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  1. Clio 2012 Inner Front Tyre Edge Wear

    Steering and Suspension
    Looking for some help from a wheel alignment guru but welcome opinions from the assembled. See below picture of my front tyre and a good evenly worn tyre. You can see the severe inner edge wear. The tread across the tyre is also uneven with 1mm less tread depth remaining in the inner groove...
  2. Renault Megane Mk3 Camber

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello! I would appreciate if someone would guide me through this. I own a Renault Megane GT Line 5door 1.5dci 2012, and I noticed something that I have never noticed before. Left passenger side wheel camber is more positive than on the right hand driver side. Now I know that this might be...
  3. megane 2 front camber adjustment

    Steering and Suspension
    hi I have a mk2 megane on a 53 plate lowered 30mm sitting on 17inch alloys .my question is.. is there any way to alter/change the front camber as its eating tyres on the outside edge more so on the drivers side I have just got 2 new rear shockers and am gona replace the front in the nxt two...
  4. Camber on front wheels

    Steering and Suspension
    Front tires are Wearing out from the very outer edge. The tracking is spot on. When the car is parked on the level ground I can see the top of the wheels are slightly pointing out. The suspension joints and shocks have been checked and all seem o.k . one solution is to use camber bolt on the...
  5. Clio3 camber problem

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi everybody, my wife recently kerbed her clio and it is now wearing out front tyres every 6 months. We had a wheel check and they identified the camber as the problem, but said it cannot be adjusted. I have checked on line and found a renault service doc that confirms this. nothing obviously...
  6. clio 3 camber adjustment???

    Hi everybody, The wife has hit a kerb and knocked the camber out on the front wheels causing severe tyre wear. we have had the steering checked and they confirmed it ids camber that is the problem, I did a quick check with a spirit level,, wheels out at the top , plus aquivk visual check...
  7. Trafic Parked on steep camber now seems to rattle alot!

    Hi Im new here so please be gentle!! I was parked on a very steep camber the other day for about 5hrs. When i returned to my Trafic DCi (2004) and started it it made a really loud rattling / banging noise that stopped shortly after. The engine just seemed to sound louder (more like a diesel...
  8. Uneven tyre wear - camber?

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi, I'm hoping for some advice. I have a 53 renault clio 1.2 16v. In April I had my n/s front wheel changed due to uneven tyre wear i.e the outside of the wheel was wearing faster than the rest. At the time my tracking was checked and reset. Problem solved I thought. I must confess the...
  9. FIA to enforce Pirelli camber recommendations

    Formula 1 news FIA has informed teams at Monza that they must adhere to Pirelli's recommended camber limits or risk being in breach of regulations. It follows concerns over blistering at the last round in Belgium, where some teams exceeded the...
  10. McLaren ready for Pirelli's reduced camber limit

    Formula 1 news's principal race engineer Phil Prew believes the British team are well prepared for the expected introduction of more conservative camber guidelines from official tyre suppliers Pirelli at this weekend's Italian race. The move to...
  11. Espace 1988 adjusting camber

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, my first visit here, since my local dealer cannot get my 1988 espace to drive straight. It pulls to the right. It started after new front bearings and bushings were renewed. Dealer have made a 4 wheel alignment adjustment and says he needs to adjust camber - but my Hayes book notes that...
  12. Please help! The snows ruined my clio!

    Wheels & tyres
    So we've had our first taste of snow over here in York and its the first time ive ever driven in it, i was taking it really easy but someone shot round a right hand corner and almost hit me so i had to swerve, the back of the car slid and cracked into a curb, now all hells broken loose :( aswell...
  13. camber on front right wheel.

    Steering and Suspension
    hi all had a bit of a crash on the weekend, car slipped on oil and went stright over the roundabout, have, buckled all four wheels, 3 flats tyres so safe to safe i'm going to undergo new wheels. upon inspection i found that the front drivers side, looks out, as if the top of the wheel is...
  14. Laguna II - Camber Correction?

    Handling & braking
    Hi, I plan on lowering my 2001 Laguna II 1.9dci Estate, does anyone know if these will help fix up the camber? Front: Rear: Cheers
  15. Wheel camber settings

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi : ) I'm having new front wishbone bushes/shocks put on my Espace 3, does anyone know if there is a specified camber setting for it or is it not applicable? Thanks.. Leah : )
  16. Renault Clio 2 - Adjusting Camber

    Steering and Suspension
    where can i get camber shims for my clio? all i can find is shims and kits for clio sports.
  17. Fidji 2001 Pot Hole Damage - Camber Angle

    Steering and Suspension
    Hi was wondering if anyone could help, i have a 1.6 fidji 2001 and i hit a large pot hole in the floods (in gloucester) it has thrown the camber angle og my fron wheels from the +1.58mm they should be to +0.03mm and i need a bit of advice about what to expect to happen - like will my wheels...