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  1. 2.2 dci turbo cartridge

    Hi, Has anyone tried and successfully swapped out the cartridge for turbo on a 2.2 dci? Whilst stripping down the derv espace today, I noted that the inlet manifold had traces of engine oil there. I then took a look at the egr valve and noted that it looked like thick with a combination of soot...
  2. dci turbo cartridge good or bad idea

    turbo is worn on my megane 1.9 dci. ive just rebuilt the engine after the engine siezed after blowing its first turbo. are these cartridges on ebay any good. or am i better getting a new turbo. not wanting to spend a fortune on the car but also dont want to buy crap for it and end up doing the...
  3. Espace cd changer cartridge.

    I am the new owner of an X reg. 2000 Espace Privilege Auto fitted with a Pioneer 6 disc changer (CDX-M2096 ZRN), but alas no cartridge. The 'Auditorium' handbook informs me that a replacement's reference number is 6025313991. There is currently a cartridge for sale on an auction site from a 2001...
  4. alpine cd changer cartridge jammed!!

    hi all, the first time in ages today i switched from radio to cd, it started playing from where id left it last time i had it on, i went to switch cd's when i get the error message on dashboard, then the cd cartridge wont even come out now, is there any quickway of prying it out at all, i dont...
  5. Laguna - CD Cartridge

    Hi peeps.... just wondering if anyone knows of a cd cartridge,? just bought my car, and the cartridge, which holds the CD's is missing from the machine in the back of my estate: steam: to be honest, i didn't even know it had a cd player at the time i bought it, if anyone can help me locate one...
  6. Renault Laguna - Interiors - Buying CD changer cartridge or a new Mp3 compatible changer unit

    Renault Laguna - Interiors - Buying CD changer cartridge or a new Mp3 compatible changer unit hello does anyone know how much a 6 disk cd cartridge would cost from the dealer? mine never came with the cartridge in and to be honest i only found it the other day when i was fiddling in the...