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  1. Radio Cassette - Is it possible ......

    My vehicle, a 2002 Kangoo is fitted with a radio casette of which I can control via the steering column satellite and I wish to retain this feature but I don't particularly want to retain the radio cassette as I don't know if anyone has noticed but cassettes never mind decent Type 2 cassettes...
  2. Radio display and stock Cassette player from Scenic 1 to Megane

    Hi, there! Recently i get a radio, display and satellite from a friend. They are taken from Scenic (97-98, I suppose) And when I tried to install them on my Megane (1,6 Classic , '98) I found, that, there is no place to plug radio display. Friend will get me a plate where display was, so i can...
  3. Replacing cassette player in Clio Rush Dci 1.5

    In-car entertainment
    Hi everyone, I bought my second Clio today, a Rush Dci 1.5 (05 plate - 70k miles..£1200!!!!) I quickly noticed that it is fitted with a cassette player and I am looking to fit a CD player. I don't really want to spend the money they are asking for the stalk adapter, and I can't find to find a...
  4. Factory Cassette to Factory CD player '99 Scenic

    Hi All, I've noticed a lot of 'after market' help but I'm looking to take the factory cassette player out and put in a factory CD player. 2 of the plugs/cables match up (ie. slot in, what I assume are speakers and power) 1 of the cables doesn't, the cassette on my 99 has a long thin plug...
  5. Cassette to CD Upgrade

    In-car entertainment
    Hi All, I've just got a Scenic which is fitted with the Gamma "Tuner List" cassette/tuner. How easy is it to remove the unit and replace it with a CD/Tuner? Also, which unit would I need to get, and what extras (in terms of wiring/harnesses, etc.) might I need? Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. Clio cassette change over

    In-car entertainment
    Hi Everyone, I'm sorry to put *another* stereo-related thread out there, I'm just lost on what I can and can't do with changing out my stereo. My Clio (2001) has a cassette player, and the radio is very dodgy (signal drops while driving). I can't use the radio at all - it's too annoying - and...
  7. Radio Cassette Stuck on FF>

    My Radio Cassette player has got stuck on fast forward. The button to the right of the place where the tape is inserted is pressed half way in to fast forward and the whole way in to eject the tape. When a tape is inserted the button should pop the whole way out, but instead it's remaining...
  8. Renault Clio Extreme 05 cassette radio to cd radio.. not working!! HELP

    So I recently bought a Renault cd player to go in place of the cassette player that was already in my Clio. They are both tuner lists and have all the same wiring to go in the back. After trying numerous times to enter the code blind on the cd player it will not work, I have a screen on the...
  9. Renault Cassette Player (Who Still Has One)

    My Renault Clio 52 plate has a Tunerlist Radio Cassette player, I had a Sony aftermarket installed for a while with all the necessary adaptor for the stalk controls but the headunit broke so I reinstalled the original stereo. I bought a Philips Cassette Adaptor with outstanding quality so I...
  10. how to change the cassette radio in my scenic

    hi hope you can help me i have a 2001 scenic whitch is fitted with a cassete radio player does any body no what i will need to buy to change the whole unit for my sony cd player whitch has bluetooth on it i allso whant the stalk to work i all ready have the faisa plate and airel connector i...
  11. Clio Campus cassette player.

    just bought 57 plate clio previous clio {2005] cd player to swop with cassette player.when plugged in cd player no display on unit in dashboard.any ideas on how to fix this.
  12. how do i change my factory radio cassette player for a factory radio cd player t

    HELP, my 06 megane 1.5 dci is ffitted with a factory radio cassette, i have bought a radio cd from the same year as my own , both units are update list items, but the rear of each unit is different, does anyone know where everything goes PLEASE
  13. espace 1996 blaupunkt radio cassette

    I have been given a blaupunkt radio cassette that came from a 1996 espace and am trying to use it to replace the faulty clarion unit fom my 1995 peugeot 405 (I have also got all the plugs from the espace and a short length of wiring loom attached) . It has the same 3 connectors on the back but...
  14. Radio Cassette just Beeps

    Hi All, I've had a good read around and can't find the answer to my problem. I have bought a 2002 megane with a radio cassette. He said it's broken as it makes no noise (it lights up if the lights are on so the power is there) but if I press a button it beeps once for each press. Is it broken...
  15. How do I remove my radio cassette cover myself

    Hi there, I'm new to this. How do take my radio out to access the serial number etc. My radio cover only had 2 little holes as oppose to the 4 of the later model. Cheers.
  16. Blaupunkt G5 Radio Cassette

    Does anyone know if the above (original fitment to a 96 plate R19) has the potential to connect to a cd changer. Alternatively does anyone have a booklet on this or a link to where a booklet may be accessed?
  17. Radio Cassette Upgrade to CD Player

    Hello All, In my 1998 R registration Kangoo Van i have the factory fitted standard Radio Cassette Player. Its an Radiosat 2000 Blaupunkt. Can anyone tell me what Renault cd players are compatible with a 1998 Kangoo Van. and also compatible with the Radio Controls on the steering wheel etc. The...
  18. Renault Megane Cassette Player not recognised??

    I have an 01 Renault Megane, I tried to use the cassette player today, inserted my cassette and nothing happened. It usually recognises I've inserted a cassette and switches to cassette mode. I then pressed the source button to try to switch it from radio mode to cassette mode, however the...
  19. Upgrade 98' Clio cassette deck

    I ended up using one of those cassette adapters (unit thinks it's playing a cassette tape) in my '97 Megane as I didn't want to spend a fortune on a new head unit and the rest to keep the column controls and display. Worked perfectly. Cheaper and more reliable than an FM transmitter too.
  20. cassette player

    In-car entertainment
    my daughter has a 54reg megane and wants to change the radio cassette player with a silvercrest CDplayer model number KH2377 i have the tools to remove it but will i need anything else to fit the CD player any help would be much appreciated