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  1. Renault Catalitic converters.

    General Chat
    Just found these on ebay.............. Most Renault Catalitic Converters.
  2. Catalitic converter,is it law??

    Cars & motoring
    Should you have a Catalytic converter post 1992, OK i ask this question as i can't for the life of me find any info saying your car most by "LAW" have a Catalytic converter fitted to your car after the year of 1992 only that it must have it fitted on its mot for its emissions test, We all know...
  3. Clio 1999 MOT failure issues, PLEASE HELP!

    Hello experts! Just had an MOT at kwikfit. It has failed on a few things, just wanted to check that what they are saying is true because the price is insane to fix it! Ok, i'm just gonna write down what it failed on as it reads on the paper.... 1. exhaust emissions carbon monoxide content...
  4. Split Catalitic Converter

    Hi, Can someone please help with a query? I recently bought a Megane Scenic 1.6 RT from a garage which had just been put through an MoT. Six weeks later I'm informaed that the Cat has split. Firstly, should the MoT have picked this up and secondly, should the warranty cover it? Since I've had...