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  1. Transmissions
    Hi. I am preparing to change gearbox oil in my megane 3, 2010, i have TL4 6speed manual gearbox. Will buy oil Tranself 75W80 NFP or NFJ, but dont know how much is capacity. Somewhere i read 1.9 litres, on other site 2.3 litres, don know to buy 2 or 3 liters, it is not cheap oil. Have no autodata...
  2. Transmissions
    I have recently taken ownership of a Scenic 3 1.6 16 valve fitted with a 6 speed gearbox. Does anybody know the oil capacity of this gearbox a s I am old school and after 8 years I am going to replace the gearbox oil. Even though the car is 8 years old it is only on 25k miles, it was my dad's...
  3. Transmissions
    Been told different amounts, 2.5ltrs 2.8ltrs, 3.4ltrs. Renault say 2.5ltrs, anyone know different ? 2014 Kangoo van 1.5dci 75PS 5speed
  4. Engines
    Does anyone know the engine oil capacity of a 2015 Mk3 Renault Traffic, can't find it anywhere. It's the 1.6 115bhp engine, although there all the same engines to my knowledge so shouldn't make a difference? Thanks Jack
  5. Engines
    Anyone know the capacity of the screen wash bottle? It's Not in the handbook etc
  6. Engines
    Hi, Ive just done an oil change on my 05 scenic 1.5dci with a 4.5lt container of oil and put an oil filter on. After filling it, the dipstick didn't register anything. I thought that was strange so I've been and bought more oil and I've put in 2lrs more so thats 6.5ltrs and still nothing on the...
  7. Transmissions
    Hi everyone. Just joined as every time I google anything to do with my van you guys come up. I want to change my gearbox oil in my trafic (2.0 2008) but am not sure how much to buy. Any help would be appreciated. Great forum by the way. Cheers Harold
  8. Engines
    I was wondering if anyone could shed any light on the issue I have, my car is a 2005 Clio 1.5 DCI. The issue is when I do a full oil change it only takes 3 litres of oil from empty to max on the dipstick, this includes filling the new filter. Also the amount of oil to get from min to max on the...
  9. Towing & Touring Club
    Can anyone tell me the towing capacity of a 2.0dci laguna 3 hatch, is it the same as my current late laguna 2 tourer where it's 1500kgs if it's just me or below 1300kgs if I dare go on holiday with my family ie passengers
  10. Engines
    Last night i managed to put 57 litres of fuel into my clio. It was dry as i drove it about 30 miles after the fuel warning light came on. It's been dry before, but I can only recall roughly 54 litres being the max. Can 57 litres be correct?
  11. Brakes/Hubs
    I did search but didn't find it - can anyone confirm the total capacity of brake fluid for the Laguna MKII? Looks like mine has never been changed before and it's rather black. Thanks.
  12. Towing & Touring Club
    Hi guys. I am looking at a 2010 grand scenic 1.5dci 110 fap privilege tomtom (that a mouthful). Often in the summer I tow a Pennine Pathfinder folding camper. The weights for this are unladen 820kg and max gross 1000kg. It is no higher than an average car so drag factor is not so much of the...
  13. Transmissions
    Does anyone know the capacity of gear oil for a 2002 1.4 auto Kangoo? Apparently you need to take into account that some will remain in the torque converter when the box is drained? Cheers Duncan
  14. Heating & cooling
    I have recently replaced an air con hose on my 2003 1.4 16v clio privelege, i need to know how much refrigerant is required to re-gas the system?
  15. Interiors
    can anyone tell what the boot capacity is on the grand scenic, 04 onwards. I can find it withe 6th and 7th seats up, and all 5 seats folded, but not with the 3 rear seats upright, and the 6th and 7th folded flat. if anyone can follow that :d in other words, boot capacity with just the 6th and...
  16. Engines
    could I just get a firm confirmation on what oil I will need and the capacity required for a full oil and filter change clio 1.5dci initiale 5 door. 106 bhp I believe because the Co2 is 123 unlike the lower bhp which reduces the tax to £30 per year. I want to ensure I put the correct oil in...
  17. Heating & cooling
    Hi, After replacing water pump I need to refill with coolant what's the capacity please? 53 espace 1.9 dci not sure any other info is required or will make a difference. I don't have a manual for this car and its not in the handbook either Cheers Scott
  18. Transmissions
    Hello, does anybody know the capacity of a DPO 044 gearbox in litres please ? Thanks
  19. Transmissions
    Hi guys i have a movano 2004, manual 5 speed transmission. I want to change the box oil but can't find a concrete answer on how much to put in. I have read 2.4L, 2.9L and to just fill till it comes out of the fill hole. The engine says renault all over it so thought this would be the best place...
  20. Cars & motoring
    My Lag 1.9dci has, I believe a 70 litre tank. Given that and having done a lot of work on it recently I decided to fill her up, run her low and bung some Cataclean through and then fill up again. I would get a good idea of how much range I had and what my current fuel consumption was as well as...