calling all mechanics, noel edmonds has a wobbly engine ?

    :( Hello again yawl, well, further to my recent posts on here and the assistance i did recieve ( you know who you are and i thank you lotsly ) ive developed another issue due to the over zealous mechanic mentioned in my recent post . the issue seems to be in the form of , the engine in my...
  17. Calling all ENGINE EXPERTS...

    Ive just bought a brand spanking new Sport Hatch Magane dci. question, Does a new engine use up more oil than a older engine. ? My digital oil display shows this IOOOO_ _ I And ive only had it 4 days. :confused:
  18. Calling all Avantimers + friends

    Cars & motoring
    As its been mentioned by John & Mark, I thought I'd post this to gauge some interest & anyone who would like to jump on board please feel free? What about a meet for us Avantimers? As we are stretched across the UK, we need to suggest a place to meet?? I would love to organise this but...
  19. New Member calling!

    Wheels & tyres
    Hello all - I have just joined the forum and have recently bought a new Renault Trafic Van which I love but unfortunately has a problem which so far the dealers have not been able to fix. The problem is that after 2 weeks of motoring, the brake pedal suddenly went spongy and the travel required...