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  1. Scenic 3 cd/radio

    Hi, I have recently purchased a scenic 3 with sat nav/cd/radio/Bluetooth. The sat nav and Bluetooth work fine but The radio won't tune into any fm stations, when it does pick one up it makes a horrible hissing/static noise and the cd player will do the same, it reads track 1, but won't play any...
  2. Clio CD/Radio CD Fine but problem with Radio

    Hello, Car went in for some bodywork and clock was reset when it was returned. CD plays fine and volume works for radio but just get a hiss (that gets louder if volume turned up). Pressing a stored station displays the correct one but, after short period, get message "No Program". Does this...
  3. 2004 Clio Standard CD/Radio

    I'm after a stock CD Radio with Code for an 04 Clio for the Old Dear.. Thanks
  4. tuner list cd/radio

    For sale
    from a laguna 2 comes with the code and postage included. good condition, no faults with it. just bought a cabasse unit, so this isn't needed £16 including postage
  5. CD/Radio Display Problem

    Hi all, I have an old V Reg Renault Clio. The previous owner removed the radio/CD player as it was expensive and they wanted to keep it !. I therefore went and purchased a cheap Renault CD/Radio from Ebay. I've connected it to the two main black & white ISO leads, the radio works fine but does...
  6. New Cd/radio not holding stations/settings?

    I've had a lot of help of these forums, so I thought I'd put something back in. If you've recently purchased/fitted an aftermarket CD/Radio and its not holding memory such as setting and favourite radio stations, chances are its set up for a different car, german cars tend to be different to...
  7. packed up cd/radio

    I drive a megane 2006 1500 dci, last month the cd/radio just packed up.i took it to a audio centre,and after trying 2 reconditioned ones i was told it may be something wrong in the car, any idea? please:confused:
  8. p reg laguna cd/radio

    hi - i own a p reg laguna which has a renault factory fitted pioneer radio/cd in it - i recently had a new battery fitted and the rfadio/cd unit is asking me to enter a code for it to start working again - i know what the code is and i know how to enter the code on the screen BUT i do not know...
  9. Renault Laguna 11 2007 CD/Radio

    Cars & motoring
    i have a renault laguna 11 "2007" and the cd has been taken out to go and get repared at renault somewhere and they have had it for 4 months now. can anyone help or now anything about the cd/radio for that car.
  10. Will this cd/radio work in Coupe '2?

    If memory serves the Coupe '02 may have had a 5cd changer in the boot with a radio cassette..will this newer Scenic radio/cd work in the Coupe '02 (station read out, driver remote controls etc..)?
  11. code for cd/radio

    My cd/radio has gone off and is now asking for a code, how do I get this code or where can I look for it - Its on a 52 clio billabong cdi. Help please
  12. Cd/Radio - Which one is original?

    Hi could anyone tell me which original Cd/Radio would have been fitted in my car: Renault Megane Cabriolet 1.6, R reg 1998. I would like to re-fit an original system. Many thanks Champagne
  13. Replacement CD/radio

    Can anyone suggest a CD/radio to replace an original Renault cass/radio (Blaupunkt H0 RDS). If poss, one that can hook up to the stalk controls. Regards
  14. CD/Radio problem

    Hello, can someone please help. I just bought a 2nd hand 2002 clio 1.5 DCi expression from a renault dealer. the car was fitted with a radio/cassette but the dealer kindly gave me a cd/radio he had lying around, complete with code. The code works fine but neither the remote stalk controls nor...