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  1. Electronics
    Hi All I have just picked up a 2014 Renault Megane TomTom but unfortunately the SD card is missing for the TomTom Can anyone advise how I get this going again -- Can I just buy a blank SD and download maps to it, would that work ? Thanks
  2. Electronics
    Hi, I have Megane 2013. Removed sd card for updatetes and when inserted back, Carminat didn't accept sd card. Started loading, once got to 54% received message to remove the sd card. Also bought new SD card but didn't work either. Please support.
  3. Engines
    Hi, I have Renault Megane 1.5 dci 2013. Recently changed car battery and after that my navigation rebooting and never starts. Photos attached. Please help with this issue.
  4. In Car Entertainment
    First of all, I find it mindboggling that I'm able to destroy the infotainment by resetting it to factory default. I bought my first car, a 2011 Renault Megane with tomtom carminat. I wanted to reset it to delete the previous owners info. And after I did that I don't get any radio menu showing...
  5. In Car Entertainment
    Hi! First post 🙂 I’ve just bought a 2015 Scenic 3. It has the Carminat / R-Plug&Radio+ setup. Everything works fine except the volume. It’ll go as loud as you want when you first switch the ignition on but after about a minute the volume starts reducing, one level at a time, every 20 seconds or...
  6. Miscellaneous
    For the last two years my Bluetooth has been playing up. Only connecting occasionally, showing as a greyed out option in the menu and returning “computer internal fault” on a diagnostic. I had discovered though, that if you pressed on the front of the navigation computer in the glove box, the...
  7. In Car Entertainment
    Greetings to all, I wish to change navigation system (Carminat) that was factory assembled beacuse all the maps are out dated. Carminat system comes with CDs, and that is the problem. The latest version i have is from 2014 and Renault will not be making new ones. I wish someone could give me...

    Engine : 2.0 DCI ( code M9R ) Power:. 150 hp FAP filter
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  9. Electronics
    Hey, I want to change the tomtom carminat system to an android system, i found a few things online but thats for the megane III. Is it the same as the Clio III, will it fit and are the wires exactly the same? or are there any other alternatives? Thank you
  10. Electronics
    Hi there, just joined as I have problem with the vSD Card reader in my TomTom. I got a message from TomTom to update my maps which went OK but when putting the card back in the TomTom there was a loudish crack, the system said no maps and the card would not lock in. I took the TomTom out of the...
  11. Electronics
    If like me you noticed the traffic information icon (green circle) has been no longer present in the last week or so and you are no longer get traffic info on your SatNav, you probably need to update the software on your TomTom Carminat. I found this solution to the problem on the TomTom...
  12. Electronics
    Hi, Apologies if I've missed an existing thread for this, I couldn't see one in the first few pages and I would say its probably a fairly hot topic at the moment. I have been struggling with the urgent TomTom update following the GPS week number roll over on 6th April. I feel like I have...
  13. In Car Entertainment
    Hi, my Carminat ToMTom Live seems to have no GPS. I need to identify the GPS (satellite) cable to see what connector type is needed for a replacement antenna. I bought a Trafic 2013 with campervan conversion (having pop top roof). The replacement roof has no antenna! I'm thinking that was the...
  14. Electronics
    Hi all, i have had a problem since an update where i updated from TomTom home 2 and my Satnav got stuck in a loop and will not finish the update which it seems has damaged the firmware in my GPS unit (WISMO 218) Question is now which part do i have to change? How easy is it to change? I have...
  15. Electronics
    Hi all i bought a clio mk3 which has a Tomtom satnav fitted. I updated the sd card as directed via Tomtom home 2 and then put the sd card back in, what i got was a series of screens which looked like it was updating the firmware then a red cross at the end and now i just get 3 different screens...
  16. In Car Entertainment
    I'm hoping that someone here with more experience than I can shed some light on this one. Car is 2011 Laguna III with built-in TomTom Carminat Live and recently I noticed a loss of the clock display in the dash. On checking further, noted loss of GPS satellite signals. Presumably this is due to...
  17. Electronics
    Hi all. How do I get my phone book to transfer from my Galaxy S8 to the car phone book? I can do it one by one, but is there any way to do it all at once? Its the 2005 Initale with Carminat and DVD Satnav.
  18. Interiors
    Evening all. So far, everything I've asked, you've managed to help me with! I am now looking at updating my Satnav - my current maps are 2005. I've read in a post on the forum that someone used this - a 2014/2015 VDO DAYTON update CD. Apparently it is compatible with a...
  19. Electronics
    Hi hopefully someone here can help please? I have updated my Carminat TomTom SD via TomTom Home on my laptop - My android phone is running 8.0.0 Now, I have connected my phone to the Carminat via Bluetooth, songs play fine, I can hear callers at the other end fine, however, no matter what I...
  20. Electronics
    Hello to all, i have specific problem :-( I Have Koleos 2010 with Caminat TomTom Nav and Arkamys radio (i guess):!D2jpztN3DP4y/img-20180105-104644-jpg!saI5tr1co8xG/img-20180105-104759-jpg But, there is some bug :-/: 1. navigation is navigated, you can...
1-20 of 266 Results