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  1. Need help with Dash cam hard wire - 05 Grand Scenic

    Hi all, Well basically I just bought the nextbase 412gw and hardwire kit and I'm confused on what would be a suitable earth. I have found a screw by the door or one under the glove box in the back of the footwell. Does it just have to be unpainted metal and it will work?
  2. Renault scenic 2018 dash cam

    Need to install dash camera but don't know which fuse to use as there is no way of know what's what. See picture attached of some of the fuse box. Can someone please help
  3. 2.0 tce cam shaft sensor

    Hi peeps, I have an 09 megane 2.0 tce 180 and In the 3 years I have owned the car I have had to replace 3 camshaft sensors. I am pretty mechanical minded and can replace them myself in the matter of minutes but I was wondering if these are a comment component to fail and weather or not pattern...
  4. Hardwire a Dash Cam on a Scenic

    Ask the Experts
    I am trying to fit a front Dash Cam to my 15 plate Renault Scenic, using a "Hardwire Kit". Which fuse do I connect the "Fuse Tap Cable" to?
  5. rear cam or sensors

    not sure if right place or not. im thinging of getting a reversing camera for the megane, i have a blind spot i cannot see past and was thinking it might help. Any kits people have used and how difficult to install?
  6. Cam belt.

    Hi gang. I have a Clio mk.3 1.2 16 valve on a 55 plate The car has done 53.000 and I don't know the history. Is it recommended to change the belt?? Also does anyone know the cost of doing this job?? Regards Mouse..
  7. Dash cam rewire routeing

    In-car entertainment
    Tidying my dash cam wiring into the headlining noticed on my interior mirror that there are two gaps either side of my mirror, rather than just hide the wiring into the gap so just asking before doing this can I do any damage to any of the systems that might be involved i.e. Auto headlights...
  8. Cam belt

    Hi guys just a silly question but how far you guys think the original cam belt can go for before snapping I know the consequences if it snaps but just wondering how many miles will it go on for in Megane dci 2013
  9. Oil leak on cam belt

    Hi all I have a 2002 Mégane soft top 2.0 16v f4r c 476 engine and 75k on clock. recently the cambelt slipped and had the car repaired at a garage where we broke down over 60miles away from where we live.costing over £480. when we got the car home we found an oil leak coming from the cam belt...
  10. Dash Cam link to Police

    General Chat
    Seen in an article on today's MSN Is it a good idea or will it develop into Big Brother for all motoring offences?
  11. Cam Belt Or chain?

    Can any one advise please have just purchased 2010 Renault Master Campervan cannot find out whether it has a cam belt or Chain. It has done 25000 miles so if belt does it require changing. Cheers
  12. Scenic III cam belt interval.

    Hi, First post, so please be gentle with me :) Okay, so I'm going to see a used Scenic III 2011 tomorrow, Diesel, 1.5 dCi Dynamique TomTom, 77,000 miles, just rang the dealer and asked a few questions about the car, condition, service history etc. All looks good, but when asked if the cam belt...
  13. Dash cam placement

    Hi all - could anyone give me some advice on where to fit a dash cam on a 2017 Trafic Sport. The normal place would be at the top/centre but the HUGE unit that controls the auto wiper/lights is in the way. Staying within the law makes it difficult. TIA Will
  14. V6 3.0 cam belt change

    I'm just doing a cam belt change on the Espace III v6 3.0 For reinstallation the workshop manual calls for the cam sprocket bolt to be loosened, the sprockets turned fully clockwise and retightened to 0.5 DaNm, then loosened by 45 degrees. 0.5 DaNm is 5 nM, almost nothing, and then a further...
  15. how to adjust cam gears with crank gear when slippage occur??

    Hello Renault Clio 1.4 cc 16v k4j engine model 2005 manual transmission during change the timing belt, slippage has been happend at crankshaft gear . Power and torque of the car gone down the workman used old way (rise the first piston to its highest level) but the power and torque of the...
  16. 1996 renault master T35D cam belt change?

    Hi and thanks for taking time to read my question and hopefully throw some light on it?. I have a 1996 Renault master T35D 2.5ltr non turbo diesel engine. It has been meticulously looked after and has wanted for nothing, it has done 1200 miles in the last 10 years however I have no service...
  17. Hardwiring a dash cam

    Hi everyone, I have a 2014 Renault Clio medianav with the automatic lights and wipers, I have bought a blackvue dr750s-2ch dash cam and power magic pro hardworking kit with some fuse piggy backs to piggy back the fuse, just having a bit of trouble working out which is an 'always on current'...
  18. P0340 Code - Cam sensor and sensor A bank 1

    Hey guys. I have had my (megane mk2 2006 1.6 petrol) car scanned as it had a warning light. Which in turn wasn't on today bit still had it scanned by a friend. This code was in the car P0340. I'm fairly sure of first part saying somethings wrong with Cam sensor ( if wrong please advise) But...
  19. 2008 Renault kangoo 1.6 cam belt.

    Hi Folks. I currently own a 1.6 2008 Renault Kangoo MPV (In new zealand) Im looking to get the cambelt changed, But I keep getting mad quotes. (like 600quid) My cunning plan is to buy a cambelt/waterpump/Aux belt from the motherland, and get someone who isn't a robbing git, to fit it. Can...
  20. Hard wiring dash cam

    Hi, I own a Renault Megane coupe 2012 and today unsuccessfully tried to hard wire the Dashcam to the fuse box in the glove compartment. I ordered the cabling with a fuse kit to only piggy back off a fuse already inserted. I decided to use the cigarette lighter on fuse 19. Connect the...