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  1. Electronics
    Hi all first post on here , names Lee . Got a problem with my reversing camera, have a black screen and reversing lines,on my Tom Tom screen but no camera ***x1f641;
  2. Photography Club
    Recently found at the back of the wifes wardrobe my Dad's Minolta X700 SLR camera with wide angle and Telephoto lenses as exra's ..2 flashes winder and some bits and bob's alll in a nice smart looking to sell this lot and dont know what its worth..on ebay prices are quite good...
  3. Electronics
    Hi all, I'm trying to fit a stereo with a reverse camera to my car, I have a 2008 Renault Grand Scenic MK2. The stereo has fitted in fine and the camera is all wired up, but the only thing happening when I out the car into reverse is the lights come on on the camera but that's it. I'm wondering...
  4. Electronics
    Hello got a question if any one can help please? I have 2 trafic sports. 1st one is a 2017 and i have purchased the dealer rear camera, this all works fine and displays on the interior rear view mirror. I have just purchased another sport (2019) with the factory rear camera and this one...
  5. Electronics
    I have a 2018 LWB Trafic. It is fitted with a Medianav screen (version 9.1.1). I want to fit a reverse camera, which this unit can accept. Initially I contacted my local Renault dealer, they insisted it was not possible to fit a camera or turn on the camera system in the Medianav unit. They...
  6. Electronics
    Hi all What would the chances be of wiring a reversing camera in to a Laguna 2, 2005 dvd Satnav screen?
  7. Electronics
    Hi new to the fourm cheers for adding me. So I have 2016 Trafic 120 lwb and I have noticed that the volume on my medianav is not very loud it seems that after the volume is passed 15 there is no difference. I have also noticed that when the time is set to automatic it is 3 hours fast so i now...
  8. Photography Club
    I have a blog showing some "simple" projects time lapse camera traps, I'm happy to help where I can but not with camera repairs. Cameras I modify are usually all from e-bay most for 99p +p&p. Have a look just starting on a camera trap project using a wireless door/drive bell as remote sensor and...
  9. Electronics
    hi all, just bought a 2014 renault trafic, with media nav system it has autodab retrofitted, and when i first got the van, all autodab would do is say "retrying" i guess the stations werent tuned in to my area? anyway, since then i updated the media navs firmware, and maps, and now when i go...
  10. Electronics
    Hi all have just picked up a 2018 kangoo with r link radio. The book for the van suggests a reverse camera as an option anyone know where I can find one?
  11. Electronics
    Hi guys my name is Paul and I***8217;m a newbie to the forum and to Renault. The missus bought an Autovox reversing camera and I***8217;ve been researching how to fit a camera and some places say it***8217;s okay to splice into the reversing light power supply without causing a fault and some...
  12. Electronics
    2017 Trafic sport dci energy reversing camera fault, started coming on randomly while driving and now the left hand indicater has started to beap faster. Any ideas what could be causing this only started yesterday.
  13. Electronics
    I have bought a dash cam/ parking aid. The instructions say connect the red wire to the reversing light and the black to the ground. I've had a look under the car - see attached picture. Please tell me if I am supposed to 1) connect the camera red wire to the reverse light (brown wire) and...
  14. Electronics
    Hi, new here. I have a 64 plate kangoo van. It has R link. I was wondering if it was possible to fit a reverse camera and connect it to the rear link screen? Has anyone done this, if so what did you buy? Thanks.
  15. Electronics
    Hi all I have purchased a Renault Kadjar (Collecting Monday providing snow conditions) Been looking at Youtube about installing a camera and found somebody has connected one to the infotainment screen using Renault Clip my local garage has this and was wondering how they would do this as there...
  16. Electronics
    Hiya guys not been on for a while but need to pick somebody’s brain. I’ve installed a wireless reversing camera in my 2005 grand scenic & until yesterday it was working fine. Now the screen comes up “no signal” when the car is placed in reverse. I’ve discovered that the wireless receiver at the...
  17. Electronics
    Hi I am new on here I have just bought a 2017 traffic sport which has sat nav and the reverse sensors is it possible to fit the rear view camera and have the sat nav screen show the view? Is it possible to do it myself I am reasonably hands on or is it a dealer job? Is there anywhere to buy the...
  18. Electronics
    I have a brand new Renault Megane S NAV 66 plate Had all speed camera warnings set up and suddenly now the voice doesn't work. Tried turning up the volume when warning flashes on dash but is still won't work Odd as it was working last week. I've checked all options are set to "On" Any ideas ?
  19. Electronics
    Hello, does anyone know if it is possible to connect a rear view camera to a cabbase unit on a 2009 grand espace. Ive spotted the post on ipod connecting etc but not sure if it is possible to have a video feed appear in place of the sat nav directions on the dashboard....thanks
1-20 of 47 Results