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  1. Clio 1.5dci 100bhp r/h driveshaft centre bearing carrier.

    Hi All, the engine is rebuilt with head skim and back in. I had problems fitting the driver's side driveshaft being the one with the centre bearing holder bolted to the sump/block. the gearbox had been drained and refreshed with new oil. on start up with the shafts turning in the air I'm leaking...
  2. Rear Brake Carrier Megane II Hatchback

    Anyone else had issues with the bolts that hold these carriers in? Recently bought another megane, needs new brakes, so thought yeah, won't need much work.... Anyway, the caliper, pads all come away as clock work, and as you may know to get the discs off, you need to remove the carrier...
  3. Clio mk 3 2009 spare wheel carrier

    Wheels & tyres
    Hi Guys im struggling to put the spare back on the carrier (cable thingy etc) AA man changed for the wife and said "I will leave in boot and then go get new tyre then put back on the carrier" ive got new tyre,now trying to get on this contraption but don't seen to go up,i guess im doing...
  4. Modus Velofix Cycle Carrier (2 bikes)

    For sale
    Hi all, having recently sold my 2005 Modus :frown2: the buyer didn't want the cycle rack, so I figured you guys might be interested. Anyone here have a Modus with the bodywork prep? I stuck it on eBay here but would much rather have someone from the Forum take it for £25 collection from SO53 -...
  5. Sealant for cam carrier and or water pump

    Doing head / water pump belt etc on my scenic , any advice on a good sealant (the stuff you apply with a roller) for the cam carrier/ rocker cover assembly and with pump gasket (its OEM renault) bare gasket or a dab grease or a sealant and no NOT basic silicone please...
  6. Russian Carrier in the Channel.

    General Chat
    Anyone else noticed the amount of clag coming from it, certainly wouldn't pass a smoke test, last thing you want is a warship giving away it's position like that.and it's not exactly hammering along, makes you wounder if they have a problem or did they go to Renault for the EGR system :smile2:
  7. laguna ii caliper carrier bolt size&pitch

    As subject states I'm after the length and pitch(thread) of the 18mm bolts that hold the caliper carrier in place. Mine are completely rustet fast and are getting worn &rounded after first try, so I'm guessing I'm going to have to replace them. Just don't want to be stuck once they're off. Also...
  8. Renault bike carrier

    Can anyone ID this carrier , I need to buy the 2 small brackets to secure bottom section
  9. Bike carrier HELP

    General Chat
    Hi guys , looking for a wee bit of help , bought my 2004 Grand Espace over a year ago , when I bought the Espace I was given the Renault bike carrier also, I need the 2 small brackets that the carrier clips in to ( should be positioned just above the number plate . Any ideas where I could buy...
  10. Cycle carrier for Megane cabriolet

    Cycling Club
    Hi, Can anyone recommend a cycle carrier for a megane cabriolet 2012? And, at the risk of sounding stupid(!), if I got a tow bar type, can I fit any tow bar or are there specific ones for cars? Thanks

    Wheels & tyres
    can anyone say if the SPARE WHEEL CARRIER on the mk2 grand scenic fit the mk3 grand scenic I seen some pictures they look the same
  12. Trafic spare wheel carrier

    Wheels & tyres
    Managed to shear one if the bolts off today when removing the spare. Red- captive nut Green- corroded bolt Orange- bracket on chassis There's nothing protruding at the bottom where it snapped so I'll put a nut onto the left over bolt and screw it down. I'll Mig weld it onto the bolt then...
  13. Rear Cycle Carrier for Megane MkII (54 plate)

    I have searched, but can't find anyone that has posted about rear cycle carriers at all. The Meg has a plastic cowl on the rear hatch that has the hi-level rear brake lights in it. Can you attach a normal strap type carrier to this or would you have to cut through the plastic to get to the metal...
  14. Spare wheel carrier

    Hi I have an mk4? espace 1.9 dci and the spare wheel carrier has failed are there any other renaults with the same carrier as a ne space one is proving difficult to find
  15. Clio existing foglights wiring carrier and connector problem

    2005 mk2 Clio extreme. Car suffered accident due to large water bottle flying off back of a lorry (empty but travelling at 70mph so ouch!) on the M1. Result was a n/s broken foglight carrier. The foglight is OK. This is now glued but incomplete but I need to try to find a replacement, does...
  16. Rear Caliper Carrier Bolt Removal - Megane Coup� (MK3 2010)

    Rear Caliper Carrier Bolt Removal - Megane Coupé (MK3 2010) Hey guys, Just had a quick look under my car to check to make sure I've got all the sockets I need for my rear brake change in a few weeks and for once it's paid off as I've found a Star bit holds my rear brakes caliper carriers on...
  17. 'Possible damage to hub carrier' Renault Kangoo 2007

    Steering and Suspension
    Recently took my (newly bought) second hand Kangoo 2007 for a service. I knew when I bought it that it had a couple of category C claims on it, so wasn't too surprised when I was told that the front driver side camber angle was out due to possible damage to the hub carrier. At the same time as...
  18. 2011 Grand Scenic TOMTOM Dynamique 1.5cdi

    Wheels & tyres
    Will a spare wheel winch/carrier off a 2007 Grand Scenic fit straight onto the fixing studs of the 2011 (Mark 3) model?
  19. wheel carrier

    Wheels & tyres
    Will a full size wheel, fit on an wheel carrier.
  20. Grand Scenic II brake caliper carrier

    Morning guys - after spending sat morning fighting with the bolts that hold one of the rear caliper carriers on, I had to give up after chewing the heads and it looks like I now have no choice but to get the angle grinder out on them. Does anyone know if replacement carriers are easy to come...