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  1. Urgent help needed with petrol cap

    Urgent help needed with petrol cap Hi guys, I have managed to find the emergency pull ring for the fuel cap (central locking just making a noise near the cap and not opening it), however the pull is loose and inoperative. The access is really poor and I can't see the unit. Does anyone know if I...
  2. Scenic f9q oil leak from rear main bearing cap

    Hello All, Back from the tranquility of a tropicl beach for the winter into the Renault world of obtuse. I rebuilt an F9Q motor and the gasket set included two silicone strips to insert in the groves on the rear main bearing cap. In my day a piece of cord impregnated with graphite or something...
  3. Renault Trafic 2.0 DCI - smoke from oil cap

    Hi Guys, Any help or guidance on this would be greatly appreciated. I have a 2010 Trafic that has covered 90000 miles. I noticed today that there was a bit of a smell in the cab. I checked the engine bay and there was a little smoke which I thought was some crap being burnt off the engine...
  4. Renault Clio Dynamique 2008 Petrol cap always open?

    Ask the Experts
    So we picked this car up today but we noticied that the petrol cap remaines open even when car locked? Is this a thing as my old 2003 golf locked? Any help will be amazing!
  5. spring rubber cap

    Steering and Suspension
    Hello! Changed rear springs and shocks on my Laguna 2005. And there was no rubber cap on the bottom of old springs and now there isn't any on new ones. On the old ones there was some rubber tube mounted on but as i see that isn't the original solution. Checked many vendors in my country and even...
  6. My fuel cap will not open

    Cars & motoring
    Hi, i have a renault megane dynamique 2006 1.6 automatic, and for the past few days my fuel cap refuses to open. I have tried everything and now i have to take the plate off and force it to open. Can anyone tell me if they have come across this problem and how to solve it. I need to know if...
  7. Renault Espace Master Cylinder Cap Seal?

    This may be a daft question but I had the "flashing brake warning" issue, on checking the fluid level it was only just on the minimum, when I removed the cap I _THINK_ something fell out of the cap. I am thinking this was a seal? I searched high and low for it and but it cant be found. I...
  8. Oil Filler Cap

    One side of the oil filler cap is broken it is back on but is secured by one side is this okay to drive until i get the time to get another one.
  9. Clio Mk5 Central Locking Gone and Can't Open Fuel Cap

    Hi, New to this but wondered if anyone could help. The other day my central locking went on my Mk5 clio. I've been able to lock my doors manually, however can't get access to the boot or fuel cap. Booked in with auto electrician for next week but I am running seriously low on fuel. Does...
  10. Petrol cap

    You may call it something else but here in South Africa we call it a petrol cap flap (filler Cap flap). Attendant forced it open and broke it. Renault RX4, Colour Green. Where can I buy one. Here in the south nowhere to find one. They cannot even import a flap. I have friends arriving in UK...
  11. Those damn alloy wheel centre cap keys...

    General Chat
    So, I've discovered the hard way that removing the funny looking bolt the secures the centre cap on my Clio's alloys can be a PITA. In my case, the drivers front bolt is siezed right in and no amount if persuasion using pliers, mole grips and a tap of a chisel have worked. To make matters worse...
  12. High pressure and oil coming from dipstick hole and oil filler cap.

    Hi! I have a 2001 Clio 1.2 8v D7F746, and oil and air coming from oil filler cap and the dipstick cap. I measured cylinder pressure, all of them are 190 PSI dry, although I didn't do a wet test. Afaik this engine doesn't have a pcv valve, so the crankcase breather can't be the problem. Any ideas?
  13. Small Renault badge from alloy centre cap

    Hi folks, Not many scrappies with Espaces over here in NI. Don't suppose anyone has the small Renault badge that clips into the centre cap on alloys lying about, just missing one. Sent from my Vodafone Smart ultra 6 using Tapatalk
  14. Renault megane fuel cap has no lock , why ??

    Hi all , i am new here and i need some help and advixe please, I have recently purchased a renault megane scenic 14. 2001 model, and i have noticed the fual cap has no lock, is there any reason why ? I have never noticed this on a car before, usually, you have to pull a lever within the car to...
  15. Clio petrol cap seal

    Can anyone tell me if you can order a replacement rubber seal for the petrol cap or does it have to be a new cap, our 2002 Clio has just failed the MOT with this (and other things), thanks Barry.
  16. Milky oil cap clio 2004 extreme 3 1.2 16v

    hiya, so at a bit of a loss. I know nothing about cars in general. Oil light came on for a brief second a few days ago, pulled into a halfords bought some oil. Went to put it in the milky cap appeared. The guy scared me and told me i was done either way. i could put the oil in and see how far...
  17. Laguna III fuel cap assembly removal (not just the flap)

    The fuel filler cap on my 08 plate Laguna III would not open. but I was able to remove the trim cover and get the filler cap flap open at the petrol station by manipulating the internal latching pin inside the fuel filler cap. It looks like the moveable latch inside the flap is broken. It is...
  18. Stuck fuel cap door **Fixed**

    Hi all, In a bit of a dilemma. I have a Renault Megane convertible 2005. My fuel cap door is stuck or possibly locked and it's impossible to get it open. I tried wd40 with no luck and tried to find the release mechanism in the boot but to no avail. Was hoping someone can kindly give some...
  19. Radiator cap pressure

    Heating & cooling
    This relates to my canal boat. The header tanks for the generator and heating are from a Renault Caio. They have the part number of 77 00 805 031. Can anyone tell me what pressure it is dated at? It has a brown cap. I am trying to find why the generator coolant never reaches its proper...
  20. lost oil cap - loss power

    Hey guys i need help Ive noticed on the day i have to go to bormingham that the oil cap is missing....i mustve been driving like this for a good day or two.... decided to go haltfrods just beforing going to birmingham and asked if they have a spare oil cap for renault.. but the answer was...