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  1. Clio 4 - rear door card removal (door won't open)

    Hi all, I can't seem to find anywhere online that shows me if I can remove the rear door card on a Clio 4 WITHOUT opening the door. Currently, the door handles (interior and exterior) feel disconnected, i.e. flap about and don't actually unlatch anything, so I'm assuming it's the handle...
  2. Sd card jammed.

    Just purchased Clio mkIV Problem fiddling with new toy! Pressed the release sd card button. Maps disappear. Try to pull out the sd card - will not budge. Seems solid, no spring bounce back as on my laptop. Stucked! Tried to push a little harder to get back in place - computer say no card...
  3. Card Reader

    I own a 2004 1.6v Megane Cabriolet. I left it idle for the winter and when i went back in this week the card isnt reading. I charged battery, replaced card battery etc. The card reader is lighting up, the card locks and unlocks car. I have took off middle panel and looked at card reader, which...
  4. Sat Nav cant find sd card

    In Car Entertainment
    Hi, can anyone help please. I have had the Clio signature nav 18 plate for a total of 1 day and hit more problems with this r link system than 2 years with the Corsa. Its a lease vehicle as im a driving instructor. When it arrived it worked fine, actually used it to get to a local area. When i...
  5. Yet another key card issue.

    Hi all, been reading through the forum and have managed to fix the water leak and the electric windows thanks to helpful peeps on here but now the card has started to play up in my 07 megane 1.5 DCI. i have read through the sticky note on here and the recent post. I folded a bit of card and put...
  6. card key

    I have a 2005 scenic privilege can someone please help me with the correct battery size
  7. Grand Scenic 3 No SD Card South Africa

    Ask the Experts
    Hi All I brought a second hand Grand Scenic 3 2010 privately in October with out SD Card. Message says no maps. Is there away that I can get a copy of the SD card that came with the Car, even if they old maps ?
  8. megane 2 card issue

    Ask the Experts
    Hello and thank you for accepting me to this community and I have to congratulate you all for your work. I have a megane 2 1.600cc and I live in Greece .My issue is with my key card , after a drop I face a problem whcich is that when approach to my car , it locks repeatedly with no command...
  9. Key card will not engage when inserted

    The key card for my renault espace cannot be correctly inserted to start the car! The little white mechanism in the slot that locks the key in position using the hole in the card (see photo) when inserted appears to be stuck in the locked position preventing fully inserting the key card. If I...
  10. 2015 Clio Key card not recognised

    I've just had to charge my battery and have put it back in. Dash will light up and asks for a key card to try and start the engine, it now says the key card is not recognised. What can I do?
  11. Problem when i try to program a new card by renault clip

    General Chat
    Problem when i try to program a new card by renault clip Here is the pics and i write it because the pics not clear to see
  12. Problem when i try to program a new card

    Tools & equipment
    My car renault megane 2 2005and i have only one card and i have renault clip and a new card and when i try to program process this message appears Please help Copyright Images Removed
  13. Clio IV 0.9 TCE - beeping sound inserted card **Fixed**

    Hello, I have a strange issue with my Clio IV 2015 0.9TCE LPG. As you can see on video, when I insert card, dashboard starts to beeping, but without error on display. It is very annoying. Any Ideas? Signal stops and I everything is okay. Car drives normally, as usual - nothing wrong seems to...
  14. Megane 1.5dci key card

    Hi all. I have just started having a problem with my key cards for my 2009 1.5dci megane estate again. The cards open the doors with no problem but when I insert it into the card slot and try to start the car, the dashboard says key card not detected. Taking it out and placing it back in again...
  15. Problem opening passenger door with key card **Fixed**

    Ask the Experts
    I have recently purchased a 2011 Renault Laguna Coupe Monaco GP. all is well but the electronic card that should open the doors doesn't always open the passenger door. I need to reach across the car and pull the internal door handle. Does the door need a new lock / solenoid or are the key card...
  16. Laguna Key card and reader

    Hi Guys I have to get a new/second hand 2 button key card and reader for my 2003 Laguna 1.9dCi (Long Story) The reader has to have a blue connector as i am told the brown wont work. Any pointers? Regards Mark:frown2:
  17. Espace IV key card

    Hello, So my friend drowned a key card in a lake, and he got new ones from Renault, but now that I'm trying to program them, I cant seem to find a way to do it. When simply trying to connect Clip, UCH is shown as 'not recognized' and the rest is 'not detected'. So I tried to somehow turn the...
  18. Card Reader / Card Problem (more than likely)

    Hi, very interesting forum you have here learn't a lot already about hot to walk away from my car and it locks itself. I have a 2007 Laguna dynamique 2.0 petrol I got a couple of weeks ago, it came with two cards. One a proper 3 button one (lock, unlock, lights) and a generic ebay one which...
  19. Megane 2015 Carminative Tom Tom SD card

    In-car entertainment
    Hi all Apologies if there is already a thread for this or if I am posting in the wrong place. I am hoping that someone can help me. I have a 2015 Megane and have never updated the satnav since purchasing the car from new. I am going to France shortly so wanted to ensure my maps are up to date...
  20. 09 (59) Megane Key Card

    Ask the Experts
    Wonder if those better informed can help. We have an 09(59) Megane, which a couple of weeks ago displayed the low battery and had been intermittent when using the start stop + clutch. Replaced the battery and the car has been generally ok starting up until yesterday, where it then reverted...