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  1. Other makes
    Hi all, Are there any new cars still produced with a traditional torque converter automatic transmission rather then these electronically controlled manuals.
  2. Cars & motoring
    Hard to believe we were sold such rubbish especially the later offerings from BL but we loved them Festival of the Unexceptional: in pictures
  3. Electronics
    Is this the end of in-car speakers?
  4. Opie Oils\
    Good news everyone! Opie Oils have got another pair of tickets to Knockhill up for grabs, so if you and a guest are free on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of September then you may be lucky enough to spend it watching the Super Touring Car Festival! To be in with a chance of winning these...
  5. Engines
    Hello, i have a 1985 r5 engine1400cc non turbo and would like to know what spec. oil to use. The manual states 15-50/ 20-50 from Duckhams. I can buy modern 20-50 oils but don't know if the actual specification is suitable. Anyone know what spec Duckhams oil was, or what oil will be suitable for...
  6. Electronics
    While driving home the other night I noticed a new car coming against me with extreme bright low beams white with a hint of blue it was like they had led blubs in the year of car was a 2015 what I can't under stand is that thses lamps were bright and a bit bright to on coming traffic but if I...
  7. Heating & cooling
    Recently bought another clio and all seemed fine test driving it and heaters worked no problem. But once the cars warmed up and the fans are on im getting a strong smell of petrol coming through the vents into the car?
  8. Cars & motoring
    Ok my cars gone now so it's a clean slate for finding my next one. So tootling around in my partners car looking around it is! High mileage on 2007/8 cars with fsh - good or bad idea? Seen a few (petrol) with between 100-140k on the clock but not sure if a good thing as price is tempting. I've...
  9. Cars & motoring
    Couple who pulled over their Renault when a warning light lit up on their dashboard escaped death by 30 seconds when the car EXPLODED David Lewis, 48, and Melanie Keeling, 51, were lucky to escape the blast Just 30 seconds after the 'electrical fault' light showed the car exploded It...
  10. Engines
    Hi all, won't bore u with unimportant details so here goes.. I have 2 clios both same 2001 year and both expression 65 my main car which is silver and my new one that i'm trying to fix which is blue. the problem with the blue clio is the one i was trying to fix, problem being that it would...
  11. Engines
    Hi This is my first post. I know there are many threads on this problem BUT I don't understand a lot of them replies. I know far too little about cars I'm sorry so please bear with me. I bought an Espace Dynamic 2.2 dci in May this year. We have had no problems until this last 2 weeks or so...
  12. Electronics
    I have a Megane CC 2008 with an update list radio. My sister has a Clio 2002 with a tuner list radio. BOTH suffer from really poor radio signal. However other friends and families cars (Mostly Honda) who live in the same hilly area as us seem to get a fantastic signal. How on earth do I...
  13. Cars & motoring
    Its not strictly true ,but for thread purposes my first car was a mid 70's well used Audi 80. It had a "computer" diagnostic socket! This was a socket maybe 3 in x 2 in with a flip top cap. Its effectiveness must have been fairly minimal as everything of any interest on the car was mechanical...
  14. Electronics
    Hi my partners got a 54 reg scenic grande 1.6. It says steering fault on the dash and the power steering does not work but when the cars been plugged in to the computer to reset it works. For a few days then comes back on Guy at the garage says new electronic power steering unit. I know...
  15. Cars & motoring
    hi thinking of buying a motor and checked the details on directgov and it says it needs a vic check, now could i tax this or not as i have read conflicting report thanks.
  16. Heating & cooling
    Hi folks, In my mk2 clio 1.4/16v the heaters stuck on maximum heat, i can turn the stat hot or cold - it doesnt matter. It DID used to work and then just stopped, the real downside is there is general 'creep' of air through the system as i drive, even if the fans are not on. This means...
  17. Engines
    Hello everyone, this is my first post here so please be gentle with the Noob... Ok, so basically im on the hunt for a cylinder head for a 1999 1.9 DTI and i would like to know if there are other cars/models that i can look out for down my local scrapyard. I have been googling for ages and just...
  18. Engines
    hi,,i have a laguna estate,,2.0 automatic ,1998 (i think) . sound like its over-revving+struggling +jerking to change gear ?? realy dont know where to start as to what it could be ,,grateful for any advice ! thank you v.much
  19. Transmissions
    Hi! Does left and right hand drive scenics share engines and gearbox? For some reason spare cars, engines and transmissions are insane expensive in Denmark, so easily worth importing! Regards
  20. Regional activity
    M&D’s at Strathclyde Park for a Cars and Rides Show on Fathers Day – 19th June 2011. any of you guys going to this or getting a stand at this?