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  1. Clio Campus (mk2) 2007 - Cabin filter location

    Heating & cooling
    So just doing my first service and I***8217;ve run into a problem. Can seem to find the answer on the web. Changing the cabin/pollen filter. So looked in the usual places below the windscreen on the near side and under the glove box. Can***8217;t seem to see anything obvious. Watching the...
  2. 2007 Clio campus 1.2 8v Spark plug size.

    Hi all. What is the size of the spark plugs in Clio campus? Also which is better, Bosch or NGK or any other recommendations. Cheers!
  3. Clio Campus coil spring orientation.

    Steering and Suspension
    I,ve just removed a broken front coil spring on my 08 Clio Campus,1.2 petrol. But my manual has no information on the correct orientation of the new spring. And as its not marked top, and my old spring is broken and missing both ends, I,m not sure on the correct way up of the spring. Any...
  4. Clio Campus Bonnet

    Hi Guys I hope you can help me. My sons Renault Clio Campus 58 plate was recently hit by a dumper truck working outside the house. The Insurance have written it off but I have had it checked it needs a new bumper, bonnet, headlight and some trim My question is I am a bit confused am I looking...
  5. Clio Campus 1.2 16v Rough running/poor idle

    Hi all, first post on here. My daughters 2008 Clio Campus 1.2 16v has always had miss-fire since we got it at 30,000 miles, it has now done 55,000 and I have carried out a lot of repairs but still unable to cure problem. When starting from cold, engine starts almost instantly and then idles at...
  6. 1989 Renault 5 Campus Heater Blower Intermittent

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Real quick question, now the 5 is running I've turned my attention to other bits & ive noticed the Heater blower seems to work now and again. I've pulled the actual fan out and checked that and it spins up perfect, I've tried another known working heater control panel and still the same. When...
  7. 2007 Clio Campus 1.2 8V Pollen filter location.

    Cars & motoring
    Hi guys. Looking for the pollen filter location on my 2007 Clio Campus. I read a post on here yesterday about it being behind the glovebox to the right and I can't see anything. Again I checked the other location on older clio's where its under a cover next to the windshield. Its not under there...
  8. interior light unit for clio campus 2008

    Went to change the bulb on the interior light unit of my clio campus sport 2008, but find it must be a sealed unit as no bulb. Any idea where to get a new one from, can't seem to find any that matches the type I have. Thanks
  9. Renault 5 Campus 1989

    Older renaults (pre-1992)
    Hi all, new to the forums here. Recently purchased a 1989 R5 Campus 1.1. Sat for years, put new springs, cv boots and front brakes on and it sailed through the test. Now looking to see if there are any mods I can do to the bodywoek? Any grilles fit straight on or bumpers, skirts etc? Clear...
  10. Horrible Jerky Acceleration - Clio Campus Sport

    Hi, I own a 57 plate Clio Campus Sport I-Music, and I had it Mot'd this year. The garage swapped out a part called the lambda sensor and ever since leaving the garage the car would jerk horribly when pulling through gears. Since I've left for university the car tends not to do it unless I've...
  11. Clio 1.2 Campus Sport - Sudden Engine Problem!

    I have a 55 plate Clio Campus Sport, it had been running fine for over a year, apart from a low idle (500 revs). Today, after nipping to the shops, the Ignition Coil light and Engine light appeared on the dashboard and the car felt like it was bogging randomly and quite frequently. Managed to...
  12. clio campus dci won't start

    hi guys car was running ok apart from stutter at approx 3000rpm glow plug and another light would come on dash then go out after i lifted accelerator.problem is parked up without using for a few weeks battery went flat, charged it up then starter was slow .now has new battery and starter turns...
  13. Tyre pressure Clio campus

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi all, I am struggling to find the correct tyre pressure for my Clio Campus (2006) 1.2 8V 60BHP ... ac)/specs/. My tyres size is 175/65R14. There is no label on the car. All websites where you put your reg provide the tyre pressure for different tyre...
  14. mk2 clio campus parts on a normal mk2

    Hi. Had a sheep run out in front of me in my girlfriend's clio and dented the bonnet and cracked the bumper. I've seen some parts nearby off a clio campus which is a 07 plate. The rear are quite different but the fronts look the same other than the bumper being slightly different. Not sure if...
  15. advice required to treat bubbling in 1996 campus

    hi just bought an N reg 1996 r5 campus prima. it requires some bubbling around windscreen and rear side windows to be rubbed down and fixed. any advice on hows best to do this? what do i use? in order to get windscreen bubbling done right i may need windscreen off. any advice most welcome. Is...
  16. Renault 5 campus prima 1996 N reg spare wheel required

    Wheels & tyres
    hi cant get my spare wheel off. the bolt to loosen it is rusted on. [ does it come off clockwise or anti clockwise?] i've tried using car supplied tool to loosen but no luck.its rusted shut!! can any one recommend where i could get a spare wheel? ta
  17. Renault Clio Campus 1.2 2007 Airbag system and pretensioners

    Hey guys, please bare with me as I've no clue about cars and even less about my Clio so I'll try my best to word it how you'll understand. Basically I had a low speed impact in my car, the passenger side pretenioner fired but not the air bag. Mechanic has told me I'll need a new passenger...
  18. Clio campus sport 55 plate low idle when warm

    Hi new around here been on peugeot forum years but recently bought a clio for my partner who just passed her test its a 1.2 petrol with a d4f 722 engine the car starts and runs fine however i never noticed on test drive it idles at about 480 rpm and vibrates a little every few seconds. Ive...
  19. Clio 2 Campus CD radio bezel color?

    Dear All, I have an Clio 2 phase2 Campus 1.2 8V Year 2006/03 It is Left Hand Drive car. Originally comes with Update list cassette Radio built in LCD, So I no have dashboard LCD. 8200 444 075 I love the Steering Wheel Control, but I would like to change it to CD radio. Not easy to found...
  20. Clio campus

    Welcome to RenaultForums
    Hello everyone, I have an 2006/03 Clio Campus (but same like then Mk2 Phase 2) Facilities :Free Motor 1.2 8V Color: Vert Citron TED99 Many times i found good answers on this site. thank you