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  1. New to Classic Renault not classic cars

    My mottah!
    Just purchased a 1959 Renault 4CV. It will join my 51 Studebaker, 53 Studebaker and 62 Volvo. Nice little car and has the Daulphine motor to be installed. She is rust free, not even surface rust. Will need paint and interior replaced. Will need a few missing parts. Front and rear bumper, front...
  2. If all cars would be electric............

    General Chat
    If all cars would be electric Who would pull them all out, after running the heating for 3 hours? And specially, How?
  3. Any new cars with conventional auto transmission available

    Other makes
    Hi all, Are there any new cars still produced with a traditional torque converter automatic transmission rather then these electronically controlled manuals.
  4. First Cars

    General Chat
    As I mentioned in another thread the cars that I had owned, I thought it would be nice to see what cars members had first, when I say that I mean sourced and financed yourself with no help from family members, bank loans are ok as long as you paid the loan off yourself. Mine Year bought 1984...
  5. Foreign made cars and right hand drive

    General Chat
    Has anyone noticed us that drive foreign made cars in Britain get screwed over by foreign car makers in terms of car design and function through foreign design on some cars being specifically designed for the left hand driving position yet marketed in Britain ? It's when I noticed my rather...
  6. Festival of unexceptional cars

    Cars & motoring
    Hard to believe we were sold such rubbish especially the later offerings from BL but we loved them Festival of the Unexceptional: in pictures
  7. Speakerless cars on the way

    Is this the end of in-car speakers?
  8. Electronics in cars - a good idea or a bad idea?

    General Chat
    In the dim and distant past I used to be an avionics fitter where it was my job to diagnose and fix faults on aircraft, where on aircraft much of what caused electronics to malfunction and fail was climatic conditions, dirt and corrosion oh and the capillary action of water despite the very...
  9. Which used cars have really cheap or zero road tax?

    General Chat
    I am looking for a used car that has zero or very cheap road tax, as i plan to keep for several years. I prefer volkswagen, toyota, renaults or hondas. I have seen these: But these are new cars and i cant find any used versions under my budget of £1200 so are there any...
  10. Wi-Fi fitted to New Cars

    General Chat
    Seeing that Wi-Fi is fitted as the latest trend. Which personally i don't agree with due to the added distraction risk, to the latest cars so how does this actually work in respect to the cost of a plan to access Wi-Fi. Is it accessed thro your own mobile phone contract or something different...
  11. Is this the end of Diesel cars ?

    General Chat
    report on BBC news - Renault to phase out Diesel cars by 2020 ?:crying2: Renault considers killing off diesel engines - BBC News will other manufacturers follow this lead ? Al
  12. Knockhill tickets - super touring cars!

    Opie Oils\
    Good news everyone! Opie Oils have got another pair of tickets to Knockhill up for grabs, so if you and a guest are free on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of September then you may be lucky enough to spend it watching the Super Touring Car Festival! To be in with a chance of winning these...
  13. engine oil for older cars

    Hello, i have a 1985 r5 engine1400cc non turbo and would like to know what spec. oil to use. The manual states 15-50/ 20-50 from Duckhams. I can buy modern 20-50 oils but don't know if the actual specification is suitable. Anyone know what spec Duckhams oil was, or what oil will be suitable for...
  14. Best vs worst vs weird cars you have owned?

    General Chat
    Got my first car in 87 a 3dr yellow mk.2 escort 1300cc As I can remember by 21 I had 'owned' (as in had bought with my own cash) 57 yes 57 cars! I thought maybe a list of Best vs Worst vs weird cars might be fun:d weird Citroen BX Diesel Citroen Xantia TD x2!! Allegro Maxi Moggie worst...
  15. Renault to recall 15000 cars ?

    General Chat
    Breaking news on sky ..Renault to recall 15000 cars for engine checks ..don't know why yet
  16. New cars and extremely bright lamos

    While driving home the other night I noticed a new car coming against me with extreme bright low beams white with a hint of blue it was like they had led blubs in the year of car was a 2015 what I can't under stand is that thses lamps were bright and a bit bright to on coming traffic but if I...
  17. Petrol smell when heaters are on an cars warmed up?

    Heating & cooling
    Recently bought another clio and all seemed fine test driving it and heaters worked no problem. But once the cars warmed up and the fans are on im getting a strong smell of petrol coming through the vents into the car?
  18. Do you know your cars

    General Chat
    each answer has a car model in its title? 1. What is the only sport where left-handed play is banned? 2. Which one word describes a book title by Frederick Forsyth, a class of British escort carrier and a role played by Diana Rigg in the 1960s? 3. Former Big Brother contestant Jade Goody...
  19. Cars we regret parting with

    General Chat
    we have all had one or two cars we sold and now wish we still had them ..mine were a Mk1 Capri 3litre and my Sunbeam Rapier ...:( wonder what others have regretted parting with
  20. High mileage used cars - good buy or not?

    Cars & motoring
    Ok my cars gone now so it's a clean slate for finding my next one. So tootling around in my partners car looking around it is! High mileage on 2007/8 cars with fsh - good or bad idea? Seen a few (petrol) with between 100-140k on the clock but not sure if a good thing as price is tempting. I've...